Top Ten Best Drawing Pencils in 2020

First, in adding the quality of drawings done by most artists, the choice of the pencil takes a great impact on it. With this, therefore, it is usually necessary to have the best choice on the drawing pencil you use. Otherwise, your masterpiece will always be wanting to get extra improvements. There are many brands and types of drawing pencils in the market. However, from the thorough research with assistance from gurus in artwork, we have you covered.

This is through putting several factors into consideration. First, it is worth noting that the appearances of the drawing pencils could at times lie hence the need for having clear investigations on the quality of pencils. This will enhance you to have the best results in your artwork. Check the below top ten best drawing pencils.

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Review For Top Ten Best Drawing Pencils in 2020

10) Artlicious – 50 Premium Distinct Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books 

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The Artlicious drawing pencils will be one of the best options in having the perfect drawing to any artist. They feature 50 differently colored pencils with an addition of a sharpener to ensure that your drawings remain to be precise. In addition to this, the color names are provided on each barrel to ensure that you work with the right color match.

The design of these drawing pencils is such that they contain soft and thick leads which do not break easily even at pressure. They are elegant in which they are suitable for use on adult coloring since they are safe and non-toxic for educational use.


  • Contains 50 differently colored pencils with a sharpener
  • Crack resistant from the 3.3mm smooth and thick leads
  • Pre-sharpened during purchase

9) Colored Pencils Pre-Sharpened Color Pencil Set

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Have you been looking for the perfect educational gifts you will give to your friends? Well, these drawing pencilsfeature the best quality which everyone will love with its main use being on the school supplies. First, one of the essential things you will enjoy the use of these drawing pencils is the quality of the pencils which are of high quality.

Furthermore, these pencils will create a colorful blending outcome which will be perfect on creating the right expressions on your art presentations. In addition to this, it has an elegant look from the natural and sleek wooden look which makes it be amazing for your older kids and toddlers.


  • Features 60 colored pencils which are distinct from each other
  • High-quality pencils
  • Contains creamy leads together with a smooth texture

8) Colore Colored Pencils – 72 Premium

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Express your creativity through the use of these amazing drawing pencils. Colore colored pencils will be suitable for use by older kids as well as on toddlers through their amazing natural together with the sleek wooden look. These pencils feature a metal tin case in which you can easily organize your drawing pencils.

Furthermore, they feature a compact design which is suitable for carrying on kids backpack together with ease in organizing. These drawing pencils are, therefore, suitable for amazing school supplies for all the drawing needs ranging from elementary to college students.


  • Comes with 72 drawing pencils with different colors
  • Each pencil contain a creamy and a smooth texture hence making them of high quality
  • Breakage resistant from the use of high-quality wood material which is highly durable

7) Derwent Colored Pencils

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These are amazing drawing pencils which provide you with a sturdy precision while carrying out your drawing. This is through the ease in sharpening these pencils together with having the break-resistant characteristic hence ensuring that the pencils last for long. In addition to this, these pencils are also water soluble in which you can use the wetted pencil in creating rich textured lines.

In addition to this, they have much flexibility through which you can customize the colors for a different look and adjusting colors. There is a softer formulation which enhances pigment transfers to the paper with much ease.


  • Includes 24 colors
  • Contain a hexagonal barrel together with a 3.4mm core
  • Includes settable pencils which you can use as either wet or dry

6) Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Colored 24-Pencil Set

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Koh-I-Noor Progresso drawing pencils are another one of the best options you will have on getting the best drawing pencils for your artwork. These are a unique type of drawing pencils which give you an extra-ordinary drawing experience. The assorted colors feature pigmented, vibrant, and solid color which is encased in lacquer.

Furthermore they in comparison to the wood-cased pencils, there is five times their color. With their use, you will get even and denser strokes without having to apply heavy pressure. Lastly, they are highly durable in which the artwork is expected to last for long.


  • Contains a pigmented, rich and solid color that is encased in lacquer
  • Features a set of 24 pencils with different colors
  • High-quality which enhances long-lasting artwork

5) Artist’s Choice 72 Pack Watercolor Pencils with Paintbrush

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These are another one of the best drawing pencils you will have in which they are professional grade watercolor pencil. With the use of these pencils, you will have the ability to creating amazing watercolor effects together with an included brush as well as water. This is so as these pencils are water soluble.

In addition to this, they feature a soft core design which is responsible for creating a color layer that is smooth and which is perfect in shading and blending your artwork. Its compact design contains a tri-folding carrying case which is suitable for storage in a locker, desk or a backpack.


  • Comes with 72 distinct colored drawing pencils
  • Features an additional tri-folding carrying case
  • 100% manufacturer money back guarantee

4) Shuttle Art 136 Colored Pencils

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The shuttle art drawing pencils feature 136 different colors in which of the 136, there is an inclusion of 8 metallic colors as well. They are perfect in the use of adult coloring books through resistant and hardened cracking characteristics. In addition to this, they also feature thick and super smooth leads which are perfect for shadows and shading.

There is enough storage space as well as the organization of these pencils through the use of a high-quality level PET box which is perfect for this through its trays. Lastly, they suit to be the perfect gifts to your children and friends with the stylish and easy taking packaging used


  • The perfect gift from the high-level packaging used
  • Non-toxic hence guarantees you of full safety on the use
  • Features 136 different colors

3) Prismacolor Colored Pencils Box of 150 Assorted Colors

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On the third position are the Prismacolor drawing pencils. These are high-quality drawing pencils which features a sturdy storage case which folds open hence displaying the pencils so that you can select the one that you need to use. In addition to this, the pencils will also last for a long period of time following the thick and softcore leads which.

Furthermore, they also contain a 2 blade sharpener so as to maintain precise drawing with one blade being for wide points while the other is for fine points. Lastly, they feature a triangular shaped eraser which fits in your hands perfectly providing you a large area as well as erasing details.


  • Has a 2 blade sharpener
  • Contains 150 high quality colored pencils
  • Features a thick and softcore

2) Faber-Castel 110060 Polychromos Colored Pencil Set In Metal Tin

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Being on the second position, you will have an outstanding experience from these drawing pencils which are of high quality following the inclusion of the break-resistant leads. They feature the secure bonding process which adds more strength in resisting breakage while at the same time proving point retention as well as sharp fine lines.

They are meant for use by both the professionals as well as the amateurs. Their quality provides graphics which shine together with providing ease in blending colors that are vibrant. These pencils also contain the oil-based technology which is responsible for the combination of the colors smoothly without any waxy bloom.


  • Contain 60 pieces of drawing pencils
  • Non-toxic as they are acid-free
  • High quality hence providing a permanent color

1) Artist’s Choice 120-Pack Colored Pencils

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On top of the list is the Artist’s Choice Drawing Pencils. These drawing pencils will provide you with an amazing experience following their beautiful colors. Each set consists of 120 different and elegant looking colors in which they combine different types of shades. As a result of this, they will be perfect for use on blending, printing, highlighting, hatching, stippling, scumbling, burnishing as well as layering.

Furthermore, the bold and soft lead ensures that perfect color is laid on the use of these pencils. Moreover, you will find them useful despite your artist level as they are made for beginners, amateurs and also professionals as well.


  • Full money back manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Comes with 120 different and elegant colors
  • They are of a high-quality lead

In conclusion, while putting up your artwork in the best shape, you will require to have the best drawing pencils which will ensure that you get precise and accurate lines on your work. In addition to this, you need to get drawing pencils which have long-lasting permanency. With this, you will be sure of having the best. Check our above picks which we hope will go a long way in enhancing your drawing experience

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