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Canon PowerShot ELPH SD790 IS

To begin with, Canon PowerShot ELPH SD790 IS Camera, is a 10-megapixel point and shoot camera which is large as well as bright. It is an amazing camera which is relatively simple to use with its intuitive common settings. On looking it at first glance, you will not see much specifications to distinguish it. However, on using it for some time or through this Canon PowerShot ELPH SD790 IS review, you will be amazed on what it can do with its extra features which make it a great option to have. Keep reading this review to know more about Canon PowerShot ELPH SD790 IS today.

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Review For Canon PowerShot ELPH SD790 IS



Above its general specs, Canon PowerShot ELPH SD790 IS comes with additional features which are well built with highly usable ways to give you an outstanding experience. This camera uses a rechargeable battery and is compatible with the SDHC/SD memory cards. However, you should note that there is no internal memory; hence, you should always ensure you include a memory card while shooting. It has a 3 times optical zoom which range from 6.2 to 18.6mm. Below are its specs which characterize it;

Why you should buy this product?

The first and the foremost reason you should purchase this product is on the quality of images it produces. This camera provides you with high-quality images through its higher resolution with 10 megapixels lens. In addition to this, it has an added motion-detection technology which ensures that it can detect motion automatically and hence adjust the exposure as well as the ISO setting for compensation. Furthermore, the image stabilization works extremely perfectly with motion detection. It comes with the automatic white balance mode, which enables it to focus on a subjects face hence providing high-quality portraits. Lastly, its pocketable design ensures that it works perfectly and is a perfect choice to purchase for your travel photography needs.

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Fist, with the amazing design followed by the superb features, Canon PowerShot ELPH SD790 IS has attracted much customer attention. The reviews on this product are positive, with most of the customers having full satisfaction from the use of this camera. It had a rating of 3.7 out of 5 when this review was being written. This customer rating was from 278 customers indicating a greater percentage having full satisfaction from the product.

Being a camera from Canon, you are sure to have an extraordinary experience from Canon PowerShot ELPH SD790 IS. Canon has for a long period of time been leading in the photography field in which its cameras have been of great and extraordinary quality. You will love everything about it as it aims at giving you the best. Preferably, it will be a great choice if you love the landscape shooting with the corner softening together with chromatic aberration at wide angle. Lastly, its small size ensures you can take it anywhere you need to move with it. You will always love to have it within your range. With this, therefore, take it today, and be sure to perfect your photography with much ease.

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