How to Clean Up a Virus on Your Gaming Laptop

How to clean up a virus on your gaming laptop

It is not a daunting task to clean up the virus on your computer. A gaming laptop is a personal computer that you use for playing video games. It usually needs a lot of computing power. Gaming laptops offer stylish displays, compelling graphics, and superior audio. They have excellent CPU and GPU that helps in providing high performance for the better gaming experience. Because of all these features, they are prone to viruses.

How to clean up a virus on your gaming laptop

A laptop that is infected by a virus tends to misbehave, such as been slow, bring pop-ups that do not provide any explanation or launching of unrecognized programs. This may cause a significant security threat, especially to your data, and you need not ignore it.

If you see the above symptoms, you need to download an antivirus program for free and run your PC.

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How to clean up the virus

How to clean up a virus on your gaming laptop

The following steps should guide you on how to remove any malware on your system.

  • Enter your PC into Safe Mode. You can achieve this by holding the shift key to restart your computer. By doing so, your PC will display a menu with advanced options. Select Troubleshoot, then advanced settings- Start-up settings, and then click Restart. Press number 5 to restart in safe mode.
  • Delete all temporary files using the disk clean up tool. This might help to eliminate the malware you are finding.
  • Download a virus scanner. Virus scanners include on-demand and real-time. The on-demand scanner is activated manually any time you want to scan while the real-time scanner is used to scan viruses in the background.
  • Run a virus scan. Begin by running the on-demand scanner. If it does not detect any virus, run the real-time scanner. The two must be able to find the virus and remove it.
  • Recover damaged files. After detecting and removing the virus, which is a cleanup virus in the gaming laptop, you need to recover the program/files that were destroyed. You can do this effectively by backing up your data. It will help you if you do it regularly, especially by the use of hard disks.

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If the above steps do not work, try this option.

How to clean up a virus on your gaming laptop

Download and scan with Malwarebytes. It is known to detect viruses other tools cannot see. This helps to solve modern threats. It will help you clean all the spyware and crapware. The process is simple for everyone. Search Malwarebytes, download it and install. Run it and start a scan on your PC. This will help you to clean your system.

The two options must work irrespective of the malware in your PC. After the removal of the virus, take proactive steps to prevent your computer from been infected again. These include installing an antivirus program, regular data backup, as well as installing the latest software updates for windows.

Clean up virus is essential as it helps to maintain the performance of your PC. Also, ensure you install antivirus programs on your computer. They help in protecting your files and data as well as protecting your password. Antivirus also protects against hackers and online thieves. They are an ideal solution from virus infection, spyware, Trojans, malware, phishing attack, among other online threats. The above article has the best ways to clean up viruses.

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