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Best Car Window Curtains For Privacy in 2021 | Blocking Sunny Perfectly!

Top Car Window Curtains review 

Top Car Window Curtains Review 

In several countries, it is mandatory to have clear glass windows in your vehicle. The big problem with transparent glass is that sunlight disturbs you when driving during the day. To resolve this dilemma and prevent the interior of your automobile from heating up you need a car window curtain and for your Privacy.

Here we have selected the top 10 best car window curtains for your car to buy in 2021. The curtains will not only keep your cabin protected it also prevents heat from entering the vehicle and keeps the temperature lower inside.

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10. ZOTO Car Rear Sun Shade

  • Compact and adjustable.
  • It creates privacy in your car.
  • Rear window curtains can protect the kids from harmful UV rays.
  • Offers Adequate privacy.

This is among the best car window curtains for privacy. As much as they are not very universal, a good chart will help you know if the car, model or even year will ensure it is compatible.

This item has a weight of 6.4 ounces and its dimension 5.8 x 5.7 x 1.4 inches. It is flexible as well as stretchable. The customized design will easily fit most of car rear windows. Compact, as well as adjustable design, is going to allow you to install them in a matter of seconds.

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9. TFY Universal Car Sun Shade (Regular Contoured Window)

  • Durable: It has been made from wearing, stretches and lightweight fabric.
  • Universal fitting: It is highly suitable for most of the Sedan models with the rear door windows 25-45 inches width.
  • It does protect you from the UV rays.
  • The car remains very cool.
  • Installation is easy.

These car window curtains for privacy will offer you an exceptional experience when you get to take a ride. Therefore, if you are in search of an exciting experience, think of purchasing this product.

This product has a weight of 6.9 ounces and has dimensions of 7.9 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches. The windows can easily be raised as well as lowered when the sunshades are in use. It has a clever design. The double mesh layer sunshades do protect the passengers from the glare as well as sunburn. It is super easy to install. The sunshades simply slip overtop halves of the open doors and are usually held in place once the doors get to be closed.

8. OxGord Car-Window Tinting

  • Not a window curtain but a tint
  • Offers you 20% tint on the rear window
  • Keeps the cabin temperature down
  • Help reduce glare
  • Not reflective and still absorbs some the glass heat

The next car window curtains from OxGord are a window solar film roll. For a perfect answer to keep harmful UV rays out of the car, this is your solution. The fantastic thing is you can adjust the size to fit your car windows. The tints available in black and has a dimension of 17.1 by 7.1 by 13.1-inches. The exteriors smooth without bubbles and give you the privacy needed for a nap in the car. For the best fit, you can use the fitment chart available before making a purchase.

7. aokway Car Window Shade

  • Fixes with magnets
  • Super dark
  • You receive two window curtains for both rear windows
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Does not close the bottom of curved windows

For the rear window in your vehicle to keep the interior temperature down, you need the aokway sunshade protector. Your kids and pets can comfortably sit in the back without the glare of the sun shining on the face. The auto windshield sunshades have a universal fit you can use in your truck or RV and blocks up to 97% of UV rays. The car window curtain has six suction magnets that fit the window frame. You can store the car sunshade in the accessory organizer of your car and install it when needed. The outer materials Oxford fabric and has an inner silver coating. You receive two aokway window shades in a pack. The curtains measure 9.9 by 8.3 by 0.7-inches, and you can fold it.

6.Pony Dance Side-Window Sunshades

  • Great to use for privacy
  • Easy to install
  • Average size
  • Blocks out sunlight
  • The suction cups might not last long, and the best is to wash them occasionally to prevent dirt build-up

The next car window shades from Pony Dance are ready-made and measured 27.5-inches wide by 20.5-inches in length. You receive two curtains in the pack and three powerful suction cups. You can wash the curtains in the washing machine as it comprises of durable soft fabric. The automobile window curtains offer you noise reduction, insulation, and keeps the cabin cool. Both sides of the curtain have the same color, and the flexible rope helps you adjust it to fit the window.

5. Panda Superstore Car Sunshades

  • Affordable for a cartoon design
  • Keeps sunlight out
  • Entertains little ones
  • Privacy when in need of breastfeeding
  • None noted

Keep the little ones protected from harmful UV rays in the back seat and entertained with the Panda Superstore car window curtain with cartoon characters on them. The outer side of the curtains made with blackout cloth, and the inside has cartoon design. The length of the curtain is 27.6-inches and 19.7-inches in width. The shades easy to install and gives you a VIP style to fit on either side of the rear windows.

4. Yosoo Car Window Curtain For Cars Trucks Black

  • Anti-UV as well as safety: There is no harm to the window glass lift after you stick the rails well.
  • Elegant and fashionable: It is skillfully manufactured as well as has a beautiful design.
  • Easy installation and it is suitable for a wide range of cars.
  • Protects privacy: This Window sunshade does protect the privacy inside the vehicle.

Whenever our private life gets threatened, these car window curtains for privacy are going to come to your rescue.

This car window curtains for privacy have a weight of 10.2 ounces and it has dimensions of 20.9 x 2.8 x 2 inches. It is a high-quality cloth that keeps the car interior temperature effectively, the heat insulation as well as avoids an overheat from the sun exposure with a long time.

3. aokway Front and Rear Car Window Shade Set

  • Keeps the sun out
  • Affordable for a 4-piece car window curtain set
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Does not include a storage bag


With the four-piece aokway curtain set, you can keep the entire cabin temperature down and protected. The car sunshade protector blocks out 97% of UV rays and has a universal fit design. Included you get six magnets making it easier to install on the window frame. The Oxford fabric on the outer side and silver coating on the inside gives the curtain a durable and stylish look.

2. ZATOOTO Side Window Sunshades (Magnet Beige)

  • Curtains can easily free stretch and see the rearview mirror.
  • Protects against UV rays effectively.
  • 2 piece can easily serve 2 windows at the same time.
  • Window shade has been made of satin fabric that is environmentally friendly.

For those who have been able to use their products, they can understand why these car window curtains for privacy have been able to make it to the list. The fact that it does fit most of the cars means that it can be a choice for your car as well.

This product weighs 5.4 ounces and it has dimensions 8.9 x 6.1 x 1.7 inches. Aligns magnet to iron window frame, easy to finish within five seconds and firmly. It can easily be folded to small size for storage.

1. Window-Car Sunshades WINOMO

  • Fits as advertised
  • Durable material
  • Keeps heat out
  • None noted

Do you sit in the back seat with your baby and need privacy to breastfeed? WINOMO offers you the seclusion required in car window curtains to make breastfeeding more comfortable and private. For fixing the shades to the rear window, you receive four ABS rails with 3M adhesive tape. The sunshades prevent heat buildup in the car and keep the interior protected. The black polyester materials durable and the curtains measure 19.7-inches long by 18.5-inches wide. The product fits most automobile windows. You also get two side window curtains with two curtain belts.

Whether you are a mom who needs to fee your baby in the back of the car or have kids sleeping in the car you need to keep them protected from the harmful UV rays and give them privacy. You can achieve this with any of the top 10 best car window curtains reviewed here to buy in 2021. With the trouble-free installation and durable fabrics used to make the curtain, it will keep the cabin temperature down and protected for years to come.

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