Top 10 Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2021

While the festive season has not started yet, why not get a head start with some of the 10 Christmas movies on Netflix. Why spend hours in a line to watch a flick if you can sit in the comfort of the home and watch it on your big-screen TV. You can start streaming some of the over-the-top holiday flicks today with a mix of classical and funny movies on the list.

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Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

10. White Christmas

White Christmas

The movie directed by Michael Curtiz and stars Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, Dean Jagger, and Vera-Ellen. The films about two army veterans played by Crosby and Kaye that learns an old commanding officer is struggling to keep his inn’s doors open, as there is a lack of snow. The two veterans meet to two sisters played by Vera-Ellen and Clooney.

They tag along with the sister as they realize that they are heading to the same place and plan to throw the old man a show to help boost business. As time progresses sparks fly when there is a misunderstanding between the lovers. The movie is a romantic comedy and musical with singing. You will see joyful and deceiving feelings and best to watch the flick to find out if it is a happy ever after.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The flicks directed by Tim Burton and stars Paul Reuben’s, Danny Elfman, and Catherine O’Hara. The movie is all about Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King who stumbled into a cozy twinkling and snow Christmas Town. The Halloween rival instead of moving away from the town decides to take Santa Claws hostage and ruin the Winter Wonderland. The comedy offers you loads of fun-filled entertainment as the Pumpkin King, and his goons make a mess of everything. It is non-stop classical with music, and Tim Burton fits in great with his part.

8. Tree Man

Tree Man

Brad Rothschild and Jon Reiner direct the next Christmas movie on Netflix and stars Francois as the tree man. The flick starts in New York, and we all know what a fast-moving city it is. The metropolis packed with people all seeking ambition and has no time for chatting. Francois is an Xmas tree farmer that has turned Broadway and 101st into a cheerful holiday destination instead of a cold cement slap for a decade.

He treks from Montreal in Canada and over the years created a tight relationship with people on his way and lives in his van while selling trees. The fantastic thing is he personifies each tree by giving them a personality of its own, but the customers return for other reasons and have nothing to do with Christmas trees. So if you are curious what it checks the movie out on Netflix?

7. The Ref

The Ref

The movie is a fantastic Christmas black comedy directed by Ted Demme with role players such as Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey, and Judy Davis. In the flick, you will hear some snappy dialogue with different plots set up. In the movie, Spacey and Davis is a wealthy married couple. However, they are unhappy in the marriage.

They return from an unsuccessful marriage counseling session on New Year’s Eve and taken hostage by a burglar known as Gus played by Leary. While taken hostage it does not stop the couple from arguing, and Leary plays the title role. In the movie, Davis is having an affair and his wife’s fed up with his ideal life. See how things unfold as the cops and in-laws start to close in.

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In the movie directed by Ron Howard, Jim Carrey turns into the Grinch and lives in a garbage dump overlooking Whoville. As a cast out child, he resents all the Whos and decides to snag their presents. While making his way he meets Cindy Lou Who and reconnects with Christine Baranski who plays a former lover in the movie. Further, he also meets up with Jeffrey Tambor who plays the role of an ongoing nemesis the Mayor. The flick is a kid’s movie and seeing Carrey is worthy of your time.

5. Gremlins

Gremlins directed by Joe Dante might be an old flick but remains one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. Some of the stars are Hoyt Axton, Zach Galligan, Frances Lee McCain, Polly Holiday, and Phoebe Cates. The story is all about a father searching for a present for his son. He wanders into Chinatown where he receives a strange creature that comes with three important rules. Gizmo must never stand in the bright light, he must not get wet, and he should not eat after midnight. Moreover, as you guessed, all of these things happen. The gremlin multiplies and takes over the town causing havoc everywhere it goes.

4. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince

Last year the Christmas movie on Netflix took the internet by storm and now you can see the sequel this year. A journalist Amber Moore visits Aldovia to cover a remarkable story. The story is about the crown price taking the throne, and she goes undercover to report the story. In the end, as it goes with most fairy tales, she ends up falling in love with the prince and the story unfolds. If you love Cinderella movies, this is the one to watch during the holidays.

3. A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas

The director of the movie is Sofia Coppola and stars Bill Murray with loads of other Hollywood stars. The internet legend with his sad eyes and tongue in cheek he moves through the night and sings a duet with Chris Rock. In the movie, each player from Miley Cyrus to George Clooney plays himself or herself. On his way, he meets up with Phoenix and Rashida Jones who plays a quartet of French chefs. As the night progresses, he passes out, and dream’s Miley and George accompanies him as they sing all your traditional Christmas standards with corny jokes in between.

2. Bad Santa

Bad Santa - Christmas Movies on Netflix

In the movie, Billy Bob Thornton plays the role of Willie a drunk and is occasionally suicidal. The flick is directed by Terry Zwigoff and is sure to keep you secure to your seat. Marcus played by Tony Cox is his pint-sized elf, and during the holiday season, they knock over the shopping malls. However, in the process, he meets up with a small boy and woman who have a Santa fetish. After the boy gives him a blood-stained wooden pickle he made as a gift, he goes out of his way to return the favor. Another star is Bernie Mac who is head of the security and looks suspicious. The flick provides you with humor, tears, car chases and so much more.

1. Santa’s Apprentice

Santa’s Apprentice - Christmas Movies on Netflix

While this animated movie dates back to 2010 the director, Luc Vinciguerra made sure it remains one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. Santa has to retire, and he needs to train someone to replace him. Santa needs to find a new Santa among millions of boys with the name Nicholas and be an orphan with a pure heart. He sees the perfect match, but the boy lacks self-confidence and is afraid of heights. Will Santa use him as his replacement and step down? Make sure to see this fantastic flick suitable for all ages.

Final Thoughts

Start your festive season with some hot chocolate and popcorn watching these 10 Christmas movies on Netflix. Whether you enjoy a comedy, musical, drama, love, or animation, there is something available on the list to watch. What better way to keep the whole family entertained on the cold and wintery nights?

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