How to Buy the Correct Gaming Chair

How to Buy the Correct Gaming Chair

Best Guides to Buy A Gaming Chair

You have been looking for a chair to help make your gaming experience comfortable and relaxed. However, finding the right one is not that easy as finding it sold online. So how do you buy the correct gaming chair to fit in with your needs? Here we have an ultimate buying guide that covers everything from the features to different brands you may like.

Who Needs a Gaming Chair?

These chairs have a unique design for keeping gamers comfortable. The manufacturer making gaming chairs look at how players sit and move to create unique seating to meet all their needs. However, these chairs are ideal for use:

  • In a workplace to help enhance your efficiency
  • Do you have a home office? The gaming chair is great to use when you sit for hours.
  • Do you have back pain or have motion issues? Then this chair provides additional support.
  • Do you want comfortable seating and play games for hours, off course you do, then you need one of these chairs.

A fact is that the first chair for gaming was made for use in games with racing as it works as a car simulator. Therefore, the seating had thick upholstery with a straight back.

However, these chairs have changed, and you can find different gaming chairs made for specific needs.

Which Type of Chair Do You Need?

Gaming chairs fall into different categories, and there are four styles available you can choose.

How to Buy the Correct Gaming Chair

The PC Gaming Chair

These chairs have a design to use behind a desk and great for playing PC games. Furthermore, the chair you can use as an office chair as well. You get a pedestal seat with a mobile base and offer you swivel capabilities to move freely around.

There are high armrests to provide wrist support for using your keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, you get excellent back support for your lower, upper back, and neck. All of these chairs have a position for sitting upright, but some can tilt backward to lock into different reclining seats.

The Console Gaming Chair

The chair is more adaptable than the PC one and yip made for the console gamer. You can find the chair in diverse sizes and shapes. One of the classic designs is the Rocker and has no pedestal for the seat or wheels. You get an L-shaped seat and sit on the floor. Furthermore, the backrest allows you to move backward and forward. Therefore, you get a laid-back seating to use with your controller pad. Sometimes you can find them with speakers offering you surround sound and charging ports.

The Racing Simulator Chair

These seats are the best gaming chairs made for you guessed it the racing games. The framework looks like a cockpit, and you can use your racing accessories from the pedal, gear stick, a wheel. Some of the upmarket chairs are used for driver training as well.

The Bean Bag

The bag has a microfiber or suede cover filled with beads or foam. While they are more for leisure’s gamers, enjoy the comfortable seat as it conforms to their body. Furthermore, they provide for different sized game players, and you can even layout a flat in them. On the list, this is your cheapest option when selecting a gaming chair.

Top Brands Selling Gaming Chairs

You can find a wide selection of brands for gaming chairs and each one’s quality and price weary. While some provide comfort and ergonomics, others offer gamers the specific features they need for gaming. Here are some brands you can look for:

  • DXRacer – here is a leading brand when you need gaming chairs. You can use the seat for different gaming setups and sell them at an affordable price. Furthermore, you get a base for taller uses, firm support, and broader chairs.
  • Secretlab – this is a big player found in the world of gaming chairs. While you may not find a vast selection available, you do get quality. You get to choose different fabrics with comfort and ergonomic design.
  • X Rocker – here we have another dominant brand that makes quality gaming chairs. The seat is ideal for console gamers and gets a wide selection of gaming setups to folding chairs.
  • Herman Miller – here we have the best office seating that works well for gaming as well. The only drawback is the high price.
  • Maxnomic – for PC gamers, it helped to have this chair and made for massive players as well. You get a diverse range to select from and can easily find a flawless fit.

Or else, you may check out our Best Gaming Chairs

Important Features to Consider

How to Buy the Correct Gaming Chair

Now that you have seen the different gaming chairs available, it is time to start selecting your favorite one. However, before buying just anyone, look at these features to determine if the seat is made for your needs.

Ergonomics – This is the essential feature to consider. Therefore, if the gaming chair you choose has an ergonomic design, manufacturers have optimized it for the gamer. The chair should give you a proper posture, help support movement, improve your reaction, and minimize back pain. Furthermore, the chair needs to be highly adjustable with lumbar support and have tension mechanisms or tilt lock.

Build quality – with a high-quality build, and the chair lasts longer. You need to remember that the build also determines the price. Look for frameworks made of steel or some durable metal compare to plastic or wood frames. Other factors are the base that is wide and made of aluminum. Even the casters need to have a sustainable design. Lastly, look at the filling and if it has a mold-shaping design that will not lose its shapes after a while.

Fabric –the majority of gaming chairs have a PU leather structure. You can choose real leather, but it is expensive, but for a cheaper version, you can find the chair upholstered with microfiber and synthetic webbing. Look for breathability to help disperse heat.

The Armrests – as a gamer, you need wrist and lower arm support for fast reaction to improve your skills in your game. Here it all comes down to whether you play games on the PC or console. For computer use, you can look for adjustable armrests to adjust to your height for a comfortable sit.

Weight and height – these two factors are just as important when choosing a gaming chair. Each chair accommodates certain heights and weights. So if you want a durable chair looks for one that accommodates up to 500lbs of weight.

Compatibility – when looking for gaming chairs to use with your console, search for one that works with your gaming console. You may find some brands providing USB ports to charge the controller while others have to surround sound in the headrest. You can even find them with motion features to tilt, rock, shake, and turn.

Dimension – before you buy first check if it fits into your living area and your body shape. You will find that some gaming chairs have seats with a narrow design making them less ideal if you have large thighs and more.

Checklist for Gaming Chairs

Now that we have covered all the basics of buying a chair for your gaming, we have a checklist here to simplify your search.

How to Buy the Correct Gaming Chair

  • Do you need a gaming chair for PC or console?
  • Will the chair fit into your living space and support your weight?
  • How tall are you, and will the chair accommodate your length?
  • Can the chair adjust and offer you ergonomic support?
  • Considering your budget, does the gaming chair have a good build?
  • Will the dimensions work with your body?
  • How mobile or compact is the gaming chair, and do you love the design?
  • Does the chair have a comfortable and breathable structure?

Other Tips

Before wrapping up how to buy the right gaming chair, we have some other helpful tips for you as well.

  1. Continuously check feedback from users to get an idea if the chair you plan to spend money on is worthwhile buying.
  2. Look to see if the brand offers you a warranty on the chair if ever anything breaks.
  3. How comfortable is the gaming chair to install? You may find some chairs have a pre-built body while some need assembly.
  4. If you do not know much about choosing a gaming chair, get recommendations from others.

The truth is there is no such thing as a picture-perfect gaming chair. You can find loads of brands available, each offering you different needs. However, if we had to pick a favorite, we would recommend the Titan from Secretlab. You will get a sleek and stylish chair with a luxury build. We hope that the tips and features available help you to pick a gaming chair to fit in with your needs and budget.

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