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Disney Plus

The Disney plus streaming service or Disney+ as the channel is styling it is something that is set p to shake up the TV streaming market for good. But this comes in a landscape that is already populated with Amazo Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and the incoming Apple TV plus. There is much that Disney plus is going to bring to the table, as we will cover below.

The Disney plus will be an all in one video destination for movies, cartoons, TV shows, and TV series, and many more. It will pack plenty of the existing films and TV shows along with a stack of brand new content. Disney now acquired Fox, and now we will see the likes of the Simpsons and even X men titles are along with the service.

While Disney plus streaming has its service is going live in the Netherlands, and they have given the residents a trial for free to test the platform before their global launch in November.

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Disney Plus FAQ: quick questions answered

disney plus

What is Disney Plus?

This is an online streaming platform that is for Disney movies and shows; it is like Netflix.

When will Disney Plus launch?

It will be launched on November 12, 2021, in the US and Canada while Australia and New Zealand will be November 19, 2021. It is now already live in the Netherlands.

What will Disney Plus cost?

It will cost $6 per month in the US, $8.99 in Australia and Canada, while New Zealand will be $9.99, and the Netherlands is 6.99 pounds.

Where can I find it?

It will now launch on ios, Apple TV, PS4, XBOX One, android, bowsers, and android TV.

Disney Plus release date

The Disney plus streaming services will now launch on November 12, 2021, in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands, with launches in new Zealand and Australia later on November 19. The UK launch date is not yet confirmed, although we expect and hope that it will happen soon after these other countries.

It will now be looking to bring the Disney plus platform to all major markets and globally within the next two years. The rollout will be wide over time in the coming few years.

Disney Plus app: where can you find it?

Disney Plus logo

Disney has now announced the list of all platforms that will be able to su[pport Disney plus. These include apple tv, Roku streaming services, google Chromecast, ios and android, ps4 and Xbox One, and also android tv platform. This supports Nvidia shield tv and sony TVs and Hisense TVs.

There is no sign that amazon fire tv stick is on the list, but we are hopeful that sometime in the future it will be added.  That is especially now that amazon prime will be carrying Disney shows in at least territory from launch.

We had also caught wind of a planned Disney plus app for Nintendo switch despite the trouble that other streaming services aside from youtube and Hulu had when they were getting into Nintendo streaming console though all the signs show that this will not be happening any time soon, maybe in 2021.

Will Disney Plus have 4K HDR streams?

People have some concerns about the type of quality they will get from the video streams from Disney plus. Disney plus will be able to stream to up to 4k resolution in four devices and HDR and at no extra cost. They also have up to seven user profiles on their platform. Not all of the content in the 4k or HDR, and you will also need to have a 4k tv to watch the content.

If you compare their package with that of Netflix, Netflix requires you to have a premium plan to get the 4k and HDR streams. To make it even better, according to Dolby, this service will support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. This makes it great for cinephiles out there.

Disney Plus: Marvel TV shows and films

disney plus


Marvel fans should rejoice as you will not only get a vast catalog of MCU movies but also get several original tv-series and spin-offs with some of your favorite characters. The first one will be Falcon and Winter Soldier coming in Q3/ fall 2021 around a year after the platform goes live. So there will be some time to wait before the exclusive content goes live.

Hiddleston loves will also be happy to hear that in the new marvel line up will be the Loki tv show, a six-episode miniseries that is featuring the iconic trickster and landing in early 2021. From San Diego, we also know that san Diego comic con, the series will kick off after Loki’s sudden escape in avengers.

In 2021 we will also see wandaVision, a spin-off following witch paul Bettany will tie into the events of the strange doctor sequel.

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