Best Cooler Master Devastators in the Market!

Cooler Master Devastators have proved to be very dependable and also budget friendly. A computer that does not have a mouse, as well as keyboard, is very useless. But even with the normal or conventional keyboards and mouse, you get to experience some issues easily. For example, slow feedback, the fading prints or even the trouble figuring out keys in the dark places. If you are in this kind of situation, well, it may be high time to get yourself Cooler Master Devastators. There is a wide variety of Cooler Master Devastators which are available in the market. Here are the top 10 Cooler Master Devastators in the year 2021. Check this out if you are looking for Wireless Intercom Systems!

Top 10 Cooler Master Devastators of 2021

Best Cooler Master Devastators Available In the Market!

10. Cooler Master Devastator 3

Cooler Master Devastator 3

Devastator 3 Combo is the next generation of the popular cooler master devastators. The ergonomic ultra-flat mouse has adjustable DPI of up to 2400. It has a high precision mouse wheel. While low profile keyboard does come with the laser etched. The grips coated keys and custom membrane design for improved feedback.

About Design

  • It has seven different LED options that you can easily customize the peripherals. Therefore, it is to match all of the hardware in style.
  • Ergonomic styling from top to bottom designed to be super comfortable to use in all the circumstances.
  • It has an adjustable DPI of up to 2400 and a high precision mouse wheel.
  • Low profile keyboard does come with the laser etched, custom membrane design for easy feedback and the grip coated keys.
  • Six multimedia keys for very quick access.
  • Laser etched, and a grip coated keycaps with anti-slide rubber pads on the bottom side.

Customer Feedback

  • Many different options for RGB lighting.
  • An easy to switch lighting styles.
  • Looks extremely nice and very expensive.

9. Havit Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo

Havit Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo Cooler Master Devastators

Are you looking for the best cooler master devastators associated with the membrane keyboard where all the keys are the same membrane and also backlit where all the keys are same membrane as well as backlight just like the central light shared by all?

About Design

  • The gold plated connector does ensure a stable connection and a low latency.
  • A unique ‘breathing’ LED light offers a soothing and calming ambient light. 4 different colors offer constantly changing as well as a unique look.
  • It is a plug and plays with no additional software of the firmware needed.
  • Micro-switches offers crisp and firm clicks.
  • There are two holders’ rubberized holders under a keyboard preventing it from the slip.
  • Simultaneous operation of USB LED backlit keyboards of up to 19 keys with no conflict for the PC gaming.

Customer Feedback

  • It works perfectly.
  • The device has nice LEDs on the keyboard and the mouse.
  • Excellent DPI control on the mouse.

8. Redragon S101 Gaming Combo

Redragon S101 Gaming Combo Cooler Master Devastators

What makes this to appear in the list of the best cooler master devastators is the RGB backlit for the crystal clear display. Keyboard has crisp, quiet and the precise keys which allow simultaneous operation of a maximum 25 keys with no conflict.

About Design

  • It features a seven-color RGB backlighting and the ergonomic design with the oversized spacebar and the comfortable wrist rest to be able to minimize the fatigue.
  • The full-size keyboard provides quiet, crisp and the precise key presses, working for both the home as well as office.
  • It was high precision engineered to be able to feel great even after many hours of use. This is what does make mouse perfect for a long lasting gaming session offering support and comfort.
  • The device features a 3200 DPI sensor which offers up to 15G of the acceleration and the Teflon feet for an ultra-fine control.
  • This mouse provides very many pro features including quick adjustable DPI, different gamer profiles, quick adjustable DPI and the adjustable weight tuning set.
  • It has been made of the high-quality ABS material, a durably constructed and well built to last even with the constant intense gaming sessions.

Customer Feedback

  • The durable TEFLON feet pads offer a smooth movement and the ultimate performance.
  • One can easily assign the keyboard keystroke or the multimedia or the windows functions to any button with the included software.
  • Six foot long ensures corrosion free very high-speed data transfer.

7. Cooler Master Devastator II

Cooler Master Devastator II (SGB-3031-KKMF1-US)

Devastator II offers you two gaming devices for one low price. It does take the best features of the predecessor and makes them even better. The keyboard does feel mechanical with every key providing the crisp, tactile feel and this is thanks to this cooler master devastators.

About Design

  • Dedicated multimedia keys offer absolute control of the volume and the music right at the fingertips.
  • Solid control as well as grip hence providing a maximum grip.
  • On-fly DPI settings get to switch between 3 preset DPI settings.
  • Precision Optical sensor which ensures cursor goes where you do want as fast as you can, even during the intense gaming.
  • Compatible with the custom keycaps, that allows you to customize every key with their keycaps.
  • Laser etched keys: Print on every keycap won’t feed or even disappear.
  • Red LED backlighting helps you to type at night.

Customer Feedback

  • Incredible and even backlighting.
  • Compatible with the Cherry MX keycaps.
  • The LED backlighting can easily be turned on and off.

6. Rosewill Gaming RGB Combo

Rosewill Gaming RGB Combo

Are you in search of the best cooler master devastators that have been built to combine advantages of mechanical and the membrane keyboards? Well, this device offers you a very comfy feel with a more responsive tactile feedback and minimal clinking sound.

About Design

  • Dynamic rainbow backlight illuminates the gaming vibes. In addition, it is with fusion C40 gaming mouse and the keyboard combo. It provides the game to the next level.
  • On Fly DPI setting that allows the gamers to easily change between 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 DPI.
  • Includes sleek gaming mouse. It has an advanced AVAGO A3050 optical sensor. Therefore, it offers extraordinary precision.
  • Keyboards has six dedicated multimedia keys that allow you to play, stop, pause or even skip through the favorite movies as well as music with so much ease.
  • Every key is well controlled separately to easily ensure that the press registers accurately and simultaneous in every game.
  • Select favorite rainbow colors or the RGB colors in five levels of shade with the six zone display.
  • The keyboard has seven LED backlighting effects in the brilliant RGB colors.

Customer Feedback

  • The keyboard is very sturdy.
  • Multiple light movements.
  • The keyboard puts more than enough light to illuminate the user area easily.

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5. VicTsing Gaming Keyboard Mouse

VicTsing Gaming Keyboard Mouse

Looking for best cooler master devastators that will bring convenience for the work or even intense game enhancing efficiency? VicTsing gaming cooler master devastators is an ideal choice for you.

About Design

  • LED rainbow backlit will quickly offer you into the quiet cool gaming atmosphere.
  • Four colors of the mouse will change with different DPI — an excellent choice for the gamers.
  • Ergonomically designed for use and it does last long.
  • One hundred five keys are very comfortable to press. For this, it is also feedback responsive. As well as easy to reduce pressure on the fingers.
  • Anti-ghosting technology does allow multiple keys to work simultaneously. It offers a very fast gaming response.
  • 4 adjustable DPI level 1000, 3200, 1600 and 2400 can easily be switched in the real-time. It is to satisfy various needs easily.
  • Background color varies with the various levels of the DPI.
  • Keyboard has an all-metal structure that is durable provided with a splash-proof feature.

Customer Feedback

  • The keyboard is very sleek, sturdy and low profile.
  • The mouse has very good ergonomics and looks cool.
  • It works great.

4. Wired Gaming Combo

Wired Gaming Combo with Rainbow LED Backlit

This is among the best cooler master devastators. Also, It has a USB wired keyboard which is made up of durable ABS materials. In addition, the surface with the cool crack pattern that does make it novelty and fashion.

About Design

  • High configuration based on game e-sport standard.
  • Cable length is close to 160 cm. Furthermore, it has the advantage of being dust and dirt proof. In result, it is for a hazardous environment.
  • The dazzling color changing LED backlit can easily switch among the medium. Also, the high light and it can easily be turned off.
  • Ergonomic design gaming, as well as mouse, has very easy to use multimedia key design. Therefore, a very cool shape which will look nice on the computer desk.
  • Superb speed optical sensor mouse with various DPI levels.
  • Compatible with the various operating systems.

Customer Feedback

  • The device works great.
  • Touching feels great.
  • Glide is superb.

3. TeckNet Gaming Gryphon Pro

TeckNet Gaming Gryphon Pro

If you are getting this device, which is one of the best cooler master devastators, then you will need to check the computer system. This is to ensure that it is compatible with this device.

About Design

  • Quick adjustable three level DPI button that offers precise tracking.
  • Ergonomic design with an excellent grip offers a long term comfortable feeling.
  • Six customized buttons.
  • 4000 FPC, super-fast game engine.
  • The keyboard comes with non-slip adjustable rear feet for a perfect typing angle.
  • Spill-resistant design that allows for you to have a drink and fewer worry about spills easily.

Customer Feedback

  • The mouse fits perfectly in hand.
  • Looks good and every button gets to perform greatly.
  • Design is a simple mix of simplicity and style.

2. Crack Backlit Gaming Combo

Crack Backlit Gaming Combo

Cooler Master Devastators have become very popular especially with the gamers. Consequently, with the current increase in the number of varieties in the market, choosing the best can be difficult. With that, this is one of the best choices for you.

About Design

  • Compatible system: USB connect, simple plug and play. Therefore, there is no driver which is needed.
  • Adjustable DPI ranging (2000, 1600, 1200, 800).
  • The mouse button is very silent.
  • Gaming keyboard has multiple colors backlit mode and three breathing modes.
  • Keyboard has been made of durable ABS Material.

Customer Feedback

  • Fully compatible with the PS4.
  • It has an amazing look.
  • Works well.

1. TeckNet Kraken 3

TeckNet Kraken 3

You can finally be able to have cooler master devastators. Here comes an ergonomic and sleek illuminating keyboard. In addition, a mouse combo by the Tecknet.

About Design

  • Compatible with various operating systems.
  • It comes with an extra mouse gift that has an ergonomic design. As well as the professional design which ensures all-day comfort.
  • Easy to operate as it is a plug and play.
  • Heavy-duty, as well as multi-functional design with specially designed keys. Also, It is for enhanced durability. In result, The tactile feedback offers the ultimate gaming feeling.
  • 3 color backlit LED illumination.

Customer Feedback

  • Affordable and Comfortable.
  • Attractive and quality build.
  • Accurate and very precise.

The above Cooler Master Devastators have been designed for comfortable use in all circumstances. The mouse does have an ergonomic design with an ultralow flat profile. Moreover, It is for high convenience and large mouse wheel for much use. In addition, Keyboards do have a low profile to ensure a reduced strain. Furthermore, the anti-slide rubber pads prevent slippage during some heated battles. One of the most amazing things about Cooler Master Devastators is the fact that they are available in various colors. Therefore, it is all up to you to choose the right one. You can easily make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best Cooler Master Devastators.


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