All You Need To Know About E-SIM Technology

e-sim technology

Basic Facts about e-SIM technology

e-SIM technology refers to the case where the SIM card of the phone will directly embed in the phone’s architecture. This technology means that the phone will not require a sim slot as it is the case in conventional mobile phones that will come with their own Sim slot. The advantage is that you will not have the hassle of changing cards, or the chance of your card getting lost or misplaced. Activating this e-SIM is effortless; you require a user to scan a QR code from the mobile network service provider. You will activate even manually entering the activation code if needed. The information on an eSIM is rewritable, meaning you can decide to change your operator with a simple phone call.

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Advantages of e-SIM

eSIM will come with many benefits, and we have listed below.

  • eSIM will store many cellular profiles and hence world seamlessly across the world
  • Losing the e-SIM is impossible since it is emblemed in the phone motherboard
  • You will not require a specific slot for this card, unlike in conventional cards.
  • It has the same level of security as removable Simcards
  • You will have the same simple management of subscriptions and connections.

Demerits of e-SIM

  • In case your phone breaks down, it is impossible to retrieve the data inside eSIM, such as messages and contacts, unless you back up. In convectional Simcards, you will not back up anything
  • e SIM technology is problematic for mobile phone users who will not wish to have them tracked or monitored while they use e SIM.
  • There is a possibility of hacking e SIM card data from cloud hosting.
  • It is a challenge to be implemented worldwide by network operators to provide seamless operations.

Below are a number of the most frequently asked questions about this breathtaking technology.

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Is e-SIM safe?

Since it is embedded in the phone’s architecture, we can say it is safer than the convectional Simcards, and not unless your phone gets lost, you will not lose your eSIM and still have your mobile phone hence it is more reliable.

Will my new iPhone 11 support eSIM?

YES your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max are eSIM compatible. There is a confirmation that the iPhone 11 will be eSIM-compatible like the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

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Difference between eSIM and Nano sim?

There is a significant difference between SIM and eSIM. You have Standard SIM that’s about the size of an SD card, Micro SIM that’s slightly smaller (15mm x 12mm), and finally, Nano-SIM (12.3mm x 8.8mm) that is the tiniest of them all. An eSIM, however, isn’t a removable card

Will, you configure multiple eSIMs in iPhone XR/XS

Yes, you can set various eSIMs in your iPhone XR or XS or XS Max. For example, in the physical slot, you can keep one SIM say (BSNL which does not support eSIM), and in the second virtual eSIM slot, you can configure any eSIM, say JIO or Airtel.

How do you access the mobile network using eSIM?

You connecting your eSIM to a mobile network is not a complicated task. All that is required of you is to do is scan a QR code generated by the operator, or manually enter the following parameters: SM-DP+ Subscription Manager Data Preparation) server address and activation code. Your service provider will operator will supply them.

The procedure of converting normal Simcards to eSIM

  • Go to Jio Store (mostly these are done at Reliance Digital Stores)
  • Ask the JIO person to convert your Normal SIM to eSIM.
  • He would ask the Original Proof in which your JIO SIM was initially activated. Usually, this is the Aadhaar number. If you have given any other proofs, you would be asked to submit the same since this is a flow that would convert your original account to an eSIM account.
  • On Successful E-KYC filing, you would get a QR Code. This would be shown on the device in which the JIO person is completing in e-KYC; additionally, if you have submitted an email address, this would be sent to you in that also. This QR code can be scanned for specific times only, after which the system becomes invalid.
  • Go to Settings -> Mobile Data -> Add Data Plan
  • Scan the QR code. Your eSIM would be disabled. Wait for it – to activate. You would have to call Tele Verification to complete TRAI mandatory verification.

Which devices will support dual sim eSIM?

  • Apple iPhone XR.
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro.
  • iPhone┬« 11.
  • Apple iPhone XS Max.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • Apple iPhone XS.

As the world is revolving, the telecommunication world is evolving too, the introduction of e-SIM technology is ideal since they are convenient and secure. You will not have the risk of misplacing your Simcards. Upgrading to eSIM is an excellent idea and is suitable for you. It will have many advantages and will have the same security mechanism as removable Simcards. The invention of this technology has played a significant role in the evolution of the sector. You no longer need to have specifications for Simcards, and you will not worry about misplacing your Simcards and so on. This e-SIM technology is easily programmable, and replacing the details in them is effortless and straightforward.

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