Do you enjoy drinking your cup of Joe in your car while waiting in the traffic? You need the best car cup holders, as it is the essential feature in the vehicle made especially for you. You want only the best durable cup holder fixed in the car – and guess what we can help you to find a perfect one.

We have selected the top 10 best car cup holders you can buy in 2019. Each one offers you jerk-free use of the car preventing unnecessary spillage. The cupholders design durable and easily fixes at the rear or front of the vehicle.

No matter what kind of fabric you prefer from plastic to steel, you can find a suitable car cup holder right here!

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Top 10 Best Car Cup Holders

10. Hopkins Mini Console Cupholder

Hopkins Mini Console Cupholder

The Hopkins cup holder you can fix to the front and rear of your car. The holder has two adjustable locking drink holders and fits most mug sizes. There are three storage compartments, and it can hold up to five CDs. The products available in a black and fits in with any automobile décor. The console will help you to keep things organized in your car and will prevent your drinks from spilling.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Keeps things organized
  • Adjustable to fit different travel mug sizes


  • None noted making it a great purchase

9. Topoint Car Cup Holders

Topoint Car Cup Holder

The Topoint has a universal design that holds travel mugs and your smartphone. The car cup holder mounts to the AC vent, and you can remove it quickly. The car cup holders you can adjust to fit travel mugs, cans, and bottles. You receive a year warranty and easy in reach for you to enjoy a cup of coffee to work. The universal design makes it possible for you to use it in most cars and looks fashionable. The interior of the holder has a rubber anti-scratch padding with two secure clips to protect your phone. The holder measures 4-inches in length has a width of 3.25-inches and stands 2.5-inches high. The construction of the cup holder is ABS plastic.


  • Good quality
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Keeps things within reach and organized


  • None noted so why not try it out

8. UltraGuards Cup Holder

UltraGuards Cup Holder

The UltraGuards is a plastic seat wedge cupholder to keep your phone and drinks in reach when needed. The holder fits most mugs, cans, and bottle sizes and has an intermediate storage compartment for your smartphone. All you have to to do is slide the car cup holder between the seat and console for installation. The constructions sturdy to keep things organized preventing unnecessary spillage of hot drinks on the lap while driving.


  • Wide enough to fit different beverage sizes
  • Secure compartment for your smartphone
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to install


  • Might take up some space if used on the passenger side

7. Zone Tech Foldable Cup Holder

Zone Tech Foldable Cup Holder

Now if you want something completely different when purchasing a car cup holder, look at the Zone Tech model. The cupholder has a foldable design and prevents drinks from sloshing around. You have an adjustable arm to move into any position to work with your driving needs. The cup holder accommodates different sizes beverage drinks. The unit has a premium plastic design and fixes to the windshield with a suction cup. To keep the holder secure it has a tightening lever to pass out the air when pushes against the windshield.


  • Versatile design to use in a car, bus, truck and more
  • Great suction grip
  • Excellent customer service
  • Can use it in the home and place a diffuser in it


  • None noted

6. WinnerEco Cup Holder

WinnerEco Cup Holder

Installing the WinnerEco truck cup holder is super easy and looks beautiful in any vehicle. This car cup holder has a durable plastic structure and takes up little space. It holds up to two beverage drinks and compatible with different mug sizes. The holder offers you the versatility to keep your bottles, mobile phone, paper towels, straws, and more organizes in reach.


  • Has a generous middle space
  • Can use the pen holes to keep straws in
  • Durable plastic design


  • Not made to use in all vehicle models

5. Binmer™ Cup Holder

Binmer™ Cup Holder

For a black seat wedge holder, you can look at the Binmer. The car cup holders constructed of PU material and covered with microfiber leather. You can keep two travel mugs secure in the holder preventing unnecessary spillage while driving. Furthermore, you can store smaller items in the built-in compartment.


  • Fits perfectly in between a BMW seat
  • Holds drinks well
  • Available in black but does have red stitching that may be off-putting


  • The fabric comes off the plastic nothing that super glue cannot fix

4. BottlePro Car Cup Holder

BottlePro Car Cup Holder

The BottlePro car cup holder is perfect to use with 32/40 oz hydro flasks. According to the manufacturer, it does not work well with Yeti tumblers or mugs. The base you can extend and adjust to make it deeper and has a tall top section. The new design makes it possible for you to use it in different vehicles even if they retractable flip-cover lids. The three-ring base allows for less movement and does not break or jam. The sleeve has a soft foam structure to provide a secure fit for your mug or bottle. The top section of the holder has an inside diameter of 3.8-inches and stands 3-inches tall.


  • The neoprene sleeve included provides a snug fit
  • The build quality is good
  • Keeps your drinks within reach
  • The beverage slips in and out freely
  • Great to use with your hydro flask


  • None noted, and a must have

3. Hopkins Go Gear Twin Cupholder

Hopkins Go Gear Twin Cupholder

The Hopkins Go Gear car cup holder offers you different mounting possibilities. You can mount the unit to the console, floor, or armrest and has a console strap included. The twin car cup holders have a convenient organizer to place smaller items or your smartphone. The constructions durable with the hardwearing plastic design and you can buy it in black. The two-cup holder design adjusts to fit most beverage sizes, and you can place your travel mug in it as well.


  • Different mounting options
  • No spilling of drinks
  • Adjustable to fit different sized mugs
  • Easy to install


  • None noted so make sure to try it out

2. Guzzie+Guss Cup Holder

Guzzie+Guss Cup Holder

Nothing comes more universally designed than the Guzzie+Guss cup holder does. You can even hold a baby’s bottle or your water bottle in it. Installing and removing the cupholders a breeze and you can adjust it to fit onto a baby stroller. The angles of the holders adjustable and you receive included an anti-slip sleeve. The plastic used to construct the cup holds hardwearing and should last you a while. The product is even lead-free. The cupholder part moves by using a decompression button to give you entry to the glove box.


  • Attaches to the glove box handle of a jeep
  • Can fit it to most baby strollers
  • Accommodates different beverage sizes
  • Durable


  • None noted

1. Cupsy Drink Caddy

Cupsy Drink Caddy - car cup holders

With the Cupsy, drink caddy selection you can choose your preferred color. You can use the car cup holder to keep your beverages secure while driving. Use it in the home fixed to your recliner chair to hold the remote and your drinks on hand and in reach. Fix it to a bed, hot tub, RV, couch and more. The legs you can remove and reposition to use in different mounting positions. The flip down arm supports your wine glasses and is handy to have.


  • Well made
  • Sturdy design
  • Removable legs
  • Versatile to use


  • Would be great if the middle sections a bit larger to accommodate bigger items

Final Thoughts

Prevent unnecessary spills while driving in your car by using the best car cup holders reviewed here. The car cup holders are versatile to use in your car, and some even offer you the flexibility to use it around the home. Keep your travel mugs standing secure in place and keeps smaller items organized with one of these cup holders – you will not be disappointed.