What Is Deepfake Technology?

Deepfake technology

Deepfake technology has undergone revolution. Huge advancements in technology have been made especially since the introduction of the internet. However, technology has also come up with systems and functions that are controversial, one of them being deepfake technology. Deepfake technology is an enormous concept, which bears massive negative results. This discussion will help to understand what it is, how it works, and the impact it creates.

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What is deepfake technology?

Deepfake is an artificial intelligence system that combines deep learning with technology to create videos that look real but, in the real sense, are not real. It uses an arrangement of anti-logarithms that learn and make decisions without influence to present something that looks authentic.

How do they work?

Through the studying of photos and other things like videos of the person targeted from many angles, they mimic their behavior and other elements like speech patterns to create a video. The final product looks highly authentic, with a majority of viewers even not noting that they are not authentic. An example is where someone produces speeches of an election candidate aiming at influencing elections.

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How do you detect deepfake technology?

Most people are not able to recognize fake from the real thing in videos today. However, it is effortless to detect them with the use of artificial intelligence. From a close and attentive look, it is possible to note somethings that are not okay in such creations. Things like body marks, movements, and other things like overly smooth skin are easy to detect.

Beating this corruptive technology is better done with the use of similar AI programs. Efforts are in place to come up with better and improved inventions that will assist in determining what is real from what is fake when it comes to this area.

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Positive uses of deepfake technology

Despite this system having a bigger part of it on the negative, there also positive sides.

Film dubbing

When creating a film, the need to have the message conveyed in different languages, but by the same character might arise. Learning all the languages at once and entirely using them in creating the film or advert is impossible. The use of deepfake technology comes in to make this goal attainable hence giving it a positive side.

Educational application

At times, there might be the need to pass a message through a video to a group of learners even though the source s absent. It collects information on the character such as their appearance, movement of hands, head, and mouth while delivering and combines this with the message that is intended to present something that looks authentic.

Learning gets easier with this enabling the revival of old persons such as president Kennedy delivering a speech or a lecturer delivering a lecture even in their absence.

Deepfake technology is a subject that has received a lot of criticism from many people all over the world. Many discredit the technology for it has done more bad than good. However, it still has a positive side, which should be harnessed to better communication, learning, and other areas such as the film industry. It, therefore, depends on the view that one decides to have on the system to call it evil or good.

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