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Best Electric Can Openers in 2021 | Find Different Models!

Why struggle with a hand-operated tin opener if you can use the best electric can opener on the market. So why should you consider using one? The answer is ease of use and the fact that it offers you more than opening the lid of a can. Also, you can find different models available. Moreover, Certain brands can sharpen knives, cut bags, and open bottles. Further, the appliance offers you safety by turning the top into a lid that is safe to re-seal the can for storage until later. Not only is the tin secure for your hands but safe for others if it happens to land upon the landfill. Therefore, get yourself one and make your tasks in the kitchen a breeze by using one of the best electric can openers instead of different ones.

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Best Electric Can Openers

10. Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

The CCO-50BKN tin opener offers you versatility and has a straight cutting blade. Therefore, using the device is comfortable with the press-and-release lever and opens a standard-sized can. With the broad base, the appliance does not slide or tip over. Further, it stops automatically and has a magnetic lid holder.


9. Proctor-Silex Power Can Opener

With the electric can openers from Proctor-Silex, you can open extra-tall tins. Additionally, the fantastic thing is the cutting levers removable for cleaning. Moreover, the device works with a twist-off cutting lever with automatic shut off.  Also, you can sharpen your knives and the cord stores away.


8. INSTECHO Electric Can Opener

For a chef’s best choice, you need the electric can openers from INSTECHO. Plus, the battery-operated appliance works with a one-touch button. Plus, to power the device you need two AA batteries sold separately. Further, it offers a soft edge cut lid that will not hurt your hands and suitable to use in restaurants.


7. Proctor-Silex Plus Electric Can Opener

Here we have another electric can openers from Proctor-Silex. With the appliance, you can open different sized cans without cutting your hands. The magnetic lid holder prevents you from trying to pry the top out of the tin. Further, it has a knife sharpener, and the cutting lever detaches to clean. In fact, the power cord stores away and take up less space.


6. Electric Can Opener

With the one-touch operation of the following electric powered tin opener, you can use it comfortably. Further, four AA batteries not included power the device. Indeed, everything happens automatically, and the blade cuts through any size can. The only thing the kitchenware does not do is open rimless cans.


5. Oster Tall Electric Can Openers

With the stylish silver color, the electric tin opener looks fantastic standing on any tabletop in the kitchen. In addition, the cutting blade offers precision cutting and has a powerful magnet that grips the lid. On the other hand, the device has a cord wrap-up for storage, and you sharpen knives on it.


4. Hamilton Beach Electric Can Openers

The Hamilton Beach electric powered can opener is more than a tin opener. You can use it to open bottles, and it fits tall sized cans. Also, the stainless steel and red color are modern to fit in with most kitchen decor. Further, it has a heavy-duty metal cutter and removable for washing.


3. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

No matter what your tin opening needs are the Hamilton Beach can open all standard-sized cans made with pop-top lids. With side system, cutting technique removes the top and leaves the tin with a smooth edge. Indeed, the lever provides comfortable operation, and it has an attractive design.


2. BANGNUI Electric Can Opener

Is your kitchen equipped with modern appliances and multiple colors? You will love these purple electric can openers and is sure to fit in with the rest of your decor. Moreover, there is no need for holding the gadget as it swivels around the tin and stops when done. Do you have arthritis the one-button operation and auto-stop function a welcomed feature to use?


1. Black & Decker SpaceMaker Multi-Purpose Can Opener

Why buy electric can openers that only opens up tins. Get yourself the SpaceMaker offering you loads of useful features. With the power pierce cutter the device removes a lid quickly. Therefore, you can use it to open bags, bottles, sharpen a knife. Further, you can attach it to the underside of the kitchen cabinet and takes up little space. Another highlight is that all the tools are enclosed behind a swing-open-door.


Final Thoughts

Why struggle with a hand-operated tin opener if you can use one of the best electric can openers on the list. Moreover, the fantastic thing is you can use it to sharpen knives, open bags, and bottles. Not to mention, the compact design of the appliance saves loads of space and is easy to use.

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