Reasons Why Students Need to Develop Digital Literacy

Reasons Why Students Need to Develop Digital Literacy

All You Need To Know About Digital Literacy

The need for digital literacy skills cannot be more emphasized in the present world. With the majority of information and transaction flow occurring over digitized platforms, it is imperative that students, young and old, need to use the tools available to them in knowing how to improve digital literacy. Here we look at facts on internet penetration across the world which reflects what have been the benefits of digital literacy over the years. The potential that it holds for students is subsequently discussed as well.

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Digital Literacy Facts

Reasons Why Students Need to Develop Digital Literacy

The rise in internet usage across the world has been significant over the years, especially in the new millennium. Here we showcase the data since the beginning of 2000 and till 2006 as an example. 

The data showcases the penetration of internet in percentage form and is compared against the population percentage of the different continents: 

World Region Population Percentage % Penetration of Internet Usage Usage Growth Between 2000 and 2006
Africa 14.1% 3.6% 625.8
Asia 56.4% 10.8% 245.5%
Europe 12.4% 38.2% 193.7%
Middle East 2.9% 10% 479.3%
North America 5.1% 69.1% 112%
Latin America 8.5% 15.1% 361.4%
Australia 0.5% 54.1% 141%


If we look at the total usage growth for the world it is 200% in the period between 2000 and 2006. One would find literacy essay examples articles for free and the examples in these essays showcase that such a trend has risen more over the subsequent decades. The rise in internet penetration and usage has had a positive correlation to the rise of digital literacy as well.

Current Trends in Technology Literacy Skills

Reasons Why Students Need to Develop Digital Literacy

Today we stand at the threshold of a new era, that of the fourth industrial revolution whereby artificial intelligence is being used in the making of electronic gadgets as well as the internet of things controlling a whole system that is connected by the internet.

Hence, for those who are embarking in the world of digital literacy articles, they will have a long history to trace back. However, it has become easier for the current generation of students since they need no longer delve into complex programming skills or coding languages unless they wish to. That is because most technology devices and systems are easy to comprehend, intuitive, and user friendly. Hence, technology literacy skills are easy for students to pick up and use in their pursuit of knowledge and for being the base of diverse educational courses.

Current trends among students with regard to digital literacy skills are as follows:

  • The internet provides free educational resources; it has become a crucial educational tool especially for the masses and underprivileged classes.
  • There are free resources and reference materials for writing essays or research papers that come of use for graduate and undergraduate courses.
  • Free examples or samples of any kind of research are available for download or viewing not only on school computer systems but through any device such as tablets or smartphones that students can use over Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.
  • Trends show that over 81% of adults feel in control of their life due to the ease of use and accessibility across social media and the internet over several connected technology devices.

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Benefits of Digital Literacy

Reasons Why Students Need to Develop Digital Literacy

As per the trends mentioned above, digital literacy has helped students have easier access to educational materials and courses. They can also gain access to the best tools to work on different projects, essays, and develop skills for a vocation or profession that they wish to pursue. 

Students need to have updated skills for almost any area of work and most of these require some form of technical software knowledge or skills. It also provides students with more independence as they can solve problems creatively and find solutions on their own. When it comes to communicating and collaboration, these are also easily achieved without wasting much time due to the online connection. For instance, when one is working on a research paper, they can find resources to complete it on their own. If collaboration is required, many free tools are available for students and they need not worry about any physical distance that exists.

Many educational courses include knowing certain technical systems and tools which later add to the list of skills that young adults can portray in their resume. This helps graduates or undergraduates move into their vocational courses or jobs in a smooth, seamless manner.

The impact of digital literacy skills in earning a livelihood on daily living is considered as of today. With the increasing impact of technology and connectedness across the globe, almost all workplaces need the know-how of the internet and specific technical skill sets as well. Hence, from school to college education, students are made familiar with different subjects and taught vocational skills through technology. This enables them to know how to improve their technical skills as well as use the same to augment their work, submit research papers and projects as well become significant contributors to digital content in the future.

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