Top 10 Best Cute Backpacks for Tots in 2021

Cute Backpacks for Tots

Does your toddler go to daycare or school? Get them one of the top 10 best cute backpacks for tots here and make them look adorable today. They will get into the back-to-school spirit quickly. And if they are not school going yet, they can fill it up with their treasures to take it with them anywhere. We have selected only the best rucksacks to make your little one cute and ready for school.

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Best Cute Backpacks for Toddlers

10. Minnie Mouse Backpack

Minnie Mouse Backpack

Nothing comes cuter for your toddler than the Minnie Mouse backpack. The colors vibrant and have a thick structure. Your little princess will be visible to all with the Minnie print. You get great value for money and a durable bag for your toddler to take to daycare or use around the home.


  • Made of polyester material
  • Has a front zipper pocket and two side pockets
  • You can adjust the shoulder strap
  • Measures 12-inches high and 9-inches wide with a 4.5-inch depth

9. Yodo Toddler Backpack

Yodo Toddler Backpack

The yodo is a cute backpack for tots available in six color designs. The rucksack offers your child room to grow and the zippers are smooth for them to open by themselves. The side pockets stretch wide enough to hold a sippy cup and the interiors lined. For packing toys or taking their lunch to daycare, it is perfect.


  • Made of polyester canvas that is easy to clean and has a PEVA lining
  • Designed as a backpack and lunch bag in one
  • Comprise safety harness and suitable for ages 18 to 48 months
  • Can use it as a diaper bag, snack or toy bag
  • The safety harness you can remove when needed
  • Include an insulated lunch bag to keep items warm or cool
  • Has two side mesh pockets and has a name tag at the back

8. Skip Hop Zoo Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack

Here we have another cute backpack for toddlers with a safety harness. The Skip Hop Zoo has nine available colors with prints on it. For stability, the tether with a wrist strap attaches to the bottom of the bag and is removable. The straps are adjustable and have a main zippered compartment. Your little one can pick a friendly zoo face and carry it with the top grab handle around the home.


  • Made of polyester and the rein attaches to the bottom of the bag
  • The tether with wrists strap is removable and becomes a mini rucksack
  • The straps adjustable and has a main zippered compartment
  • Available with nine different friendly zoo faces
  • Has a write-on nametag with a mesh pocket to hold a bottle
  • Suitable for aged 12-months to four years old
  • Has a comfortable top handle

 7. YISIBO Kids Backpack

YISIBO Kids Backpack

For a bright and vibrant backpack for your tot, the YSIBO is perfect. The material is nice and suitable for aged two to three year old to use. The rucksack has enough room to put in a pair of clothes, a toy, and a snack. You can place a sippy in the side pocket and even makes a great diaper bag.


  • Made of Neoprene with a zipper closure
  • Suitable for ages two to eight and has a unisex design
  • The straps, padded and adjustable and have a roomy compartment
  • Easy to clean with the waterproof structure
  • Has a side pocket to hold a bottle and enough space inside for a lunch box and an extra set of clothes

6. Maison de Sisters Backpack

Maison de Sisters Backpack

Make your daughter look adorable, with this cute backpack for tots from Maison de Sisters. Your youngster can pick their favorite color design and imprint. The bag will make your toddler fashionable and independent at the same time. The shoulder straps, adjustable and has a large spacious interior with a small mesh pocket inside.


  • Made of Neoprene that is waterproof and easy to clean
  • The backside and side pockets made of mesh fabric
  • Suitable for ages two to six and has a unisex design
  • Available in different colors with cute animal prints
  • The shoulder straps, adjustable and spacious to hold their lunch, toys, books, and more
  • Has a small mesh compartment on the inside

5. Tom Clovers Cartoon Backpack

Tom Clovers Cartoon Backpack

The Tom Clovers cartoon backpack is not only cute but also loved by all kids. The rucksacks are available in assorted colors with printed cartoon characters. The durable Neoprene fabric is easy to keep clean. Furthermore, it is lightweight and comfortable for toddlers to carry by themselves. The shoulder straps, adjustable and has a breathable padded back.


  • Made of Neoprene that is waterproof and easy to clean
  • The backside is padded and breathable
  • Suitable for ages 18 to 36 months
  • Available in different colors with cute cartoon animal prints
  • The shoulder straps you can adjust and the interior is roomy to hold their lunch, toys, books, and more
  • Has a small mesh compartment on the inside

4. MOMMORE Toddler Backpack

MOMMORE Toddler Backpack

With the contrast color design of the MOMMORE, the rucksack is not only a cute backpack for tots; it comes at an affordable price as well. The bag you can buy in small or large size and completed padded with adjustable shoulder straps. The main compartments roomy enough and has a double zipper closure. There are front and side pockets made of mesh with Velcro closure and you can adjust the chest buckle.


  • Designed with an adjustable chest buckle and shoulder strap
  • Available in two sizes and a variety of colors
  • Has a main compartment with double zipper
  • Made with front zippered pocket and side mesh pockets with Velcro closure

3. Wildkin Backpack

Wildkin Backpack

For your little boy, the Wildkin is a cute backpack for tots displaying trains, planes, and trucks. The bag is playground approved. The padded shoulder strap you can adjust for a perfect fit and the top handles, durable to hang on a cubby. The rucksack has two zippered compartments with one of them insulated to keep foodstuff cold or warm.


  • Playground approved with the eye-catching patterns and adjustable shoulder strap
  • The top handle is durable to hang the backpack on a cubby
  • Designed with two zippered compartments with one of them insulated to serve as a lunch box
  • On the front zippered pocket is reflective tape
  • Has a side mesh pocket for a water bottle

2. ZippyRooz Toddler Backpack

ZippyRooz Toddler Backpack - Cute Backpacks for Tots

Whether you are planning a hiking trip for your little hiker or need a backpack for school the ZippyRooz perfect. The rucksack is small and has a padded back with ample airflow to keep your little one comfortable. At the chest strap is a whistle to use when sighting treasures along the way. On the front is a bungee for your tot to place a stuffed animal.


  • Small design with a padded back to keep your tot comfortable and cool
  • Suitable for ages one to four years old
  • Has a main compartment with a small zippered pocket on the front
  • Include a bungee to hold a stuffed animal
  • Has a side mesh pocket for a small water bottle and a whistle on the chest strap
  • Compatible with a hydration system when used for hiking
  • Comprise ID tag slot on the inside of the main compartment

1. BUCKLE TOY Backpack

BUCKLE TOY Backpack្ - Cute Backpacks for Tots

The Blossom Butterfly is one of the cutest backpacks for Tots. The bag is plush and uniquely designed with bold color and buckles. With the snap and click closure, they improve their fine motor skills, problem-solving, and hand & eye coordination. The entire rucksack consists of fun decorative shapes and numbers. The zippered main compartment easily holds books, snacks and more.


  • Designed with bold colors, snap and clicks, decorative shapes and numbers
  • Has a zippered main compartment with adjustable straps
  • You can strap it to a shopping cart, car seat, and more
  • Helps improve your toddler motor skills and the surface is washable
  • Made with ten different child-friendly buckles with a variety of clasp styles

Final Thoughts

If your child is only a year old or starting at the daycare buys them the best cute backpack for tots and make them look even more adorable. Each toddler rucksack reviewed with us offers versatility to make your child feel important. Choose your preferred color or design and make your little one the happiest kid in the home today.

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