Do you want to create a movie experience at home? Do you have a limited budget? View our best cheap projectors in 2019 and bring the theatre into your home.

Here we have a wide selection available with different attributes to make your choice an easy one. Buy one with a widescreen resolution with the best surround sound and jaw-dropping display. All you need is space and a very dark room with a remarkable audio system and you will be watching movies in no time.

Compared to buying a 65-inch 4K TV you can easily get a projection screen of 100-inches that is 7-inch wide and twice the screen size of the set.

So, without keeping you any longer, make sure you read our review until the end and find a cheap projector to set up in your home. The great thing is you can use it to watch movies and play games.

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Review of the Top 10 Cheap Projectors Available

Set up your projector, get the popcorn, call the family together, and enjoy your movie night. This is all possible with the cheap projectors displayed here.

10. Touchjet Pond Projector

Touchjet Pond Projector

The Touchjet Pond projectors not only cheap but are touch capable when used on any type of flat surface. The device offers you up to 80-inch projection to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. The amazing thing is that up to four people can touch the screen simultaneously and it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Further, you can download the Android app directly to the Pond.

Features and Specs:
  • Touch the stylus and project images with accuracy or use the Airmouse to use as a remote control
  • Use it with the Airmouse, stylus, connect it to the Wi-Fi or project HDMI content from external devices
  • Designed with auto calibration even when moved it synchronizes the touch layers
  • 80 lumens of brightness with an 854 x 854 resolution
  • Have built-in speakers with a headphone jack to use with additional speakers
  • Download the remote app to your phone to control the projector from the touchscreen
  • Weighs 9.6 ounces and measures 3.8 x 4.5 x 1.1-inches
  • Works with a lithium-ion battery included
  • Has an optical touch sensor port, mini HDMI, audio jack, Micro USB
  • Works with Android 4.4 Kitkat and Touchjet UI
  • Has a 16:9 aspect ratio with a 1000:1 contrast and supports up to 1080p video formats
  • One-year warranty

The Touchjet Pond has a lightweight with 18GB internal storage and a rechargeable battery. Works with Android apps, wireless, and Miracast supported.

9.Acer X152H DLP 3D Projector

Acer X152H DLP 3D ProjectorAnother cheap projector is the Acer X152H DLP 3D model with a 1080p native resolution widescreen. You can enjoy the best cinematic experience in the comfort of your home with this model. The device supports MHL connectivity to display uncompressed HDMI videos and audio from your smartphone.

Features and Specs:
  • Has a 1080p widescreen to view TV Shows and Movies
  • The brightness is 3000 Lumens with a contrast ratio of 10000:1
  • Supports MHL connectivity to display HDMI content from your smartphone
  • You can use it for lectures, games to photographs
  • The projector is DLP 3D ready to view 120 Hz 3D frames from a PC, graphics card, Blu-ray and more
  • Designed with ePower, eTimer, and eOpening Manager
  • Has Eco focus to help reduce power when in standby mode while the Extreme Eco Mode expands the lamp use
  • The display is 24.8 to 300-inches with a projection distance of 3.3 to 33 ft
  • Works with a UHP 200 Watt lamp with up to 10,000-hours of use in economic mode
  • Has Full HD display resolution with manual focus
  • Dimensions: 12.4-inches wide x 8.8-inches depth x 3.7-inches high and weigh 5.07 lbs
  • One-year warranty

If you need a jack-of-all-trades when keeping your budget in mind, the Acer X152H projectors perfect. Enjoy cinema-quality pictures in the comfort of your home with this fine piece of equipment.

8. Optoma GT760A 3D DLP Projector

 Optoma GT760A 3D DLP ProjectorThe Optoma GT760A 3D DLP Projectors affordable to buy and rated the best for gaming. Enjoy playing games on the 105-inch screen from 4-feet away or have a cinema night and watch movies on the 159-inch screen at 6-feet away.

Features and Specs:
  • Powered by 3200 ANSI Lumens with a contrast ratio of 20k:1
  • Designed with Keystone Correction but does not have Lens Shift
  • Has two VGA-in, VGA-out, HDMI, S-Video, audio in/out, USB-B connections
  • The projectors 3D ready and supports MHL 1.2
  • You receive with the projector an ac power cord, remote control, lens cap, quick start guide, CD-ROM, and a one-year warranty
  • Connect your smartphone to the projector and view content on the big screen
  • Designed with DLP Technology to create vibrant colors when watching content
  • Supports IR Remote Mouse Control
  • The device is portable enough to take anywhere and the lamp use is up to 6500-hours when used in ECO+ mode
  • Has a throw ratio of 0.52 distance/width – +5% variance
  • The resolution is 720p 1280 x 720
  • Has built-in speakers with Keystone Correction
  • Weighs 6 lbs and the dimensions 11.3 (W) x 9.6 (H) x 3.9-inch (D)
  • Has the Kensington lock port with keypad lock
  • Designed with front, rear, tabletop, and ceiling mount projection

The Optoma GT760A projector is a gamers dream comes true. The device has a short throw and is 3D ready to enjoy movies and games. The image is bright and it supports HDMI.

7. Epson Home Cinema 640 3LCD Projector

Epson Home Cinema 640 3LCD ProjectorThe Epson Home Cinema 640 3LCD Projector is currently not available at different online retail stores. The home theatre system received excellent ratings from users. View content with SVGA Resolution of 76-inches at 8 feet away.

Features and Specs:
  • Has a screen size range of 76-inches at 8-feet and 113-inches from 12-feet away
  • Displays with an SVGA resolution and has a white brightness of 3200 Lumens
  • The contrast ratio is 10,000:1 with Keystone Correction
  • The lamp life is up to 6,000-hours in Eco mode
  • Connect via the HDMI, S-Video, composite video, audio in, and USB connector Type A and Type B
  • Can view images up to 300-inches
  • Has a built-in speaker
  • The image adjustments easy to use and quick to set up
  • Connect to satellite boxes, laptop, gaming consoles and more
  • Has built-in color modes you can optimize to suit your entertainment needs
  • Has 3-chip technology with front/rear/ceiling mount
  • The throw ratio is 1.45 to 1.96 with horizontal manual correction and automatic vertical correction
  • The projectors password protected and has a Kensington style lock
  • The projection lens has digital zoom with manual focus
  • The dimensions without the feet is (W) 11.6 x (D) 9.0 x (H) 3.0-inches
  • Include a remote control with source search, power, e-zoom, freeze, menu and more
  • One-year warranty

The Epson Home Cinema 640 is the best cheap projector available on the market. With the bright Lumens, you can use it to display content on large screens.

6. Acer H5380BD Projector

Acer H5380BD ProjectorThe Acer H5380BD is a cost-effective projector with a native 720p widescreen resolution. You can have everyone over for a cinematic experience in your home. You can connect the device to multiple PCs and it has HDMI connection.

Features and Specs:
  • Designed with a DLP projection system
  • Has a 0.62-inch DarkChip 3 DMD display panel
  • The native resolution is 1280 x 720 and the native aspect ratio is 16:9
  • The contrast ratio is 17K:1 with a 3000 ANSI Lumen brightness used in standard mode and 2400 ANSI Lumens in Eco mode
  • The lamp life in standard use is up to 5000-hours and 10K-hours in Extreme Eco mode
  • Has a manual zoom and focus lens
  • Designed with manual and auto Keystone Correction
  • Connect different devices via the D-sub, RCA, mini-DIN, HDMI/MHL or PC Audio
  • Has two by USB interfaces
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs and DLP 3D ready
  • The Acer ColorBoost II+ helps improve the color temperature
  • Once turned off the Instant Resume feature helps to resume the device
  • Displays image sizes of 27 to 300-inches at 3.3 ft
  • Has built-in speakers with a mono sound output
  • Dimensions: 12.4 width x 8.8 depth x 3.7-inches high
  • 12-month warranty

For a bright and clear picture that is bright, the Acer H5380BD is perfect. You have a wide selection of inputs and the fan stops working once turned off. The best of all it is affordable and comes highly recommended.

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5. ViewSonic PJD7828HDL Projector

ViewSonic PJD7828HDL ProjectorIf you need the best cheap projector available on the market, choose the ViewSonic PJD7828HDL model. You can view Full HD 1080p formats with 3200 Lumens in the comfort of your home.

Features and Specs:
  • Displays Full HD 1080p formats
  • 3200 Lumens with a dynamic contrast of 22K:1 ratio with vertical digital Keystone Correction
  • Display on a 120-inch screen size at 12 feet away and can display up to 250-inches at 24-feet
  • Packed with advanced color technology and dust-resistant
  • Great to use with multimedia entertainment, gaming, and high-definition presentations
  • Supports HDMI streaming
  • The lamp hours, when used in Eco mode is 10,000 and it has built-in 10W speakers
  • Designed with a white finish with 1.3x optical zoom
  • Has ample inputs and outputs and compatible with Windows, Mac, DVD players, Blu-Ray, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Apple TV
  • Three-year warranty
  • Designed with physical controls and on-screen display
  • Include the Kensington Lock Slot
  • Dimension without the stand: 12.44 x 8.98 x 4.08-inches
  • You receive the projector, VGA cable, remote control, power cable, quick start guide, wizard CD and a cable management cover

The ViewSonic PJD7828HDL projector offers you an excellent image for the affordable price. You can view Full HD resolution content with a solid contrast and bright images. There is even a nook for keeping a streaming stick.

4. ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector

ViewSonic PJD5155 ProjectorThe ViewSonic PJD5155 projector offers you an SVGA 800 x 600 resolutions packed with advanced color technology. Connecting the unit to other devices is flexible with the ample inputs and outputs. Furthermore, the projectors perfect to use in the home or business environment.

Features and Specs:
  • 3000 Lumens with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20K:1
  • Has vertical digital Keystone Correction
  • Display on screen sizes of 83-inches from 12-feet away and can display up to 207-inches from 30-feet away
  • Offers flexible connectivity via the HDMI, USB, and VGA composite ports
  • The lamp use is up to 10,000-hours in Eco mode
  • Has built-in speakers
  • The lamp is easy to access with via the hood, has a port cover, muted black finish and optical focus and zoom
  • Three-year warranty
  • Compatible with different devices from your PC to Google Chromecast and more
  • Designed with a 1.1x manual optical zoom and focus lens
  • Has the renowned Kensington Lock Slot with a net weight of 4.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.44 x 8.98 x 4.08-inches

The ViewSonic PJD5155 includes everything you need to start using it at home. The lamp is bright with impressive image quality to use indoors and outdoors.

3. Optoma HD141X Projector

Optoma HD141X ProjectorCompared to the other best cheap projectors reviewed here, the Optoma HD141X has a screen size range of 66-inches from 8-feet and 107-inches from 12-feet away. This is more than enough to start up your own cinema at home for the entire family to enjoy.

Features and Specs:
  • Designed with 3000 ANSI Lumens with a 23K:1 contrast ratio and Keystone Correction
  • Has two by HDMI/MHL, Audio Out, 3D-Sync, USB and 12V trigger
  • Loaded with outstanding features and 3D compatible
  • You receive the ac power cord, remote control, CD-ROM, quick start guide, user manual, projector and one-year warranty included
  • Has a 1920 x 1080 resolution with DC3 DMD DLP Texas Instrument Technology
  • Lamp life expectancy, when used on bright is 5000-hours
  • 1.1x manual zoom with 10W built-in speakers
  • Dimensions: 315 (W) x 224 (H) x 114 (D) and weighs 5.4 lbs
  • Has a projection distance of 1.5 to 10m with a screen size of 41.8 to 300-inches
  • The remote control is a Backlit IR model and the systems RoHS compliant
  • One-year warranty and the projection method is front, rear, tabletop, and ceiling mounted

The Optoma HD141X offers you a widescreen to view full 1080p in both 2D and 3D. There are two HDMI connectors and one consists of a Mobile High-Definition Link. Setting up the unit is easy and has a decent built-in speaker.

2. InFocus Corporation IN119HDx

 InFocus Corporation IN119HDxFor beautifully detailed images and outstanding color reproduction, the InFocus Corporation IN119HDx projectors made for you. View Full HD 1080p resolution with 3200 Lumens in the comfort of your living room.

Features and Specs:
  • For detailed images with vivid colors and accuracy, the IN119HDX has HD Spatial Resolution Technology beams for the best viewing experience
  • View Full HD 1080p resolution with 3200 Lumens
  • Connect via the HDMI, composite video, S-Video, 3.5mm stereo in/out, and VGA monitor out
  • Has a 1.15 – 1.5 throw ratio with a contrast ratio of 15K:1 and up to 10,000-hours lamp use
  • Works with monitors, large format LCD panels and notebooks
  • Designed with instant on/off
  • You can display 3D content from your Blu-ray, game consuls and more
  • Have preset modes to offer you the best image when displayed on different surfaces
  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 11.5 x 4.7-inches and weigh 5.4 lbs
  • Has one 2W speaker built in with Keystone Correction
  • Designed with manual 1.3x optical zoom
  • Can mount it to the ceiling and has closed captioning
  • One-year warranty

For high-quality viewing of Full HD 1080p, the InFocus Corporation IN119HDx deserves the top spot. The unit is 3D ready and you can buy it at a budget price.

1.BenQ DLP HD Projector (TH670)

BenQ DLP HD Projector (TH670)-Cheap ProjectorsBring the movies into the comfort of your living room with the BenQ DLP HD TH670 projector. Watch high-resolution 3D HD projection with over billions of colors with outstanding contrast ratio.

Features and Specs:
  • Project 3D HD movies in vibrant colors with a 10K:1 contrast
  • Use the SmartEco technology to conserve power with the auto standby mode to extend the lamp use up to 10,000-hours
  • Watch Full HD 1080p movies, sports, TV shows or play action games on the 200-inch diagonal projection
  • Use the USB port to play content from external devices
  • 3,000 ANSI Lumens with optional wireless presentation by Qcast
  • Has a built-in 10W speaker with auto Keystone Correction
  • Easy to set up with the included step-by-step guide
  • Designed with built-in closed-caption to display subtitles
  • The native ratio is 16:9 and has a throw ratio of 1.5 to 1.8 and a zoom ratio of 1.2:1
  • One-year warranty

The BenQ TH670 is one of the best cheap projectors you can buy. The device offers you a bright resolution with a short lag time suitable for games. Furthermore, you can watch full 3D videos in the comfort of your home. All you need is the 3D glasses sold separately.

Final words

Whether you need a projector to use at home, work or school, we hope our best cheap projectors in 2019 list has one available best suited for your needs. The amazing thing is all these models are affordable and offer you a wireless connection to 3D technology. So hop over to the retail store and buy one, start popping the popcorn and get the family together for a movie night.