Best Car Battery in 2020

When do you think about your about your car battery? Let us tell you a secret you only think of it when it fails. The truth is that most people stop for gas, check the tire pressure, but forget about the battery. In general, you have the car serviced and top up oil and water levels, but do not test the battery.

Then one day you start your vehicle, and nothing happens the car battery is dead –yes, it has died on you. If this has happened to you, it is time to buy the best car battery in 2020 here. Taking care of the power demand is as important as installing a powerful sound system.

You will find automotive batteries grouped in sizes best suited for your ride. Manufacturers present you with the material used to make the battery and for what purpose you can use it. You can check the energy stored in it with the ampere-hours. There are car batteries that help with cold cranking to turn the engine easier in winter and see the reserve capacity. However, the most important thing is the warranty – here we have selected ten of the best car batteries you can find available online.

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Best Automobile/Car Battery

10. Mighty Max Car Battery

Mighty Max Car Battery

When your car needs power, the most the Mighty Max car battery comes to the rescue. The ML35 is a 12 volt unit with a calcium-alloy grid and suitable for float and cycling applications. The battery has AGM technology and valve regulated. You can use the battery indoors or outdoors without maintenance. The cells perfect to use with electric vehicles, golf carts, electronics, and more. The amperage is 35 AH, has a dimension of 7.68 by 5.16 x 7.13-inches, and weighs 23.25 lbs with a year warranty included. Do you own a kayak and want to power it up? The Mighty Max works wonders when mounted with a trolling motor. For camping trips, the car battery ensures that all your electric appliances powered in your tent. The ML35 is also solar battery and makes for an excellent replacement if your car’s battery decides to die on you.


  • Cheap
  • Can use it in a small RV


  • Drains fast

9. Western Power Sports Featherweight Car Battery

Western Power Sports Featherweight Car Battery

For a high-powered, yet lightweight battery designed for racing, choose the well-liked WPS Featherlight battery. The lithium battery offers you a maintenance-free and sealed unit that is perfect when you forget to check the battery. Furthermore, the airtight design helps prevent spills and leaves the terminals corrosion-free. The accumulator is 70% lighter than the standard battery and charges in 6-minutes. You get a LED test gauge built-in and the constructions acid-free and have no metals present. The cold-cranking amps are 130 CCA’s when compared to an OEM lithium battery. The amp hour rating is 2000mAh and varies from one model to another. Another benefit is that when you order it online it has no shipping restrictions and you get a one-year replacement warranty. The battery is multi-colored and has a fitment size you must pick.


  • You can pick your year and model to see if the battery will work on your ride
  • Lightweight
  • Has a LED built-in showing you the current charge
  • Suitable to use on an electric start dirt scooter


  • Complaints it does not hold a charge after a year of use

8. Kinetik BLU Series Battery

Kinetik BLU Series Battery

Do you need a replacement automobile battery? Look at the HC600 12-volt battery with its innovative design. The batteries sealed with immersed glass preventing spillages from taking place. If your car needs a high boost to get the electrical system going, you are not left disappointed by this battery. Do you have an audio system up to 600-watts in your ride – then the HC600 will get it started quickly. You can mount it in any position with the non-spill design. The structure offers you a low equivalent series resistance, heat and vibration resistance. The cells packed tightly providing a higher voltage when under heavy loads. The casing has an ABS plastic construction and puts out 600 cranking amps with an 18-amp hour rating. The product measures 7.13-inches in length by 3.01-inches wide by 6.57-inches high and weighs 11.9 lbs.


  • Include a one-year warranty
  • Works as advertised offering power when needed the most
  • Affordable


  • The terminals are not the best when in need of finding a perfect fit

7. Odyssey Car Battery

Odyssey Car Battery

For a reliable automotive battery, nothing stands out more than the PC680 from Odyssey. For Powersports use, it is perfect and capable to handle any other type of situation in your vehicle. The constructions durable and can withstand pounding on land although to snow. The cells tightly packed with lead plates and have the AGM non-spill design. With the lead plates, you get more power up to 400 cycles, and the terminals have a corrosion-resistant tin-plated brass structure. The sealed design prevents gasses from seeping through and recycles it internally. The battery has a fast charge and offers you the flexibility to mount in different positions. The products non-returnable and have a Hazmat design. You receive a two-year replacement warranty included. The cell voltage is 12, and it has 18-amperage.


  • You receive the left terminal adapters included
  • Works well on a motorcycle
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Problems having it replaced under warranty

6. DieHard Gold AGM Battery

DieHard Gold AGM Battery

The DieHard car battery you can purchase in different groups and offers more than twenty times more vibration protection. The unit has a spill proof design with added protection to keep electronics protected in the vehicle. You get a full-frame positive and negative plate and the electrolyte suspension system can absorb more electrolytes to protect the internal components. Depending on the battery group, you choose the cold cranking amps, and amp-hour rating varies. You can use the unit in your car, off-road vehicles, watercraft and more.


  • You get a three-year warranty
  • The battery is heat sealed and tamper-resistant
  • Long life up to five years
  • Great performance


  • None noted

5. ACDelco AGM Automotive Battery

ACDelco AGM Automotive Battery

For up keeping your vehicle’s power you need the AGM Automotive battery from ACDelco. The 48 AGM will upkeep your car’s lighting and ignition components working every time. For improving the batteries performance, ACDelco made the cells with a high-density paste. The helpful grid present comprised a calcium lead structure and increased they cycle while reducing the current flow. For smooth acid circulation and improving conductivity and cooling, it has a separator with a durable design. You can purchase the battery alone or with a cable. The vent design prevents acid leakage, and the spacer has a puncture-resistant back. If you need a 12V battery, the 48-AGM is perfect and has a dimension of 7.5 by 11.9 by 7.6-inches. You receive a 36-month free replacement warranty.


  • Has a solid performance design
  • Powerful
  • Available for different automobile models


  • You need to check the acid level

4. Optima YellowTop Car Battery

Optima YellowTop Car Battery

Another trade name you can look at offering exceptional power for your car is the Optima brand. The battery features a compact measurement of 4.98 by 9.21 by 8.94-inches. The power units durable and weatherproof and has 66-minutes reserve capacity. The 12-volt ability offers you a 450-amperes cold cranking that is great for those winter months. The AGM battery is a dual-purpose car battery offering you cranking power and cycling capability. What this means is the cells rechargeable. You can mount it in any position with the spill-proof design and series of spiral wound cells with lead plates coated with the lead oxide.

You can purchase the battery in three models one with a RedTop, BlueTop, and YellowTop. The RedTop offers you regular engine starting and suitable for cars, RV, and diesel vehicles. The YellowTop battery is more suitable to use in your truck if you have higher electrical loads while the BlueTop you can use as a starting power unit and not for cycling duty. You receive a year warranty with your purchase and can select the best one for your year model as well.


  • Excellent replacement warranty
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Durable and lasts for years


  • Lasts up to two years at the most

3. Shuriken Hybrid Battery

Shuriken Hybrid Battery

The next car battery is a hybrid model from Shuriken and made to use as a starter battery if you have a high-end audio system in your car. The cranking amps 2,600 and it has a 120 amp-hours reserve capacity. You can power up your 2400-watt system easily with this power unit. As with the majority of new automobile batteries on the market, this one also has the AGM technology in it. The components spill proof, and you can mount it horizontally or vertically. The SK-BT 120 you can use as a stand-alone or install it with ring terminals and comes with a one-year warranty. The unit has a measurement of 8.5 by 6.75 by 13-inches and weighs 71.6-ounces.


  • Suitable to power vehicles with big audio systems
  • Solves dimming issues on the car
  • No need of turning on the truck to listen to music for up to 3-hours


  • None noted

2. XS Power Series Car Battery

XS Power Series Car Battery

For a fantastically designed car battery look at the XS Power Series. The 12-volt battery has 725 cranking amps with 44 amp-hours and depends on the model you buy. The absorbed glass mat ensures that the electrolytes suspended in fiberglass for efficient current production. The designs spilled proof and sealed with a valve regulator and mounts in any position. The battery measures 9.0 by 10.5 by 10.5-inches and comes included with an M6 terminal bolt. You can even buy the battery in 14-volts, and you get a one-year warranty as well.


  • Powers a vehicle with audio system quickly
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Can mount vertical or horizontal


  • Minor complaints it does not power up to 2600 watts

1. DS18 Car Audio Battery

DS18 Car Audio Battery​ - ​car battery

Now if you need a powerful car battery to power your 7000-watt audio system nothing can beat the DS18 power unit. The cells are available in different amperages ranging between 100 Amps right through to 250 Amps. With the battery in your vehicle, you get 3500 RMS watts with a nominal voltage of 12.5V. The nominal amps-hour is 250Ah with a 20-hour capacity and has T5 terminal posts. The product measures 20.45-inches in length and is 10.55-inches wide with a height of 9.65-inches. The charging current is less than 50 amps and has cycle voltage between 14.4 and 14.9 volts. You receive a one-year warranty on the product.


  • Incredible power to use with your audio system
  • Available in different amps


  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

As a car owner, you need to take off the car battery as well and not only the engine for power. We hope that our top 10 best car batteries in 2020 help you to find one. Whether you need just a power unit to ensure your car starting or one to power your vehicle and audio system – the car battery reviewed here will make your decision a bit more comfortable.


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