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Best Camping Fridges in 2021 | Enjoy Your Trip To The Best!

Top 10 Best Camping Fridges in 2021

Camping can be all fun and games until you have to eat stale food. Whether you are on a day trip with your family or a camping trip with your friends, you have to pile up on a lot of food and drinks to take with you. Why not buy a portable fridge so that you can keep your food and drinks fresh? With such a fridge, you can enjoy your trips for days without having to worry about running out of food. Hence, here is a list of the top 10 best camping fridges to help you find the perfect mini fridge for your trips.

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10. F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator

  • It works both as a freezer and a refrigerator.
  • It needs only 15 minutes to cold down.
  • an LED display.

This portable refrigerator keeps the food and drinks cool for several hours even after unplugging from the power source. It will keep your food fresh and drinks cool throughout the whole camping trip.

With a smart and modern look, this refrigerator features excellent materials to ensure high durability.

9. Knox Electric Travel Cooler

  • hold up to almost 12 gallons.
  • a handle with a comfortable grip and wheels, so it glides across the ground easily.
  • cool down to 36°F.
  • It comes with both AC/DC power cords.

Knox electric travel cooler can be a perfect option for you to store food and drinks.

This cooler comes in black color with a small size.

8. Koolatron Travel Fridge

  • It can accommodate up to 48 cans of soda.
  • The handles are made of goof material to give you ease when you have to carry it for long hours.
  • You can take medicines as well as food and drinks with you.
  • This fridge can cool the food inside it to 40 degrees lower than the outer temperature.

Koolatron travel fridge does not require any ice to keep the food and drinks cool.

The body pf this fridge is made of polypropylene plastic.

7. Dometic Fridge Freezer

  • No ice is needed in a Dometic fridge for cooling down the food and drinks.
  • It has both AC and DC power cables.

This is a tall freezer which helps to store a lot of food inside. The 3-stage battery function will prevent your fridge/ freezer from running down.

The exterior is made with stainless steel which will keep it rust-free. It also gives it quite an exquisite look.

6. Coleman Xtreme Cooler

  • The capacity of the lid is 250 lb.
  • The handles are comfortable to hold.
  • There are built-in crush holders inside it to prevent drinks from spilling.

The cooler is designed with an insulated cover to keep the food and drinks cool for as long as 5 days in high temperatures

Its smooth surface makes it very easy to clean and gives an excellent look.

5. Coleman Quart Cooler

  • It can accommodate up to 85 cans of cola.
  • It will keep your food for as long as 4 days even in high temperatures.
  • light in weight, so, it’s very easy to lift and carry for long hours.
  • AC and DC power cords are included in the original packing.

Coleman quart cooler is a high-capacity cooler that features a retro design.

This fridge offers high durability, lasting camping trips for years.

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4. ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

  • Its freezer has a removable lid.
  • It comes with an auto turn-off function to save battery life and two power cables- AC, DC.
  • It can cool your food and drinks down to 0 degrees.
  • The cooling capacity is 50-degree F to 0-degree F.
  • The freezer keeps food and drinks cool even after unplugging it for a long time.

Mini ARB portable fridge freezer is perfect for camping, road trips, or any other outdoor activities. It only needs 15 mins to cool your food from 77℉ to 32℉. This fridge comes with a USB port that enables you to recharge your smartphones or other electric gadgets.

This freezer has a blue cover with a white body.

3. ICECO Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator

  • fast cooling system and 3 stages of dynamic battery system protecting your fridge from running down.
  • middle partition panel.

Iceco has two separate zones for refrigeration and freezing. So, you can even take raw meat with you if you want. It comes with removable partition panels so that you can store small stuff. You can store small cans and big bottles too. And if you remove the partition, you’ll be able to store the big stuff

This fridge is well-built with durable and high-quality materials.

2. Coleman Powerchill Electric Cooler

  • This fridge can hold up to 44 cans of cola.
  • Its lightweight will be convenient for you to carry it around.
  • This fridge doesn’t require any ice to keep your food fresh and cool.
  • It comes with an extra tray to keep the food and drinks organized.

Coleman Powerchill electric cooler will keep your food up to 40 degrees colder than the surrounding temperature. It comes with an 8-foot long cord, so you power it with a car or boat outlet. You can open the door of the fridge from both sides.

Unlike other camping fridges, it has a front door that creates a unique look.

1. Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator

  • It can cool down to -4°F(-20°C).
  • It will run greatly with small solar systems.
  • Alpicool can hold up to 20 cans of cola.
  • Its lightweight makes it very easy to carry anywhere you want.
  • durable and easy to transport anywhere.

This refrigerator doesn’t need any ice to keep the food cool. It has a 3-stage car battery protection system- low, medium, and high. This system protects your car from running down fast. It has handles on both sides, making it easy for you to move it in any direction you want. You can control the temperature of this refrigerator using its digital control panel.

It comes with a unique design that offers durability, and high quality.

Fridges are invaluable for keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold during a camping trip. We came up with this list of fridges to help you with finding a good one!

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