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Best Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs in 2021 | The Best Motorized Chairs!

The electric wheelchairs can make things a little easier at home, especially if there is a disabled person at home. Buying a Lightweight electric wheelchair gives the person the freedom and support to move around on his or her own. They may not feel the burden to wait for others to push them around.

The reason for this is that they have the controls readily available. We know how expensive these wheelchairs can be. We have compiled a list of the top 10 electric wheelchairs in 2021 to help you find an affordable one. You might even be able to find a cheap one on our list. Each model available here offers you comfort, maneuverability, and speed.

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Best Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs In The Market Of 2021

16. F KD FoldLite Electric Wheelchair Deluxe 

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Powerful motors
  • Aviation travel easily

It can undoubtedly be folded right away and put away without dismantling. You can place it in the truck, taken on a plane, actually an extraordinary ally for movement. The force wheelchair is electromagnetically protected and wisely against shake, which guarantees an assurance for a comfortable and simple move. It applies to all unique street types, for example, grass, slope, deceleration strip, a day off, street.

It has an enduring battery life and safeguards for ride comfort. It is more dominant and calm brushless engines making the driving increasingly steady and incredible. It incorporates a simple to-withdraw line on the joystick to expel and put on the privilege or left side. Also, it has an LED screen, USB charging port, 360° joystick with phonetic capacity support with the choice of 3 driving mode-ordinary, delicate, amazing.

15. ComfyGO Extreme Sport

  • Durable and stylish
  • Powerful motors
  • Travel easily

It is advantageous for capacity and transport for folding highlight and light-weight design for simple conveying. Presently with the Bluetooth remote controller, you can control your wheelchair from a distance. The joystick can be put either left or right half of the armrest.

It is outfitted with two 250-watt engines for a fantastic ride. It likewise incorporates simple to-isolate string on the joystick to effectively evacuate and put on the privilege or left side. It has an ergonomically intended for comfort. Work this mechanized wheelchair in grass, rock, or day off, dependable battery life, and safeguard for ride comfort. It has a sharp turning span, makes sharp turns effectively.

14. ComfyGO Best Rated Exclusive Deluxe

  • Ergonomically design
  • Light-weight design
  • Easy-to-detach cord

It is convenient for storage and transport for folding feature and light-weight design for easy carrying. Now with the Bluetooth Remote controller, You can Control Your Wheelchair from a Distance. The joystick can be placed either left or right side of the armrest.

It is made of a smart silver aluminum aircraft alloy frame. Also, it is lightweight and durable and requires no maintenance. The electric wheelchair folds up in 5 seconds and is very compact to fit in most small trunks. It has a sharp turning radius, make sharp turns quickly.

13. Electric Power Wheelchair Scooter

  • Remote control
  • Long-life battery
  • Lightweight design

This compact electric wheelchair utilizes the aluminum alloy outline. It is lighter and durable; it is perhaps the lightest model in this heavy obligation convenient force seat class. It utilizes a Lithium battery that can be charged and used together or independently or airline friendly.

It is sturdy and calm brushless engines with more exceptional back tires, which is perfect without feeling massive. Not just the tires are made with the best surface for comfort; however, the D09 wheelchair utilizes an easy-to-disengage connector on the joystick controller. In this way, it tends to be effectively isolated without removing the entire link; going via air would be a lot simpler and safe. Likewise, it has brisk discharge against tilt support for security.

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12. Electric Wheelchairs Silla de Ruedas Electrica para Adultos FDA 

  • Smooth operation
  • Durable and stylish
  • Easy to handle

The electric wheelchair is FDA approved so that you will have all the necessary and most safety features automatically. This wheelchair is an airplane trip approved and cruise trip ready.

This electric wheelchair easily folds up in 5 seconds and fits in most trunks. It is convenient for storage and travel. In addition, the seat and backrest cushion can be easily removed for cleaning. With ergonomically designed 360° waterproof universal intelligent joystick, this wheelchair gives you smooth operation and one hand free for a quick stop.

11. Porto Mobility Ranger X6

  • Innovative convenience
  • Smooth and sturdy

The Chair’s only 59 lbs net lightweight aluminum-alloy frame and folding capabilities make it the best wheelchair for those on the go. It includes a black travel bag, making transporting even easier and convenient.

It has an ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The heavy-duty front casters and forks are made to handle the impact of any surface as well as high weight capacity. Excellent Turning Radius of Only 33 inches, gets around tight areas quickly. It includes spacious under-the-seat storage, removable seat cushion and backrest and flip-up footrest for added comfort.

10. Innuovo Intelligent 

  • Small turning radius
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Compact design

Innuovo gives you the four fundamental estimations for your wheelchair determination. The joystick is placed on either the left or right side of the armrest.

The ultra-compact and lightweight make it too simple to be set in the vehicle trunk and helpful for the movement. The seat is furnished with two lithium batteries; the left side battery is running when the seat preceded onward the “electric” mode. The right side battery is for reinforcement use. The smaller design, little turning span, making it simple turning at home and lift, upbeat, and smooth activity for the client consistently.

9. Vive Electric Wheelchair

  • Easy to operate
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Comfort seating

It is perfect for voyaging; the mechanized wheelchair is built with a lightweight, sturdy aluminum outline that securely bolsters as much as 260 pounds. Battery-powered, the ground-breaking lithium battery enables the wheelchair to explore gentle grades and travel up to six miles for each charge.

It is easy to use; the FDA-affirmed Vive power wheelchair gives agreeable, sharp transportation at home and in a hurry. The foldable force wheelchair is outfitted with double engines, level free tires, and safeguards to securely and efficiently move over any landscape, including grass, asphalt, rock, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

8. Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe Fold

  • Two 250-watt motors
  • Smart touch joystick
  • Dual lithium batteries

The Forza FCX can be effectively folded without expecting to dismantle. Finding a lightweight, stable, and sturdy model isn’t a simple assignment; it effectively joins these three significant highlights in one dependable electric wheelchair.

The Forza FCX’s lightweight aluminum-amalgam outline, including battery weight and folding capacities, makes it the best wheelchair for those in a hurry. It incorporates a dark travel pack, making moving much simpler and advantageous. The hardcore front casters and forks are had to deal with the effect of any surface just as a high weight limit.

7. Porto Mobility Ranger D09

  • Travel easily
  • Excellent turning radius
  • Lightweight design

It comes under the seat stockpiling, and this electric wheelchair has a removable seat and seat spread for simple cleaning. It is an expertly structured and amazingly well-created outline for open to riding, supporting clients as much as 396 pounds.

It is a heavy-duty portable wheelchair, foldable in short order, air voyaging endorsed. There is no need to install a lift in your car or SUV to move. It fits in vehicle trunks equivalent or bigger than a Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, and Chevy Cruze.

6. ComfyGo Electric Wheelchair

  • Battery: 12V 12A Lithium with an 8-hour charging time
  • Colors: Red and Yellow
  • Controller: Universal smart joystick with power indicator light, speed indication, on/off, horn, up/down buttons
  • Design: Breathable back cushion & seat
  • Driving Range: 13 miles
  • Material: Steel frame and rubber wheels
  • Motor: 24V 250W
  • Style: Manual and Electric
  • Total Weight: 72 lb
  • Warranty: One-year
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Wheels: 8-inches front and 16-inches back

The ComfyGo is one of the best electric wheelchairs you can buy. The great thing the wheelchair offers mobility packed with features. The wheelchair has a versatile design that you can push manual, use electric, and fold away for ease of storage.

5. Golden-Technologies LiteRider Wheelchair

  • Battery: Two 18AH
  • Colors: Red
  • Design: Under-seat storage basket, stadium styled seat, shiny hubcaps, 26-inch turning radius, tubular frame
  • Driving Range: 9.5 mph
  • Extras: disassembles into three pieces the seat, battery pack, and base
  • Material: Steel frame and rubber wheels
  • Style: Manual, Electric, and Foldable
  • Total Weight: 67 lbs
  • Warranty: One-year
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

The LiteRider electric wheelchair has a unique design compared to other models. Underneath the seat, it has a storage basket and holds up to 300 lbs of weight capacity. The seat is comfortable and looks similar to a durable typist seat. The tires are non-scuffing and have shiny hubcaps placed on the steel rims.

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4. Heartway Puzzle Folding Electric Wheelchair

  • Battery: Two 22AH
  • Brakes: anti-tipper wheels
  • Colors: Red
  • Controller: 5-speed adjustable joystick with battery indicator
  • Design: Adjustable anti-tipper wheels, padded armrests, swing away footrest and elevating leg rest
  • Driving Range: 3.8 mph
  • Extras: Removable battery box, power cord, seat belt, user manual
  • Material: Steel, ABS Plastic, Foam, Aluminum, Silicone, Vinyl
  • Motor: 180W
  • Style: Electric and Foldable
  • Total Weight: 105 lbs
  • Warranty: One-year
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Wheels: 7-inch front and 12.5-inch drive

For a portable and folding motorized wheelchair, the P15S Puzzle model from Heartway is perfect. The nice thing is this model does not have a fixed foot frame. They have replaced it with an elevating leg rest that swings away and detachable.

3. CTM Homecare Electric Wheelchair


  • Battery: Two 12V 36Ah
  • Brakes: Electro-Mechanical
  • Colors: Blue/Black
  • Design: The back seat and headrest is adjustable, three-angle adjustable footrest
  • Driving Range: 4.2 mph
  • Extras: Seatbelt
  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Motor: 420W
  • Style: Electric and Manual
  • Total Weight: 108.8 pounds
  • Warranty: One-year
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Wheels: 6-inch front and 10-inch back drive wheels

If you have a disabled person at home, you need the CTM Homecare electric wheelchair. The upholstered back is comfortable and the armrests adjust. The footplate has a three-angle adjustment to keep the feet placed comfortably. The headrest is also adjustable.

2. Geo Cruiser DX Electric Wheelchair

  • Battery: 24V 10Ah Lithium
  • Brakes: Electromagnetic
  • Controller: Quick-Release joystick
  • Color: Candy Apple Red and Royal Blue
  • Design: Suitable to use on airplane, adjustable foot-position, adjustable leg guards, detachable back and seat, 4 position recline position
  • Driving Range: 15 mph
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame, ComfortRest Foam Seat, Polyurethane wheels
  • Motor: 180W brushless
  • Style: Foldable and Electric and FDA Cleared for Safety
  • Total Weight: 55 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-years on the frame, 1-year on the Electro/Mechanical, 1-year battery
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Wheels: 8-inch front and rear

The Geo Cruiser DX follows all the government regulations to use the electric wheelchair for safe travel by air. The foot positions adjustable to three positions, and both the leg guards you can adjust. The seat cushion and backrests detachable for ease of cleaning.

1. Rumba HP4 Electric Wheelchair

  • Battery: Two 12V 50Ah Lithium
  • Brakes: Electromagnetic with rear anti-tip casters
  • Color: Three-body color and two-seat colors
  • Design: Fold down back with rotating seat and easy to disassemble into two pieces
  • Driving Range: 4.5 mph
  • Material: Metal frame with plastic coat finish
  • Motor: 450W
  • Style: Mid-wheel electric drive
  • Total Weight: 183 lbs
  • Warranty: One-year
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Wheels: 8-inch front castor and 10-inch rear wheels

is a stylish electric wheelchair and one of the best available on our list. The back folds down and the seat rotates. You can easily fold the wheelchair up for transporting and the maneuverability is excellent with the 450W motor.

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Since the efficiency of an electric wheelchair to some extent, relies on battery life, it is nice to answer this million-dollar question. How long does an electric wheelchair last? The answer is simple. There is no definite answer. That’s because it all depends on the age of the battery as well as the manufacturer.

On average, an electric wheelchair battery will last for up 8 hours after a full charge. The range will be about 10 miles. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get even better ones that will last for up to 20 hours.

On the other hand, one also can’t expect a new battery to perform like an old one. In fact, there will be distinct changes once the battery is more than a year old. The solution to the issue would be to replace it. So, be keen when buying electric wheelchair batteries. However, don’t expect too much after six months to two years because the lifespan of any battery isn’t that much.

How often should I charge my power wheelchair?

Again, this question lacks a definite answer. As a matter of fact, how often you charge your electric wheelchair battery depends on how much you use it altogether. That is quite logical.

So, in the event that you use it on a daily basis, ensure that you charge it as soon as you are done using it for the day so that it can be ready for use the following day. Preferably, charge the battery for between 8 and 14 hours every day.

As for those who don’t have to use them daily, it is also good to charge them 8 to 14 hours twice every week. That’s because the maintenance charge is important. Ensure that you don’t charge the batteries for less than eight hours. In the same vein, don’t exceed 14 hours. Equally important, heed to the instructions that come with the manual. It will give you the extra information that you need for the well being of your electric wheelchair batteries.

What is the maximum speed of a wheelchair?

The speed of your electric wheelchair is also important. Speeds vary from one model to another. The purpose of the wheelchair, as well as the lifestyle of the user, should guide the buyer in making the best buying decision.

When it comes to manual wheelchairs, the speed depends on the number of rotations that the user can make in a second. It is also dependent on how quick and hard one can push it. On the other hand, the speed of the electric wheelchair relies on the torque of its motor. On average, the speed is 6 to 7 mph. Nevertheless, some have a speed of up to 11 mph.

If you have an active lifestyle, the one with a faster speed is better than the one with a slow speed. However, when using the high speed, be keen and careful to avoid accidents that are more common under such conditions.

What are the benefits of an electric wheelchair?

As far as an electric wheelchair is concerned, one stands to enjoy a number of benefits. For instance, it gives the user independence. Therefore, users can do many activities without the assistance of someone else. Otherwise, one may have to look for a caregiver to take them around.

At the same time, it uses electric power hence no need to use energy pushing them. Therefore, the user won’t get exhausted.

Compared to a manual wheelchair, the electric one is relatively safe. That’s thanks to its low gravity. Consequently, tipping over after breaking or when the terrain gets rough becomes impossible.

Given their design, maneuvering indoors and outdoors is easy. Negotiating corners and moving along narrow paths is also easy. Others are foldable with height and seat adjustments which come with several advantages such as portability and convenience.

How to choose the right electric wheelchair

When choosing an electric wheelchair, there are a number of things to consider to ensure that you get it right. The first one is weight capacity. Most of the average ones have a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. If that can not accommodate your height, there is no need to worry. Some can accommodate up to 450 pounds. While looking for the weight, also consider your body type. Ensure that the electric wheelchair that you settle for has a sitting area that accommodates your body.

The size of the wheelchair is also important. On average, they will fit almost all the hallways and doors. However, if your environment is not typical, for example, narrower than normal. Think about the most suitable dimensions.

Its battery life is also important especially when it comes to how active the user is. The wheels should accommodate most of the terrains. Other essential factors to consider are the speed, adjustability, portability, and turning radius.

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We hope our best electric wheelchairs in the 2021 list help you to find a suitable one for the disabled person living in your home. One thing is for sure, each model offers you the use of using it manually or powered making maneuverability so much easier. The wheelchairs available with us are suitable to use on most terrains.

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