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Christmas movies on Netflix are very entertaining, but the selection of the appropriate movies for Christmas is not a bed of roses. Christmas movies on Netflix can be sorted out to give the season its flavor. If this job of selection is done anyhow, there can arise some misunderstandings regarding the message of Christmas. There are previous cases where movies tend to dispute the well-organized and celebrated Christmas Eve. This is especially where films featured during this season delivers the opposite message depending on the producer. Sometimes the host of the celebrations fails to include experts in the preparation of Christmas Eve. From this, the mess occurs and cannot be reversed as Christmas come and go in every year. It is important to note that Christmas movies on Netflix if categorized well can make a dull Christmas bright.

The rekindle of such an occasion can only be reached when there is someone to sort out the best from the Christmas movies on Netflix. This is where we come in with a list of combinations of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

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Top 10 Christmas Movies Available on Netflix

10. Santa’s Apprentice

Santa's Apprentice - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

The movie is about a young boy known as Nicholas. In addition to that, he has a friend called Felix. He gets a chance to be made the Santa’s Apprentice. Before that, he faces some challenges like separation with a friend as well as being bullied.

About Plot

Nicholas and Felix are good friends. Since they are orphans, they live in an orphanage together with a bully called Grincroch. The latter does not believe in Santa while the other one can almost swear with his life about his existence.

It is unfortunate that during one of the Christmas Felix is adopted by American parents. Consequently, he leaves Australia for America to go live with his adoptive parents.

Santa is pressured by the council of retired Santas to select an apprentice. That is when he chooses Grincroch. Later, he reevaluated the decision and dropped him for Nicholas which makes the boy so happy.

About Characters

They include Nicholas, Santa Claus, Felix, and Grincroch.

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9. White Christmas

White Christmas - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

There are two characters known as Bob and Phil. The two of them are former soldiers who later turned out to be successful producers. The latter and the former are in love. They save the day of a retired general by saving one of his valuables.

About Plot

Phil, as well as Phil, are outstanding producers working in various places such as radio, nightclubs, and Broadway. Before embarking on their new career, they used to serve as army soldiers. Each of them has eyes on a lovely girl. The names of the two are Just and Judy.

Judy is in a relationship with Bob, and frankly, things do not look good for the two. The ladies decided to go for a vacation to the pine tree. Moreover, the gentlemen also decide to accompany them. During the period, they stay in a lounge belonging to a former general.

The lack of snow contributes to lack of customers in the resort. That endangers the future of the general who by then is hanging on a Cleef. He had been waiting for the season to get some money yet no one is coming. Why do they save the day? Read on!

First of all, Bob and Phil invite their crew. In addition to that, they hold a show that and a television host named Ed Harrison is put in charge. After that, they caught the attention of the army who comes to rescue the general by staying at the Price tree.

Betty precedes Bob in leaving for New York. The end is at a high not since Bob and Betty eventually mend their relationship. Also, Phil and Judy follow suit.

About Characters

Bob Wallace, Phil Davis, Betty, Judy, the General and Ed Harrison are the cast.

8. A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

During Christmas Eve, everybody is expecting a performance by Bill Murray. Nevertheless, snowstorms come, and as a result, the whole event is affected.

About Plot

On entering Carlyle Hotel, you can notice from afar just how scattered the audience is. The wait becomes too long for Bill Murray that he decides to present. His financial status improvement was solely relying on the show.

In the middle of the presentation, Billy breaks into tears. He jerks out of the stage, and it is that time when he bumps into Chris Rock. They agree to perform together. While on stage, the power goes out and that gives Chris a chance to disappear. According to the management, the series or ordeal means that the special should not happen. He proceeds to the bar, therefore.

On coming back to the hotel, the food is already spoiling due to lack of power which is needed by refrigerators. Murray suggests that they should take the food to the bar next door. As they proceed there, he bumps into a bride who happens to be crying. He advises them, and they end up together.

About Characters

Several actors and actresses have portrayed the characters of Bill Murray, Chris Rock, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus and Elliot

7. Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

The movie is split into five sections. Each of them tells a story of a Christmas with a moral lesson.

About Plot

Belles of ice

Minnie Mouse, as well as Daisy Duck, are competing in ice skating. As they argue, Minnie gets involved in an accident. It is then when Daisy assists her. They apologize and reconcile.

Christmas impossible

Set in Duckburg where Huey Dewey and Louis Duck visits their uncle for Christmas. Despite being on the naughty list at the end of the day, Santa places them on the good list. That was as a way of Santa showing appreciation for saving Christmas.

Christmas maximum

Goofy is the host of Mona and her boyfriend, Max. His father meets Mona. At first, Max is embarrassed since she sees his childhood photos. However, when he sees how happy they make her he joins them, and they all enjoy the moment.

Donald’s Gift

The annoyance is evident an over the face of Donald Duck. The reason being the people who slowed him down as he headed home for Christmas Eve. On arriving home, he gets mad at almost everyone. He is vandalizing a mall window and faced the police’s wrath.

Mickey’s Dog-Gone Christmas

Mickey plays the leading role. He is very angry with his dog Pluto that he disowns him. It destructed all the Christmas decorations. The North Pole becomes its new abode, and luckily Pluto is adopted by reindeer. As Mickey does all he can do recapture his dog, Pluto is homesick. With the help of Reindeer as well as Santa, the two reunite.

About Characters

They include Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. B, Huey, Dewey, Louie Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Santa. C, Max Goof, Goofy and Mona. D, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie. E, Mickey and Pluto.

6. Legend of Frosty the Snowman

Legend of Frosty the Snowman - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

There exists a terrible magician by the name Hinkle. At first, his absence in the festival is received with sadness. The children cannot understand why the animator of their big day is nowhere to be found. Eventually, they go to the field to play until the hat of the magician lands right where they are.

About Plot

When Hinkle did not show up for the Christmas Eve, children had no one to entertain them. Therefore, they go to play outside. Using snow, they made Frost, and as soon as the hat of the magician settled on him, he becomes a living thing.

As soon as Hinkle discovers that he was alive, he takes his hat away. They have to take him to the North Pole so that he does not melt. On their way there, the magician is troubling them. Karen who is accompanying him to the North Pole is freezing. Hinkle manages to adopt them and takes her to them to a greenhouse.

Santa comes to their rescue. The magician was to apologize to get a new hat. On the other hand, Frost was taken to the North Pole, and Karen was taken home. She would visit him once in a while.

About Characters

The main ones are Professor Hinkle, Karen, Frosty, and Santa Claus.

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5. Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

The absence of their daughter had forced the Franks family not to celebrate Christmas. In spite of persuasion by neighbors to decorate their family all that lands on deaf years. Blair, their daughter, comes in the end.

About Plot

After they bade their daughter goodbye, Luther and Noises Kranks agreed on one thing which is the fact that they had to skip Christmas. At first, his wife was not for the idea. Then, when his husband agreed to donate to the church, she went for the idea as well.

Their decision affects many people. They cannot buy greeting cards, decorations as well as the calendar. Their street loses its title of the best street. They decide to leave the area for a while.

Before they leave, Blair calls them informing his parents that she will be coming for Christmas. She comes with her fiancé known as Enrique. How they struggle to make Christmas a reality within a short time makes them realize how bad it is to skip Christmas.

About Characters

Luther, Nora Krank, Blair, Walt Scheel, Never, and Enrique are the portrayed characters.

4. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

Grinch is one of the few people who does not believe in Christmas. After he saved a girl called Cindy who was only six years old, she begins a mission. She wants to save Grinch as well.

About Plot

Cindy watches as Grinch bullies her brothers. That is how this man is. He resents Christmas very and is easily provoked by anyone celebrating it. Therefore, if you cross his path while celebrating the festival, then you will face his wrath. The fact that he saves Cindy makes her develop an interest in knowing why Grinch is like that.

A long time ago while Grinch was still a baby, he accidentally found himself in Who Ville. He was lucky because of two elderly sisters. Due to his timid as well as kind nature, he became vulnerable to bullying by his friends, and one of them by the name May is the town’s mayor. Back in those days, Grinch had hurt himself with a knife.

During one of the Christmas occasion, May proposes to Martha who is also Grinch’s love of his life. It irritates them to the extent that all he wants is the destruct the event. He steals all the gifts and walks away. Cindy is requested to go after him.

When he returned, he expected all sorts of bad things, but to his surprise, everyone received him with much joy. That is when he surrendered, and there was also reconciliation. Consequently, Martha declined May’s marriage proposal and instead chose Grinch.

About Characters

They are Grinch, Cindy Lou, Martha, and Mayor May.

3. Get Santa

Get Santa - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

This 2014’s movie is about a nine-year-old boy who meets Santa. Its writer, as well as producers, were Christopher Smith and Tony Scott, respectively.

About Plot

Tom can testify that how a day starts does not necessarily mean that it will end that way. The boy who is only nine years comes to Santa in his garden shed. Santa has crashed his Sleigh. He needs the help of both Tom and his dad to reach Lapland in time. When only three days remaining to Christmas, he as well as his reindeer are seen loose running in London’s streets.

About Characters

Santa, Tom and Steve are the main characters.

2. A Christmas Horror Story

A Christmas Horror Story - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

It is about a series of four stories witnessed in a radio show pf Bailey Downs’s radio witness. The eyewitness is Dangerous Dan who is the D. J.

About Plot


Ben, Dylan, as well as Molly Simon, have crowned themselves to be detectives. They want to break into their former school to get everything right about a murder that had occurred the previous year. Were it not for the fact that Caprice was leaving town with his parents; he would have been part of the game.

Little did not know that the room was haunted by a ghost of the pregnant girl who had died. All it wanted was someone to carry the expectancy. It possesses molly. Therefore, he starts seducing the other two. She murdered Dylan who refused to have relations with her, but Ben agrees.

However, he is killed later because of holding a weapon. The pregnant Molly leaves the place.


While Scott and his family are busy chopping woods in Big Earl, Will who is his son disappears. They are relieved after finding her. Nevertheless, he starts behaving peculiarly. It was a changeling and not him. It kills Scott and his wife Kim takes him to the owner.

When he refuses to command it to release the body, she shots him. That sets it free, and it leaves for home and also releases Will.


It is a visit that turned sour. After Duncan and Caprice were done with their visit to Aunt Etta, they set off for home. They had earlier mentioned a creature called Krampus. On their way home, they encountered a car accident and started walking.

Krampus was hunting them. They thought that they were safe once they entered the church. However, they were picked one by one because of their sins. Caprice survives and fights against the creature. On killing it changes to Gerhardt. Due to her anger, Caprice becomes Krampus and attacks Etta.


All Santa’s elves, as well as his spouse, had transformed into zombies. He had no choice but to kill him. Once he does that, Santa has to fight against Krampus. During the fight, both characters are exposed.

About Characters

They include Dylan, Ben, Molly Simon, Scott, Kim, Will, Caprice, Duncan, Aunt Etta, Krampus, Gerhardt and Santa Claus.

1. Bad Santa

Bad Santa - Christmas Movies

About The Movie

This film is a crime related one which has incorporated comedy from the beginning to the end.

About Plot

There are Willie Stokes and his partner. The two have planned to exploit people by pretending to be Santa and his elf, respectively. Willi has become an alcoholic hence cannot put himself together for the occasion. His crampiness makes the security officer spots him.

It is his advice to Thurman that helps him stand up to his bully.

About Characters

The main characters are Willie T. Soke as well as Marcus Skidmore. Others include Thurman Sue, Lois, Bob, Gin, Roger and Harrison among others.

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Netflix channel is reliable in providing the Christmas season, but reliability depends on who has chosen for you.

Lousy choice means dull Christmas for the celebrators while good choice brightens the eve. It is, therefore, your choice to make Christmas bright or dull by how you make your choices. You can opt to do it yourself or leave to experts.

We are happy to inform you that our concern for Christmas especially while focussing Christmas movies on Netflix has taken us a step ahead. We have compiled a list of well-filtered movies that will entertain viewers to the brim during this Christmas season. The list provides the best of Christmas movies on Netflix and has been researched by experts on movies entertainment matters.

Try the list this Christmas, and you will not regret.

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