Planning a camping trip? Remember these camping essentials

Planning a camping trip? Remember these camping essentials

A camping trip, no matter how exciting during planning, can turn out to be a failure if you miss out on some amenities, like a torch or portable charger, while packing. You not only miss those objects but also regret having not planned better. So, check out these camping essentials!

Be it shelter or kitchen essentials, when the fun is on your mind, you don’t want to combat any hindrances that might come in the way of an adventure. So to avoid forgetting, every experienced camper or even a first-timer should use a list to double-check their camping essentials before heading out and making the camping experience a success.

1. Shelter

Unless you decide to sleep in your vehicle, you will require something to cover your head a.k.a a tent! The most crucial part of camping is being able to set up a tent and laying it in a favorable direction so that you can see the exit and access it easily, in case there’s an emergency. It always helps to invest in a good quality tent if you want to make camping a regular hobby. In which case, you should also purchase a tent repair kit.

Carry your sleeping bag and pillows to sleep away the day’s exhaustion, comfortably.

Don’t forget to carry a floor mat for your camping tent. That’ll not only keep you away from the dirt but also keep a layer on the floor that you can inspect while spreading, to keep away any insects or snakes. An insect repellent can also come in handy to get rid of insects in your tent.

A torch is one of the most crucial elements for camping. Be it repairing something or simply making your dinner, some source of light is mandatory. Torches can also come to use when in the wild to ward off animals.

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2. Food and water

Planning a camping trip? Remember these camping essentials

One thing unavoidable for humankind is food. Be it fruits or vegetables, nutrition bars or raw meat, some kitchen essentials must make it to your packing list for survival.

Pans, pots, and kettle are necessary for setting a camp. A source of fire for cooking ensures that your meal is served hot, every time. A chopping board, camping knives, stove or BBQ, fuel, and some utensils for cooking, tin and bottle openers make it easier when setting camp. Rubbish bags come to use for garbage disposal and to avoid littering the environment.

Carry some purified water for consumption during your stay. Water from a river or spring, although pure, might not suit your body and might make you fall sick.

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3. Cleanliness and health

You are your own responsibility when in the wilderness. To avoid any infections in the wild, one should always carry hand sanitizers, soap, toilet papers, and tissues. It is important to stay hygienic, so frequent use of shampoos and soaps can act like disinfectants.

Carrying your first-aid kit is mandatory for your own safe-keeping and also in case of an emergency. Carry some painkillers, bandages, and ointments for quick help in dealing with cuts and burns. Carry your regular medicines without fail and your medical file of any complex disease, for immediate help.

If in case you’re hunting, ensure that your hunted animal, for consumption or simply as a trophy, is properly disinfected to avoid any spread of bacteria.

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