Are you a Do-it-Yourself person or perhaps a professional artisan?  How about Handcraft-er? If you are, then you know the value of using a hot glue gun for your DIY needs. With the adhesion power, you can easily stick anything together. But if you use the best cordless hot glue gun, you can achieve much more. With the versatility of this apparatus, there is no power cable getting in the way, and you can reach into small spaces. No matter what type of glue gun you need, you can find a full-size to small one right here. Also check: Best Cordless Rotary Tools in 2019 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in 2019

Top 10 Best Cordless Hot Glue Guns in 2019

Cordless Hot Glue Guns Reviews – Recommend for handcraft-er 

10. SUREBONDER Mini Glue Gun

SUREBONDER Mini Glue Gun You do not need a power outlet to use this tool as the mini cordless glue gun works with four AA batteries. There have been some slight complaints that it does not heat up well, but you can solve the problem. You can use two Li-ion batteries to help raise the voltage to 8-volts instead and heats up in seconds. Compared to purchasing an expensive model you can still get away at an affordable price when buying this gadget.


  • With the four AA batteries, you get up to 45-minutes of cordless power
  • Included is a built-in stand with a power cord
  • Designed as a 20-watt high-temperature glue gun
  • Works with min glue sticks
  • Can use it with two rechargeable batteries
  • Has a safety fuse to for enhanced protection
  • Has an insulated nozzle with an auto shut off and side fins

9. American Crafts Cordless Hot Glue Gun

American Crafts Cordless Hot Glue Gun For taking care of quick projects, you can do with the help of the American Crafts cordless hot glue gun. The price is affordable, and you receive three mini glue sticks included. You can use it with any replacement 4 x 0.28-inch glue sticks but does not include the batteries.


  • Has a lightweight design
  • Powered by four AA batteries sold separately
  • No need of plugging it into a power outlet
  • You receive three mini glue sticks included

8. SUREBONDER Cordless High-Temperature Glue Gun

SUREBONDER Cordless High-Temperature Glue Gun Do you need a handy high temperature cordless hot glue gun to repair everything around the home? The SUREBONDER has another high-powered model for you to use at an affordable price. The power is more than the standard glue gun and has an auto shut off function that switches the device off after 30-minutes. The apparatus has an insulated nozzle with side fins and a safety fuse. You can buy it in three different models with a 20, 60, or 100-watt dual temperature.


  • Available in three different temperature models
  • Has a 30-minute auto shut off with rubber trigger and handle
  • Can use it for low and high applications
  • Designed with a power light and side fins to lay the tool down safely without messing the glue
  • The nozzles insulated and interchangeable with other ones from the collection
  • Has a sturdy detachable wire stand
  • Easy to use with the on/off switch
  • Powered by 18-volt Ryobi battery and you can use it with Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee batteries

7. Pros Kit Battery Operated Glue Gun

Pros Kit Battery Operated Glue Gun The Pros Kit is a fully functional cordless hot glue gun offering you fantastic use paired with Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. The device heats up instantly and has a built-in flashlight at the tip. The trigger is comfortable to use and the battery pack you can remove. With the incorporated stand, it helps to place the apparatus securely and great for light-duty use.


  • Suitable for the hobbyist to use
  • Cordless design and has LED illumination
  • The viewing window is transparent to see if another glue stick is needed
  • You receive three glue sticks
  • The preheat time is four minutes and uses both alkaline and rechargeable batteries


Ryobi HOT GLUE GUN The cordless hot glue gun from Ryobi provides you a reliable glue feed, but only has a single size tip. What this means is that you cannot adjust the temperature to a colder setting. Users would have loved to have interchangeable heads to use with different glue sticks. You can use it with the Ryobi One 18-volt battery sold separately. There is an LED indicator informing you if the tools powered for use or off.


  • Has a self-standing design with two finger trigger
  • Included are three glue sticks
  • There is an LED on/off power light
  • Uses an 18-volt Ryobi One battery sold separately and has a runtime of up to 3.5-hours

5. Master Appliance Butane Powered High-Temperature Glue Gun

Master Appliance Butane Powered High-Temperature Glue Gun Now, for something completely different in cordless hot glue gun designs meet the Butane powered model. The device is handy to use for crafts and is easy to refill. The glue gun heats up quickly and feels lightweight in hand. There is an on/off switch and with a pumping use, your projects glued together in minutes.


  • Great for industrial projects and crafts
  • Has a four-minute warm-up time and a run time of 2-hours
  • Works with ½-inch glue sticks and has a temperature control thermostat in the gun chamber
  • The Portapro uses Butane gas and includes only two 6-inch glue sticks
  • One-year Warranty

4. PRO2-60 Cordless Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun

PRO2-60 Cordless Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun Do you need a high temperature cordless hot glue gun? The PRO2-60 will ensure that the glue heats up at the right temperature to take care of repair jobs around the house. The nozzle is replaceable and available in different shapes. On the top of the nozzle, it has a protective rubber that prevents you from burning. You can use it with acrylic glue sticks and weightless in hand.


  • The hot glue gun has a corded and cordless design
  • Has a 60-watt temperature output and works with full-sized glued sticks
  • Compatible with Ryobi 18-volt battery
  • Designed with an on/off switch
  • The nozzle is interchangeable

3. STEINEL Butane Glue Gun

STEINEL Butane Glue Gun Here we have another butane cordless hot glue gun from STEINEL. The TM 6000 gives you up to 100-minutes of continuous use. You can refill it with butane, and the fuel cells are removable. The hot-melt adhesive gun works with 0.5-inch glue sticks you need to buy separately.


  • The warm-up time is three minutes and has an operating time of up to 100 minutes
  • Works with standard butane available in LEC fuel cell
  • Suitable to use with 0.5-inch glue sticks
  • Has a Piezo ignition for easy use
  • The nozzle has a 0.08-inch diameter
  • One-year Warranty

2. Black & Decker Cordless Glue Gun

Black & Decker Cordless Glue Gun - Cordless Hot Glue Gun For a portable hot glue gun without cables getting in the way, you need the Black & Decker. With the battery, the device weighs less than two pounds and the battery power lasts up to an hour. The biggest complaint is the battery takes longer to charge. The price high compared to other tools reviewed here but has a durable design.


  • Has a 20-volt Lithium battery that lasts up to three hours
  • Designed with a 125-watt heater for laying long lines of glue
  • Heats up in 90-seconds and made with a precision nozzle
  • Included you receive the battery and charger

1. Ryobi P305 Glue Gun

Ryobi P305 Glue Gun - Cordless Hot Glue Gun The cordless hot glue gun might be expensive but is one of the best Ryobi hot-melt adhesive guns available. No matter what your requirements are, you can use it for crafts to repair jobs around the home. The battery pack takes 30-minutes to charge and runs out in half an hour as well. So best to keep some spares on hand or use it with the Ryobi 18-volt battery that runs up to 3.5-hours of use.


  • Includes the hot glue gun and battery charger
  • Made for heavy duty gluing and has an LED indicator
  • You get the Ryobi ONE+ battery pack with your purchase
  • One-year Warranty

Final Thoughts

With the best cordless hot glue gun by your side, there is no more need of searching around for a power outlet. For the contractor or DIY user, this is excellent news. Now you can glue your airplane model and fix cupboards quickly with the versatile design. You can even get one with a universal design such as the PRO2-60 or pick a butane one to take with you to the industrial site.

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