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Best Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas wrapping paper is sometimes underrated in valuing a Christmas gift. One might have a precious and attractive gift only to wrap it in a wrapper that cannot cope with the gift. That is something many people fail to understand. Others know about them, but they usually settle for dull ones and those that do not match with the festivals. In short, a wrapper acts like petals in a flower that attracts the eyes of men and women and even insects and birds. Again, the first impression of a gift is its first appearance which is contained in the wrapper, and therefore there is a tendency that the presence of the wrapper determines the wrapped gift.

To curb this menace, we have tried our best to enlighten our customers for maintaining the values if their gifts especially when it comes to Christmas.

We believe that the wrappers combination during the Christmas Eve has been done by our most experienced researchers to bring about an excellent gift to anyone who is worth the same in the Christmas and any other season that may come about.

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Best Christmas wrapping paper

7. Hallmark Christmas Wrapping Paper

Hallmark Christmas Wrapping Paper

It is designed with foil accented patterns and icons associated with Christmas. Hallmark ensures that you can wrap a gift beautifully.

  • Its dimensions are 30 by 96 inches.
  • The Christmas wrapping paper is reversible.
  • The paper is of high quality.
  • A package comes with three rolls, and each roll has two different designs.
  • It is a stylish way of presenting a Christmas gift.

6. Hallmark Holiday Wrappers

Hallmark Holiday Wrappers

This is yet another perfect Christmas gift wrapper that is perfect when wrapping gifts for friends and family.

It is designed with eight plaid patterns. A package comes with four reversible rolls. Each role has dimensions of 30 by 12.5 inches. Comes as three rolls and each one of them has two designs.

The wrapper is made by Hallmark with high-quality paper material.

  • It comes in three rolls.
  • Each roll has dimensions of 16 feet by 30 inches.
  • At the back of each roll, there is a gridline to assist you to cut the pieces evenly.
  • The Christmas wrapping paper is made up of recycled Kraft paper.

5. Hallmark Reversible Wrapping Paper

Hallmark Reversible Wrapping Paper

Hallmark is a brand trusted very much when it comes to wrappers. They are good looking which adds more glamour to the gift inside.

Its design is achieved with foil-accented winter together with holiday icons on the side. On the other one, there are colorful patterns. It is made up of high-quality material paper which makes it very reliable.

  • It is a reversible Christmas wrapping paper.
  • Each package contains three rolls.
  • A roll has two designs, and its dimensions are a length of 30 inches and a width of 96 inches.

4. JAM Wrapping Paper Rolls 

JAM Wrapping Paper Rolls

This is a product by Kraft which is explicitly designed for the festive period.

The design used when making this Christmas wrapping paper is that of the Kraft Christmas set.

  • Its size is about 25 square feet per roll.
  • A package contains five rolls.
  • It is made of high-quality paper with amazing patterns of bright colors.
  • Its uniqueness makes your gift stand out from the rest.
  • It is ideal for any gift.

3. Kraft Blue and Cream Wrapping Paper Set 

Kraft Blue and Cream Wrapping Paper Set 

As much as this product is great when wrapping Christmas gifts, it can be used on other occasions. They include baby shower, congratulatory events, birthdays as well as weddings. Colors mainly used are cream hues and pleasant blue as well.

  • They come in six rolls.
  • The patterns used makes the Christmas wrapping paper to be suitable for even other occasions.
  • Each role has a different color.
  • Its width, as well as height, are 30 inches and 10 inches, respectively.
  • The material used is that of Kraft which is of high quality and also durable.
  • It suits every kind of present that you would wish to give a family member or friend.
  • The roll has a color patterned print.

2. JAM PAPER Assorted Gift Wrap

JAM PAPER Assorted Gift Wrap

JAM Paper brand has yet another Christmas wrapping paper for you to ensure that easily and nicely wrap your Christmas gift.

It made in a cartoony Christmas design set. The wrapping paper is of high quality with a combination of a shiny finish and holographic patterns. Some of the designs include Christmas tree, stripes, Santa Claus and Ho-Ho-Ho.

  • The package comes with four rolls.
  • It is suitable for wrapping holiday presents. They make the presents not only sparkle but also glitter from every angle.
  • The Christmas wrapping papers are of high quality hence reliable to wrap almost all sorts of gifts.

1. Solid Matte Gold Wrapping Paper 

Solid Matte Gold Wrapping Paper 

You may not be interested in buying a lot of gift wrappers and if that is your case, go for it. Unlike others, a roll is sold individually. They are a good option if you need a Christmas wrapping paper.

The design is making a perfect to the smooth matte textured finish. The protective cellophane used to package it makes it of better quality no matter how long it remains unsold.

  • It is made of gold foil matte.
  • A package contains one roll.
  • The roll has a size of 25 square feet.
  • It is of high quality and hence ensures that it is safe to wrap various types of gifts.
  • The Christmas wrapping paper adds a splash of color to whichever gift you choose to give your family member or friend.
  • It is ideal for holidays, birthdays, events, parties and other events that would require you to carry gifts.

Wrappers can indeed do magic. They add extra value to your gifts. This time round surprise your family members and friends with gifts wrapped with Christmas wrapping papers. Some of the differences to note include the size of the roll, number of rolls in a package and whether the wrappers are reversible. Others have gridlines at the back to assist you to cut the piece you need evenly. With the list above I am sure that you are now in a better place. It will be easier to choose a Christmas wrapping paper, therefore.

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