Is Bluetooth speakers the best choice for your car?

Choice for car bluetooth speaker for car would be the best thing when driving. This is because everyone spends a little or more time in the car. Therefore, investing in these speakers makes the experience better than without them. They have a wide range of benefits as you are going to realize.

The way manufacturers design them ensures that they can be mounted properly. Some have suction cups to fit anywhere. They are different regarding a wireless connection in that the connection range differs. For example, there are those that can connect up to 20 feet and those that may reach up to 30 feet. Also, most of them are portable and can be used elsewhere.

Bluetooth speaker for a car can help you avoid traffic offenses. How is that even possible? Well, in most countries, driving while using your cell phone is an offense. However, you still need to receive calls and perform more actions. That’s why Bluetooth speaker for the car comes in handy. You can receive your hands-free calls anytime you are on the road. This is because most of them have a mic to track every detail. If you need to know more features, how to set up one, and other information about Bluetooth speaker for the car, you are in the right place. Check this out if you are looking for Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cars in 2021

Is Bluetooth speakers the best choice for your car?

choice for car bluetooth speaker

Features of a Bluetooth speaker for car

In order to know whether what you are buying is worthwhile, kindly consider the following characteristics of a Bluetooth speaker for the car.

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1. Wireless connection

The Bluetooth speaker for the car works with Bluetooth enabled devices. Some of them work with any Android, iPhone, Samsung, or tablet while others work with limits. However, they can connect to your gadget either 10, 20, or more than 50 feet away. Although the signal strength depends on the distance, the speakers are still prominent in your car. Their compatibility with the SIRI program is an added advantage.

2. Size

A Bluetooth speaker for the car has a relatively small size. Also, most of them have a compact shape that makes it portable. Therefore, you can use it in your dining room, house party, and other places. It is easy to mount it back to your car when you need to drive.

3. Battery life

A Bluetooth speaker for the car has a bigger battery than that of a headset. This means that their capacity also varies. Some have Li-ion batteries that can last for 10 hours playtime. Others are even capable of serving you for 40 hours. Also, the batteries are rechargeable using a USB car charger. The battery life varies regarding usages such as talk time and the volume levels. In standby mode, the battery of a Bluetooth speaker for a car can last for long without recharging. The best one should be from a week to months.

4. Ergonomic buttons and voice control

As long as you are driving, a Bluetooth speaker for the car should not distract you. Therefore, most manufacturers construct them with big buttons that you can locate quickly at a glance. So, you can press and receive a call soon or tune a track. However, there’re others that are entirely voice-operated. This makes them even a better option although you have to pay extra bucks for them.

5. Music

When it comes to your favorite music, a Bluetooth speaker for a car can give you the best sound. You can listen to music from your smartphone, iPad, and other devices after connecting to its Bluetooth. The device also allows you to mute, play, pause, and select tracks. Apart from the Bluetooth, you can use a micro SD card, USB and aux jack to connect it.

6. FM Radio

Most car Bluetooth speakers have inbuilt radios that you can listen to. Therefore, you can select local and international stations. Due to the good frequency of the speakers, you can listen to your radio clearly.

7. Speakerphone feature

Another advantage of installing a Bluetooth speaker for the car is the hands-free capability. You can receive incoming and make outgoing calls from your phone and listen from the speaker. If you choose a good Bluetooth speaker for a car with over 50Hz frequency, you can make quality calls. This means that the sound will be noise-free and with no echo cancellation. In order to screen out any noise from the background, there are good speakers with multiple microphones.

8. Automatic wake and pair

When you introduce your Bluetooth speaker for a car to a new device, you will have to pair it. Later, the speaker is discoverable to any paired devices when the Bluetooth mode is on. Therefore, it may connect automatically or connect by just a click.

Placement and positioning tips of a Bluetooth speaker

choice for car bluetooth speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker for a car does not have a designated place where you can keep it. Therefore, you can mount it anywhere you feel like. This is because the speaker has a good quality sound that can fill your car with incredible music. However, various positions would be appropriate as discussed below.

At the back

Placing the Bluetooth speaker for a car at the back makes cool music inside. It is also an excellent position to play music at high volumes. This is a good idea if you are using wireless connections. The fact that you will be playing music from your phone means that you will control the volumes, tracks, and play options from the phone. Therefore, placing the speaker at the back of your car is possible since you do not have to touch it.

The front of your car

When the speaker is at the front, you are likely to receive a more clear sound. It also allows you to control the device manually. This is common, especially when using audio sources that are not wireless. For example, SD card, USB disk, pen drive, and others.

At the top

Supposing that you do not think of outside of the car, this is one of the best position. You can choose to place it right at the top of your head. In this position, you can generally speak during a call.

At the same level with your ears

Mounting the Bluetooth speaker for a car at the same level as your ears gives you the best sound. People have different hearing capabilities and should, therefore, choose their best positions.

You should avoid exerting a lot of pressure to the Bluetooth speaker for a car near the woofer section. This is because it may result in damage and poor quality sound.

What is the difference between a Bluetooth speaker for a car and the non-Bluetooth one?

choice for car bluetooth speaker

There are huge differences between a Bluetooth speaker for a car and a non-Bluetooth one. Read the comparison below and note the dissimilarity.

  • A Bluetooth speaker for car uses both analog and wireless connection. On the other hand, the non-Bluetooth speaker can only use wired means to play music. As the name suggests, they do not have Bluetooth connectivity. You have to connect your phone through Aux input and not take the phone away. The Bluetooth enabled speaker is flexible since you can still use your phone from a distant.
  • A non-Bluetooth speaker is larger than a Bluetooth one. The latter has a small compact design while the former is occupies a big space. This means that the non-Bluetooth speaker is bulky due to the size of the woofers and twitters. On the other hand, the Bluetooth speaker for the car is lightweight and portable.
  • The Bluetooth speaker has a mic or several microphones while the non-Bluetooth ones have none. Therefore, it is possible to speak through the former during a call. The non-Bluetooth one cannot guarantee you a hands-free call when you are driving.
  • In order to function, the Bluetooth speaker for car uses rechargeable batteries. As mentioned earlier, the batteries have a long life to play music after charging. In contrast, the non-Bluetooth one is dependent entirely on your car’s power.
  • The non-Bluetooth speaker has no control panel. This is because it relies on the control of the audio source. On the other hand, the Bluetooth speaker for car contains several large buttons to play/pause, volume control, on/off, selection, and more. They are all useful when using SD card and other mp3 inputs.
  • When you purchase the non-Bluetooth speaker, you have to install it using special tools and hardware provided. This may be tiresome at times and may require technical knowledge. Conversely, a Bluetooth speaker for the phone does not have complications when mounting. Most of them have suction cups that make it possible to attach them anywhere you feel like.
  • There is a tremendous difference between the audio quality of a non-Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth speaker for the car. The inherent weakness possessed by the sound system of your car causes the varying attributes. There is a significant loss of audio fidelity when using Bluetooth than when using the wired connection of a non-Bluetooth speaker. This is because it uses technology and the signal strength is affected. However, this may also be due to the high power (Watt) of the non-Bluetooth ones. In this case, it depends on how you want to use the speaker since there are still USB and aux options in the small device. To most people, it is easier to sacrifice the audio fidelity and receive flexibility.
  • The Bluetooth speaker for the car has an inbuilt FM radio while the non-Bluetooth one does not. In short, the latter acts as a receiver of the audio only. To listen to the radio, you have to control it from your car stereo.

How to set up a Bluetooth speaker for car

choice for car bluetooth speaker

It is now clear that a Bluetooth speaker for a car does not need wires to set up. More ever, you do not have to worry about reconnecting it always you want to use it. For the Bluetooth to work, you need a Bluetooth enabled devices such as a smartphone, tablet, iPhone, and other gadgets. That way you can easily play the music and receive hands-free calls.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth mode of the speaker and your phone. You can simply activate it from your phone settings. For most speakers, pressing the Bluetooth button turns it on.
  2. Turn the Bluetooth of the speaker into discoverable mode. This makes your phone to locate it.
  3. Go to your Bluetooth settings in your phone and search for Bluetooth devices. After that, any discoverable device will be listed. In order to identify the right one, most of the speakers are named as the manufacturer. Similar devices will have different model numbers to make them distinct.
  4. Click on the appropriate speaker listed. Your phone will attempt to connect to it. Furthermore, some speakers are ready for use from this step forward.
  5. After connecting, the speaker will ask for a password so that it can pair. Often, manufacturers use a common password of ‘0000’. When you key in four zeros and hit okay, the pairing is completed.
  6. Try to make a call or play music. If the speaker does not work, turn off the Bluetooth and repeat the procedure. Some work from the second or third attempt.
  7. Since they have a small memory, the Bluetooth speaker for a car can remember the password and the device. Therefore, it connects automatically when you turn on the Bluetooth. Sometimes you will be required to click connect from your phone. However, the pairing is not repeated.


Using a Bluetooth speaker for the car is very convenient. You can use it as a music player and as a call receiver too. Their design and features can exceed your expectation when you buy one.

Some are louder than others and may vary in battery life. To get the best, you should ensure that the battery can last more than 10 hours at a single charge. Regarding audio frequency, ensure that it is 50 Hz or up to 1 kHz. The audio quality is important due to the music, FM radio and calls listening.

The technology of a Bluetooth speaker for the car has improved over the years. This means that they have improved their signal and audio quality during wireless connection. They are compatible with other programs such as Google and SIRI too. It is possible to get a Bluetooth speaker for a car that can connect to two devices simultaneously. Also, some have advanced voice prompts that you can command to “receive” or “cancel” a call.

Its small compact nature commonly identifies a Bluetooth speaker for the car. However, they are durable due to their construction fabrics. Some are waterproof making them ideal to play music near a pool or a beach.

As mentioned, you can mount a Bluetooth speaker for a car anywhere. However, the best positions have been discussed above to give you better audio performance. They have superb features that allow them to mount inside your car easily.

The device is easy to set up. You can easily follow the steps above to pair your Bluetooth enabled devices with the Bluetooth speaker for the car. This saves you time for reconnecting every time you get into the car. In contrast to non-blue tooth devices, the Bluetooth speaker for the car is crammed with tons of features and benefits. Therefore, spending on one is worth it.