A Major Change In Smartphone is Coming


Smartphone has been with us for some time. While huge innovations appeared in the past, currently, there exhibit no innovations rather incremental developments. For instance, all we hear are faster processors, more storage, improved cameras, new colors, as well as other additional features. However, the future holds huge things in the phone world. Phones have become more than communication devices to cover every sector like providing fitness monitoring, high-quality cameras in addition to many other services.

A look at the sales number of the smartphone in the market today stands at a billion and a half smartphones sale worldwide each year as such phones have become an integral part of society. This review forms a few changes expected in the future. Read on and get in touch on what to expect.

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Smartphone and how it will change in the future

Batteries and Power

Smartphone Batteries and Power

While innovations continue to transform the batteries being used for a different phone, much is still expected to develop. Environmental concerns have forced research to significant environmental friendly technology development with the lithium at the center of the studies. Users expect the batteries to provide longer life with the same or even lesser physical space. While the Qi Standard technology continues to grow as well as spread everywhere, it achieves more user satisfaction. Thus convenience is achieved in addition to better battery life.

One of the expected technology is the possibility of the development of supercapacitors that will act as a link between the battery and the electronics. These will further enhance battery life to some degree. On the other hand, tackling of Dead batteries will be a top priority.

Dropping Physical Ports

With increased innovation, your phone will have no ports at all. For instance, the advent of wireless charging removes the necessity of having a charging port. While on the one hand, this will improve on the reliability of the smartphone, it will also act towards ensuring lower costs of production

Come to think of it, with no ports; phones will feature increased water resistance. Furthermore, the reduced costs of production will, in turn, dictate lesser prices of the devices in the market thus affordability

Enhanced Security, Integrity and Reliability

Enhanced Security, Integrity and Reliability of Smartphone


Across handset, there exists a two-factor authentication scheme, whether through messages or applications. Contrary to this, access to our handsets has not yet developed other than having biometrics. However, the sector foresees the use of real two-factor authentication where there will be the integration off what you know as well as something you are. This also features growth with the development of mobile DNA scanner.

Additionally, the future offers wireless tokens, for instance, based on NFC while on the other hand, all computing as well as communications dedicated to the cloud. As such, through the token, you will own the device on demand. As such, their future holds a world of edge computing devices that can be rented or borrowed, with complete security in the bargain.

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Reduced Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Requirements



There will be an increased cloud-centric of mobile phones. This additionally offers little or no sensitive organizational data stored and processed locally. As such, more straightforward, as well as more cost-effective solutions, will be through EMM.

A shift in Usage Models

Currently, the phone world features an increased relationship at play between your phone and the cloud. Additionally, there will be the end of offline processing with increased shared, collaborative nature of IT in organizations. The handset will turn to a personal communicator that enables processing as well as data on the other side of the (wireless) link, while the local apps often just an interface to this reality.

Virtual Reality

This will form one of the most important new developments presently. This tech has been developed for years, and major players in the market are finally getting interested in it. This will inform most of the technologies that will revolutionalize the phone industry.

Smartphones are set to drastically revolutionalize how we carry out our activities. Others are of the view that with time, a phone will be transformed into a computer that is compatible with a set of tools. As such, while on the go it is your phone but at home or your office, the phone acts as your computer. Many changes will occur where innovations will replace a shift from the continued development of features, where new technologies will define the new look of phones. Increased funding towards research continues to be the main driver for a new look in the smartphone world. Additionally, different players in the market will be responsible for the changes that will be affected.

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