Nothing is more joyful than a home over the festive season lit up with Xmas lights. Is the string of lights on the Christmas tree tattered look at the top 10 best Christmas Lights here? Reunite with friends and family sitting at the tree all lit up or enjoy a festive meal on the patio lit up with these gorgeous lights. Start building memories today with reliable and affordable lights to brighten up your place.

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Best Christmas Lights for Any Festivity

10. QEDERTEK Solar String Lights

 QEDERTEK Solar String Lights

This fairy Christmas light has eight modes offering you ambiance indoors and outdoors. The strand of lights 72 feet long and filled with 200 LEDs, and includes a 6.5-foot cable. The lights powered with 1800mA NI-MH batteries and have a waterproof structure.


  • Design: Solar design and powered with NI-MH battery and equipped with 200 LED lights
  • Ease of Use: Made with eight flashing functions and suitable to use on any occasion
  • Length: 72 feet
  • Pattern: Steady and Flash Mode
  • Power: Solar Powered
  • Safety: Waterproof with charging time up to eight hours with a working time of up to 15-hours

9. ALOVECO LED Christmas Lights

 ALOVECO LED Christmas Lights

The Christmas ball lights have eight modes and are battery powered to use indoors and in the garden. You can dim the lights with the included controller and is 14.76 feet long. The string of lights powered by three AA batteries not included. The merchandise comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 18-month warranty.


  • Design: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and battery operated
  • Ease of Use: Has a light controller to dim lights
  • Length: 14.76 feet
  • Pattern: Eight Modes
  • Power: Three AA Batteries
  • Safety: Waterproof
  • Warranty: 18-month

8. FULLBELL Fairy Twinkle LED Lights

FULLBELL Fairy Twinkle LED Lights

Enhance your home today with these decorative Fairy Twinkle LED lights. Whether you to decorate the tree or patio outside, they will work. The fantastic thing is you do not need to take them down when it rains. The FULLBELL lights will last a long time and will not overheat. The only part that is not waterproof is the controller and plug. There are eight different modes and measure 33 feet in length.


  • Design: Suitable to use indoors and outdoors with 100 LEDs and female plug connectable
  • Ease of Use: Made with eight flashing functions and suitable to use on any occasion
  • Length: 33 feet
  • Pattern: Eight Flashing Modes
  • Power: AC 110V
  • Safety: Waterproof

7. MAXINDA Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

MAXINDA Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

Whether you need to decorate your home indoors or outdoors, these Christmas lights are perfect. The PVC green wire is 18.6 feet long and equipped with 50 C3 LED bulbs. You can connect the lights with up to 40 strands. The waterproof construction is spark-proof and as a built-in fuse. The string of lights easy to install and is easy to use.


  • Design: Equipped with 50 LEDs with a dark green wire with a 3000-hour lifespan
  • Ease of Use: Connectable with up to 40 strings of lights and include two mini LED bulbs
  • Length: 18.6 feet long
  • Pattern: Made with two pattern modes
  • Power: 120V
  • Safety: Waterproof and UL Tested

6. TaoTronics Dimmable LED Lights

TaoTronics Dimmable LED Lights

With the dimmable design and remote, you can set the brightness and modes of these Christmas lights. The weatherproof design makes them ideal to use indoors and outdoors to create a perfect ambiance for any occasion. The copper wire allows you to mold them into any shape and it is UL certified.


  • Design: Dimmable with ten level of brightness and 100 white-yellow mini LEDs
  • Ease of Use: Remote with Bendable Copper Wire
  • Length: 33 feet
  • Pattern: Flash, Smooth, and Strobe
  • Power: 5-foot adapter cord
  • Safety: Weatherproof and UL Certified

5. Everyday White Christmas Lights

 Everyday White Christmas Lights

Whether you have a white Christmas tree or plan on using lights outdoors, the Everyday White Wired lights are perfect. The set has 50 clear globes fixed on the white wire. The string of lights measure 9 feet and connects up to three sets end-to-end. You can use them inside or outside the home.


  • Design: White cord and 50 clear lights
  • Ease of Use: Plug in and use and connectable to three more sets
  • Length: 9-foot
  • Pattern: Standard Lights
  • Power: Electric Outlet
  • Safety: Weatherproof

4. Holiday Wonderland Mini Multi Color Christmas Lights

Holiday Wonderland Mini Multi Color Christmas Lights

Spread some holiday cheer with these indoor and outdoor Christmas lights. You can connect the mini multi-color lights with three other sets and has a green wire. The length is 39 foot and includes three flasher globes with two extra bulbs and a replacement fuse.


  • Design: Can connect the lights with three other sets
  • Ease of Use: Ideal to use indoors and outdoors with multi-color lights
  • Length: 39 foot
  • Pattern: Include three flasher bulbs with two extra globes
  • Power: UL-listed adapter
  • Safety: Weatherproof

3. Meteor Shower Rain Christmas Lights

Meteor Shower Rain Christmas Lights

With the Meteor Shower Rain, you can use the lights on Christmas parties and Weddings. You can create a romantic atmosphere as it turns on and off one-by-one and looks like a meteor shower in the night. The LED lights are multi-colored, and you can use them as one set or connect it with others in the collection.


  • Design: Every bulb turns on and off in a sequence to create a meteor shower and comprise of eight tubes
  • Ease of Use: Can use it as one string or connect it with others
  • Length: Eight by tubes with 18 LEDs with a total length of 125-inches
  • Pattern: Meteor Shower
  • Power: US Plug
  • Safety: Waterproof Design

2. KOHREE Curtain Lights

KOHREE Curtain Lights

The KOHREE Christmas lights you can use indoors and outdoors to brighten up any celebration. There are eight modes with an easy to use remote with a 32 feet range. You get a timer function that stays on up to six hours and goes off for up to 18-hours to come on automatically.


  • Design: Include a mini controller to switch the modes and has a timer function with twelve strands in the set
  • Ease of Use: Remote
  • Length: 32-feet
  • Pattern: Eight Modes
  • Power: UL-Listed
  • Safety: Weatherproof

1. Novelty LED Christmas LED Lights

Novelty LED Christmas LED Lights

The Christmas lights super bright and consists of 100 LEDs. Each string is 50 foot long, and the bulbs are non-removable. You can connect up to twenty-one strings end-to-end and made of green wire. The mini light sets ideal to use indoors and outdoors to liven up your living space.


  • Design: Has a green wire construction with up to 100 mini LEDs
  • Ease of Use: Connects up to 21 strings of lights end-to-end
  • Length: 50 feet long
  • Pattern: No Flickering with a Wide Viewing Angle
  • Power: Electricity and UL-Listed
  • Safety: Made with pre-molded wire and rectifier

Final Thoughts

Light up the sky at night with the best Christmas lights reviewed. You can use the LED lights all year round or decorate your Christmas tree with them. Whether it is Halloween, a wedding, or Christmas you can create the right ambiance for any occasion. Alternatively, if you need decorations that are more festive make sure to look at our other Christmas articles here.

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