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Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in 2021

In the beginning, the vacuum cleaner was heavy and wired. Then the cleaning fairies cast out a spell and diminished the wires, heavy bits, and bags. Low and behold, a miracle happened, leaving you with the best cordless vacuum cleaners to use around the house. Well, at least we can let our imagination live out a fairytale as no one enjoys cleaning the home. However, with these new inventive cordless and robot vacuum cleaners making its way onto the market, we can help you keep your living space clean and spotless in no time. Compared to their corded counterparts, the cordless vacuum cleaners offer you convenience, autonomy, and maneuverability. Pick your model right here.

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Top 10 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

10. SENTOVAC Multi-Purpose Upright Vacuum

The cordless vacuum cleaners have an affordable price if you need to clean a small home or apartment. The appliance is lightweight and balances well in the hand. Even the connections snap together and the dust cup is easy to detach. For cleaning the brush roller slides onto the left side easily and the battery charges in 2.5-hours. The handle has a non-slip grip and comfortable to use. The only downside is that the power floor attachment does not have an LED and the suction of the vacuum is mediocre.


9. eufy HomeVac Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner

Do you need more than a stick model vacuum with an upright design? The eufy is a great option if you have a tight budget and offers you a lot for keeping your place clean. No other cordless vacuum cleaners brand comes close to the efficiency of this model. You can clean your home with one pass with its powerful Cyclonic System and rolling brush. You get double suction power and the battery lasts up to 50-minutes per charge. An added benefit is the HEPA filtration system that helps purify the air and it is compact and lightweight. The only problem is that it does not convert to a handheld model.


8. Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless Vacuum

Are you specifically in the market for a stick vacuum with a cordless design? The Shark Rotator is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners and easy on the wallet. The appliance fits into tight space and great for vacuuming hairs of pets. The weightless design makes it easy to maneuver and store and you can use it on carpets and bare floors. The motor is powerful and it has a large dust cup you can comfortably empty. The charger doubles up as a storage dock, but it is less powerful than your upright model.


7. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum

For a great mid-range of cordless vacuum cleaners with potent suction and compact design, pick the Black & Decker here. The two-in-one handheld option has a reasonable price with a whimsical of eggplant. One normally does not see this often and backed with a two-year warranty. Compared to other stick vacuums this one has a stronger suction and features a BatterySense, AutoSense, and FilterSense. The only noticeable thing is that the appliance is larger compared to other models in the range. Furthermore, you will need to clean the dust holder after every use.


6. Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum

Why struggle with your stick handheld cordless vacuum if you can get one that works by itself. The Smart Robot cordless vacuum cleaners you can program to clean your home automatic. The charging dock has scheduled activation and auto charge and it can clean carpet to hardwood floors. The robot vacuum has an anti-falling and anti-collision function with automated sweeping, cleaning, and mopping.


5. Bissell AirRam Cordless Vacuum

Personally, we can vouch for the Bissell brand and the same goes for the AirRam model. The cordless apparatus is durable, powerful, and great for everyday use. The lithium-ion battery offers you a 40-minute fade-free suction per charge. The battery you can remove for flexible charging. With the LED light found at the power foot, it helps illuminate dirt and the dust cup is easy to empty. The bristle roller included you can use on multiple surfaces. Uses one setting for all floors and may not be as effective for cleaning.


4. HOOVER Linx Vacuum Cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaners from Hoover looks similar to your upright one. The power of this device is amazing and offers you a budget-friendly option. With the WindTunnel technology, it lifts the dirt off the carpet easily and the base has edge-to-edge bristles. Designed with a bottom release dirt cup and it reclines into hard-to-reach places. The handle is a bit short and users who do not like a bag-less design may not like the apparatus.


3. SharkNinja Robot Vacuum

Surprise guests with a spotless house, and tell them a fairy popped over and cleaned it for you. Well, your visitors may think there is a Martian in the home once they see the cordless robot vacuum working. A little joke, but the SharkNinja will become your favorite cleaning tool around the home. The height profile of this small worker is low preventing it from getting stuck in tight spaces. For cleaning any type of floor, it easily passes through a thick rug and sucks up dust on hard floors. With the two side brushes, you do not have to worry about the bristles entwining.


2. Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have the budget to spend and look for cordless vacuum cleaners? The Dyson V8 is worth looking at. With the compact and powerful design, it offers you efficiency and versatility. The V8 motor has a powerful suction and with the Max Power Mode, you can get extra suction. The battery is fade-free and works up to 40-minutes. The appliance has a HEPA filtration system to keep the air clean and it is compact and lightweight. Included you receive a docking station with four cleaning attachments. You can convert it to handheld to clean walls and ceilings.


1. Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Vacuum

For complete cordless vacuum cleaners available on the market, nothing comes close to the IONFlex from Shark. You get two removable and rechargeable batteries to interchange for seamless cleaning. The vacuum can stand on its own when you are not using it. Using the handheld mode, you can clean upholstery, curtains, and more. You can use it with a soft brush roll or a bristle brush and the on/off buttons in reach. Clean hard floors, carpets, tiles and more with the normal and super mode. The biggest downside is that you can only charge one battery at a time.


Final Thoughts

Stop falling over your vacuum cable and convert to the best cordless vacuum cleaners available here. With the weightless and versatile designs of these stick handle vacuums and robot vacuums, you can get your home cleaned in no time. Each brand offers you an excellent warranty and outstanding customer service.



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