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Best DJ Controller in 2021 | Heat Your Music Up!

Top 10 Best DJ Controller in 2021

Want to be a professional DJ? Well, you should get yourself a music controller tool like a DJ controller. These amazing music tools will allow you to have the best music mixing experience and will make you have a fun time. You can output many great sounds and songs to get everyone to dance to your remix music. With the right choices, you can get yourself one of this music equipment so here are some of the best-selected DJ controllers in 2021.


  • Touch-enabled jog wheels
  • 16-bit audio quality
  • DJ MIDI Software support

Starting with the modern-looking DJ controller, the Epsilon Quadmixerwhite. It features a lot of many great functions such as Torque adjustments, effects adjustments, Pitch controls, and much more. Plus, it comes with 2 encoders on each deck so that you can manipulate your loop playbacks. The sound quality output is of high quality with an output resolution of 16 bit. Therefore, by getting this DJ controller, you’re able to perform your DJ skills professionally.

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9. Numark Party Mix Pro

  • Colorful and immersive LED lights
  • Convenient handle for portability
  • Works with Windows/Mac/iOS

Prepare for a fun dj-ing experience with the Numark Party Mix Pro DJ controller. It has many audio input options from aux input to even Bluetooth connection. Even better, this DJ controller has an app that you can use to play music from your PC or Mac. With its immersive & illuminating colorful light display, you’ll have an amazing party and a spectacular light show at the same time.

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8. Gemini GV Series G4V Professional Audio

  • Premium quality materials
  • Various mixing functions
  • Simple touch controls

Looking for a quality sound output DJ controller? Then, look no more. With this DJ controller, you can have unlimited mixing options along with clear loud audio outputs. It features a sleek design with backlit controllers, which are eye-catching. You can also perform seemingly as this DJ controller has simple controlling buttons. Plus, it is well-built and is portable as this is also designed as an on-the-go DJ controller.

7. G4V 4- Channel Virtual DJ Controller

  • Great options of FX controls
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels
  • Compatible with PC and Mac audio interface

Here is the DJ controller that you have to look at if you care for style. This incredible DJ controller comes with a dual deck along with 16 performance pads for convenient controls. It’s also known for its reliability and sound quality as well so you can surely have no problems with that. Plus, it supports PC and Mac in which you can record and play your audio right from your computers. This DJ controller is just what you need for your party.

6. Denon DJ MC6000MK2

  • Modern design
  • Compatible with Serato DJ software
  • Flexible audio inputs

This professional-looking DJ controller includes one of the best specifications out there. It comes with an up-to-date design interface featuring many functions. There are 4 channels and decks for a flexible mixing and DJ experience. Plus, it supports much available software from Serato as well. Other than this, with various connection inputs, you get more options to play your music on this DJ controller.

5. Pioneer DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-800)

  • 16 illuminated DJ pads
  • A sleek and up-to-date look
  • Audio outputs controls

This is one of the beloved DJ controllers from Pioneer. It is a 2 channel DJ controller with 16 backlit pads for more enjoyment. This DJ controller features a mixer function where you can control your audio output like EQs, trims, and more. It can even connect to your PC and Mac if you want to. On the other hand, the design is unique yet simple. Hence, you should get this controller if you want to try these awesome features.

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4. Reloop 236534 Controller

  • Support various audio devices
  • 16 Backlit pads
  • Docking station for audio devices

Need a dependable DJ controller? Then, this is what you should look at. The Reloop DJ controller has the essentials of a typical DJ controller but with better specs and new features. Equipped with colorful backlit drum pads, you can be the main focus of the party with this DJ controller. One of its uniqueness from other DJ controllers is its docking port for audio devices such as Ipods, Iphones, or PC.

3. Native Instruments

  • Haptic feedback enabled jog wheels
  • Many audio effects and filters
  • Convenient buttons and controllers layout

Great sound quality along with the durable build, the Native Instrument Traktor Kontrol controller. The design of this one looks really solid and sturdy with a sleekish finish. The two jog wheels are equipped with haptic feedback and an illuminating LED ring around it. You can sample or play audio loops with its backlit 16 pads. Moreover, it includes many sound filters that you can choose from. Have fun remixing with this great DJ controller.

2. Denon DJ Prime 4

  • Touch screen display
  • Support Serato
  • applications
  • Well built

This Denon DJ Prime is an impressive DJ controller. It has many cool and useful features out of the box. One of them is the incredible touch screen display with gestures recognition on top of the system itself. Another amazing thing about this device is the built-in drive for onboard music storage, which is handy. Other than this, it has other great functions such as support for Serato applications, backlit performance pads, and much more.

1. Pioneer DDJ-SZ2

  • Responsive controls
  • Dual USB ports
  • Convenient control layouts

This right here is the high performing Pioneer 4 channel controller. Ideal for Serato DJs, this device comes with big jog wheels and 16 colorful lighted performance pads. The interface layout is perfectly designed with dedicated buttons and controllers for comfortable user experience. Talking about the controls, they are very responsive and work smoothly. There are other features like Slip-mode, Needle-search, sound-color-fx and more so you can have the best DJ controller in the house.

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Dj controllers can better your dj-ing experiences. As this music tool provides you endless options to manipulate your sound, you will have a fun and great party time. By getting yourself a controller, you can control your songs in a way that everyone can enjoy dancing to. Plus, it can lift your party’s atmosphere and ensure that everyone will have an amazing time. There you should get this great equipment for your DJ equipment so that you can be a professional.

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