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Best Car Steering Wheel Covers in 2021 | Drive Safely & Comfortably!

Best Car Steering Wheel Covers in 2021

The use of car steering wheel covers in vehicles helps in a reduction in the number of accidents because of its quality. The covers reduce the amount of sweat from the hand because of the breathing spaces or some they absorb. These covers are smooth on the side, making it comfortable for someone to drive for long-distance. Here are some of the best car steering wheel covers in the year 2021.

So if you are deciding to buy a cover for your steering wheel – look at the top 10 best car steering wheel covers reviewed here.

Before you buy one, you may want to know Why You Should Use Car Steering Wheels Covers!

20. AOTOMIO 15 inch Car Steering Wheel Cover


. Fashionable

. High-performance steering wheel

. Superior TPE material

. Designed for middle-size steering wheels

This steering wheel gives you satisfaction and offers a great deal of protection as well. Its diameter provides you with great comfort and a perfect driving experience. You’ll love this steering wheel because it’s trendy and fun to use. Its TPE durable material makes it superior, and it makes it last longer. The manufacturer took so long to be able to come out with this design. That is why it has a classic design.

19. Forala Car Steering Wheel Cover



. Premium fur and Rhinestone

. 38 mm diameter

. Fashionable

If you want a steering wheel that suits the winter season, this will be the best option for you. It is because the manufacturer makes it with premium fur and rhinestone. The material also makes it look charming. You will love to cover your steering wheels with this steering wheel cover because it’s attractive. You can even present it as a gift for ladies.

18. LIZIMANDU 1Pc Car Steering Wheel Cover


. 1pcs x Patterned Steering Wheel Cover

. PU leather with 3D painting

.Suit for 14.5″ -15″diameter

. Steering Wheel protector

This steering wheel cover adds elegance to your steering wheel. It provides a perfect solution to your car’s interior decor. It also protects your hands and preserves your wheels while you drive.

No doubt that ladies will love its design. It’s a cover that suits any weather conditions like winter or summer.

17. YR Universal Car Steering Wheel Covers



. Universal design

. Suitable for all seasons

. Suitable for all sizes

. Easy to clean

With this steering wheel cover, you can use it for all kinds of vehicles, such as SUVs or ATVs. It has quality material that makes it very easy to clean. It does not only protect your hands while you drive, but it also beautifies the car as well. Ladies will love its design. The manufacturer will refund money if there is no satisfaction.

 16. Valleycomfy Universal 15 inch Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover


. Top-quality

. Increased safety

. Odor-free

Here is a steering wheel cover that comes with genuine leather. You need not worry because it guarantees safe driving and a better grip of the steering wheel. It is suitable for summer, and it gives your steering wheel an attractive look. You will love it, especially if you have a large steering wheel of about 15½-16 inches.

15. Zadin Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover

  • It is wear-resistant
  • The cover cold-resistant
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • The cover is attractive
  • It ensures one can drive for long by absorbing sweat
  • It absorbs sweat; thus it becomes dirt easy
  • The cover is best for ladies.

Zadin car steering wheel covers have cute and fashionable hen placed on the steering wheel. The cover is fresh, beautiful, and cozy when the driver touches it making the interior of the car look attractive.

The wheel cover comes with a new keyring and a coaster holder for a car cup that increases the beauty of the vehicle. The material used to make it neoprene is durable and long-lasting. The chemical properties of the neoprene make it heat and cold-resistant.

14. Elantrip Sport Leather Steering Wheel Cover

  • It is temperature-resistant
  • Has a sporty design
  • East to install
  • Cover material used is durable microfiber leather that.
  • It is best for racing and sporting vehicles
  • It does not fit large steering

Elantrip car steering wheel covers are easy to install in the vehicle. It contains breathable spaces that ensure one does not sweat during prolonged driving.

The cover fits all types of the steering wheel, making it universal. It contains a unique inner ring that creates an environmentally friendly condition. The cover is durable and long-lasting.

13. NEW ARRIVAL Steering Wheel Cover

  • IT is age-resistant
  • Contains breathable spaces
  • The cover is durable and long-lasting
  • The cover comprises anti-skip veins that make the cover constant on the steering.
  • It is universal and fits most of the steering wheel.
  • It is easy to install and remove thus can move out when not intended

These car steering wheel covers have attractive black with blue color. It has a design that fits on the hand, making it comfortable while driving.

The material used to make the cover is leather, which is durable. It is heat-resistant, reducing the sweating on the hand. The cover is wear-resistant, making it not to age fast.

12. BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover

  • Has an attractive appearance
  • Made of high-quality
  • Comfortable at hand
  • It is easy to install
  • The leather material used is of high-quality
  • It fits vehicles with the medium steering wheel.

Bokin car steering wheel cover has breathable spaces that reduce sweating on the hands. It is universal by fitting all vehicles steering wheel.

The leather material used is of high-quality. It is easy to install the cover. The cover is smooth on the hand, making it comfortable.

11. New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel cover

  • Has a fashionable design
  • It has a great touch
  • The cover is durable
  • It has breathable spaces
  • The cover is universal
  • The cover is best for women and ladies

The material used to make the car steering wheel covers is high-quality leather. It is compatible with ladies and girls because of its attractive color.

It has a charming design that fits all wheels. The cover has a great touch feeling on the hand. It is easy to install on the steering wheel

10. Yontree Automobile Steering Wheel Cover Set

  • A tremendous soft set and worth the price
  • Looks great in the car
  • Fits most steering wheel sizes
  • Very fluffy and for some users it makes it impossible for them to see on the road – depending on the vehicle you drive

For an affordable car steering wheel cover and handbrake, wrap look at the Yontree set. The textile used to make the cover is faux wool and available in assorted colors to fit in with your ride. The cover you can use on steering wheels measuring 14.96 x 14.96-inches. To keep your hands warm in winter and comfortable in summer the covers fantastic and you wash it by hand. The package includes a 3-piece set consisting of the steering wheel cover, handbrake cover, and a gearshift cover. You will be more than pleased with soft and smooth texture beneath your hands.

9. Steering Wheel Set From SAND

  • Soft Fur
  • Easy to fit on the steering wheel
  • No shedding
  • Available in a fantastic color selection
  • Looks cute
  • Specific colors in the product shed fur

Another 3-piece car steering wheel covers set reviewed here available at an affordable price is the SAND collection. You can pick your favorite color to fit in with your ride. The faux wool materials soft and looks plush keeping your hands warm in winter. The set consists of the steering wheel cover, handbrake cover, and gearshift cover. If you have a steering wheel measuring 14.96 x 14.96-inches, the SAND set will keep you happy for years of use.

8. Mayco Bell Auto Steering Wheel Cover

  • The covers hard to get off and means it is safe when driving
  • Does not warp
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Protects the steering wheel
  • A bit hard to get onto the steering wheel

With the Mayco Bell car steering wheel covers, you can choose your color to make your ride look great inside. The cover fits most steering wheels measuring up to 15-inches and is easy to install. The wrappings made of leather and smooth to touch. The fabric is wear-resistant, breathable, cold resistant, and soft. On the inside of the cover, a rubber texture prevents it from sliding on the steering wheel. The linings double stitched, and the cover looks modern and sporty.

7. Leather Steering Wheel Cover from Rueesh

  • Has a non-slip design
  • Perfect fit
  • Massages the hands and keeps you relaxed
  • Not easy to remove it but that means it is safe to use
  • Has an oily feeling but still feels good in the hand

Another durable car steering wheel cover made of leather is the Rueesh one. The wheel covers made with quality microfiber and lightweight in design. The matte anti-slip finish prevents it from moving around on the steering wheel. You get an excellent grip and better control when driving. The cover fits middle-sized steering wheels measuring 15-inches, and you receive a two-year warranty as well. The fabric is breathable, has a massaging design, and heat/cold resistant.

6. Steering Wheel Covers from Valleycomfy

  • Cute
  • Does not have a peculiar smell
  • Affordable
  • Nice set to use in the car
  • Sheds a little in the beginning and you only need to give it a light brush before fitting it to the steering wheel

The next car steering wheel cover from Valleycomfy is more suitable for woman drivers. The handmade cover consists of Australian wool and ideal for 14.96 x 14.96-inch steering wheels. You have a wide selection of color options available. Included in the set, you get a steering wheel cover, handbrake cover, and gearshift cover.

5. SEG Direct

  • Great colors
  • Made of microfiber material
  • Affordable
  • Pimps up your ride
  • Comfortable and great grip
  • A bit difficult to fit on the steering wheel

Another affordable auto steering wheel cover is the one from SEG Direct. You can pick your preferred color from a vast selection available. Give your car a sporty look with the luxurious fabric. The underside of the cover is skid-proof, temperature resistant, and the fluff does not come off. You can fit it to any 15-inch steering wheel and will keep it protected from the harsh elements outdoors. Therefore, if you want ultimate comfort and fantastic grip buy this cover, you will not be disappointed.

4. Valleycomfy Universal Car Steering Wheel Cover

  • Easy to fit
  • Offers enough grip
  • Not sticky on the hand
  • Soft
  • You do receive it with some creases in it but does not take long to wrinkle it out

Choose your preferred color steering wheel cover to keep your hand comfortable while driving. The universal fit Valleycomfy cover design offers you outstanding grip and is heat-resistant yet convenient to use in winter as well. The underside of the cover has a skid-proof design and suitable to fit 15-inch steering wheels. The cover has a microfiber leather design and breathable, durable to use for a long time and easy to put up.

3. SEG Direct Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover

  • Nice grip
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Easy to clean
  • A bit challenging to fit the steering wheel

Do you need a plush 15-inch steering wheel cover to give you a comfortable grip when driving? Look at the universal fit from SEG Direct. The constructions microfiber leather with an eco-friendly design and does not smell. You can use it throughout the year when it is cold and warm without any inconveniences. The skid-proof interior makes it perfect for safe driving whiles the fabrics breathable and heat resistant. The cover adds style to your ride and looks elegant in the different shades available.

2. Steering Wheel Cover from Bell Automotive

  • Durable design
  • Feels great on the hand
  • Colorful
  • Not flimsy
  • Does not slip
  • Does have an odor

1. Leather Steering Wheel Cover from Moyishi

  • Looks fantastic
  • Durable
  • Soft and comfortable on the hands when driving
  • A bit difficult to fit

The Moyishi car steering wheel cover has a leather construction and universal fit design. The wheel cover fits 14.5-inch to 15.25-inch steering wheels. The cover looks stylish and gives your automobile an upgrade while keeping the steering wheel protected. With the covering, you can have a relaxed drive in summer, winter, and the PVC leathers not cold to the touch.

Do steering wheel covers fit all cars?

As elegant as steering wheel cover may add beauty to your car’s interior decor, so also can it disfigure your steering wheel. The truth is that some of them require lengthening over your steering wheel, while some need the right measurements or customization.

The following guidelines offer solutions to problems associated with getting steering wheel covers that fit your car perfectly.

i. Measure your steering wheel’s breadth

You only need a measuring tape to get the actual breadth of your steering wheel. So, the actual size determines the cover you will need since most of the covers have stipulated sizes.

ii. Measure how thick your steering wheel is

Make sure you use your measuring tape to measure the magnitude of your steering wheel. The grip of your steering is essential because it will determine if you will need a soft or thick steering wheel cover.

iii. Buying a suitable cover from auto-care dealers online

When you shop for a steering wheel cover online, you will get the right one that will soothe your taste. There are various online auto-care dealers online that you can choose. In that case, you will get the accurate size of your car’s steering and the cover that will fit it. You will also have varieties of colors and designs that will match your taste.

iv. Follow installation instructions

After you have purchased your steering wheel cover, you have to adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s guidance on how to fix it. The instructions are usually on the packages.

How can I protect my steering wheel?

Many a time, we touch different items and surfaces before we place our hands on our steering wheels. The sweat of your hands drops on your steering wheel, especially when you drive under hot weather. All your actions will affect the cleanliness and durability of your steering wheel. When your sweat drops on the steering wheel’s cover, it does not only make it dirty; it also weakens it gradually. Therefore, the following guidelines will help you in protecting and maintaining your steering wheel properly.

1. Cultivate a regular cleaning pattern

We tend to care for our bodies a lot of times. Therefore, we bathe regularly to maintain proper hygiene. In the same manner, you must clean your steering wheel regularly. Do not hesitate to remove the slightest blemish on your steering wheels. You may even decide to clean your steering wheel on a daily or weekly basis.

2. Disinfect your wheel cover

As you use your car often, you will have stains on your steering wheels. So, when you notice this, you may have to use soap and water to clean it. You can also use disinfectant for the leather. You just add some drops of the disinfectant on a small piece of cotton wool or a portion of the clean textile then, wipe your steering wheel’s cover.

3. Add grease or oil on the wheel cover

The care for your steering wheel does not stop when you disinfect it. You must also make the steering wheel cover shiny and attractive. You can do this by rubbing a little quantity of oil on your steering wheel’s leather.

How do I know my steering wheel cover size?

There is nothing as good as having a wheel cover that fits the steering wheel. It is not right to drive, and the steering wheel cover then slips off the steering wheel. You can Imagine what may arise when such an incident happens. You will lose control, and it may result in an accident. To avoid such malaise, you have to get the accurate size of your wheel cover. The following guidelines will help you on how to get your car’s steering wheel cover size.

1. Measure the broadness

In determining the size of your steering wheel, you need to start from the center of the steering wheel. So place your measuring tape at the center and extend it to the sides of your steering wheel. Make sure you write out the measurement or at least get it accurately.

2. Measure around the steering wheels

Make sure you use your measuring tape to measure around the steering wheels since that is where your two hands touch whenever you control the car. Therefore, the sides of the steering wheel will serve as your width, and the measurement must be correct.

3. Verify online

No matter the brand or model of your car, you can check every component online. You can do the same for your steering wheel. What you need to do is to type the size of your car’s steering wheel brand and model on any search engine online. Then, it will bring it out to you. It will even ease the stress of getting its accurate measurement.

How to install a steering wheel cover

The steering wheel cover does not only protect your hands and the steering wheel itself, but it also adds to the interior decor of your car. You must know how to fix it properly on your steering wheel so that you will avoid slipping your hands off the wheels when you drive. Similarly, you do not need to employ anyone to help you fix your steering wheel cover. It’s something you should be able to do yourself. The guidelines below will teach you how to install your steering wheel cover.

1. Use balm to wipe the steering wheel

The first thing to do before you install your wheel cover is to clean your steering wheel with a balm or an ointment. It will impede any form of bacteria or decay from your steering wheel. It will even prepare your steering wheel for any kind of cover you are to install on it.

2. Unwrap the coverings

Every steering wheel covers are usually in packages. Some are either in cartons or in polythene packages. You need to unwrap the boxes so that you can install the wheel cover properly. Similarly, some wheel covers may have tapings. Such tapings can hinder proper fixing. So, you have to remove them.

3. Wrap around the steering wheel

You can now begin to wrap the wheel cover around the steering wheel. You need to know the type of wheel cover that you want to fix. Some could be flexible while you have to attach some. Either way, follow the stipulations of the manual.

Is the steering wheel cover worth it?

People choose to use steering wheel covers for different reasons. To some, they just use it as a form of fashion, while some may be skeptical about its use. What you need to understand is that there are justifications for choosing to use a wheel cover for your steering wheel. You should get a wheel cover for your steering wheel because of these reasons below.

1. It adds beauty to your car

No matter how exotic your car may appear, its aesthetics is not complete without proper interior designs. A fashionable wheel cover will add to the beauty of your car’s interior design. When you want it to beautify your vehicle, make sure you select the one whose color matches your car’s interior designs.

2. It offers protection

Your steering wheel cover does not only have a firm grip on the car’s control, but it also offers protection for your hands and the wheel itself. It prevents your hands from blisters or injuries that may arise from handling the steering wheel. It also preserves the steering wheel from rust or getting spoilt quickly.

3. It ensures a firm grip of the steering wheel

When you drive, you need to be in total control of the wheel. Therefore, if there is no cover on your steering wheel, you may find it difficult to control your car appropriately while you drive.

4. It makes driving easy

As a driver, wheel cover will make your driving easy. It enables you to maneuver your car conveniently, and it eases the tension of placing your hands on the bare steering wheel, which is either a metal or hard plastic.

How do you deep clean a steering wheel?

Your steering wheel cover gathers dirt and stains due to frequent usage. It may even breed germs. Once the dust accumulates on your steering wheel, it will hinder you from driving properly. Fortunately, you can easily clean the dirt. You may cultivate a cleaning pattern, whether daily or weekly. You also need items to enhance your cleaning.

1. Use a cloth to clean the dirt

It is not enough to clean your steering wheel regularly. You need an item like a neat piece of cloth to clean any dust that settles on your steering wheel cover. Never hesitate to clean any dirt that settles on it immediately.

2. Use leather cleaner

You can apply leather on a clean piece of cloth and wipe it on the steering wheel cover. When you use the cleaner, be careful not to apply it to other devices in the car because you may damage them.

3. Use a relatively wet piece of cloth

You can use a moderately wet cloth to clean your leather steering wheel cover. Ensure that you don’t make the fabric excessively wet because you may damage the controls on your steering wheel. You may even make the steering wheel rusty, especially if it is steel.

4. Use leather conditioner

You can also use a leather conditioner for the steering wheel cover. You just have to apply a moderate quantity on your hand and rub it on your leather cover. The leather conditioner will make the cover to be shiny. Do not use an excessive amount of it on your steering wheel cover because it will make it greasy.

The car steering wheel cover helps the driver to have an easy time controlling the vehicle. Most of the covers have breathing spaces that ensure the hand does not remove a lot of sweat during the driver. The material used to make them is high-quality leather, which ensures it is durable because people spend most of the time rubbing it. Most of the car steering wheel covers have a medium size to fit most vehicles. They make the steering wheel attractive.

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