You walk into a store and see camera sliders displayed – so how do you test it? In honesty the hard way – you swipe the carriage and go gaga how smooth the slider works; you try the next hundred of them and forget how the first one moved.

The best way to test the slider is to use it for a year. The problem is that you do not have the time to do that. You only select a few and hope for the best. You may travel a lot, and the slider needs to be compact and have everything from motion control to time lapses. This is where it becomes tricky as motion control equipment becomes expensive. The camera sliders need to work manually and take heavy loads. So what does this mean for you? You need to make a one-time purchase that will last for years.

Therefore, if you need to make that one pick – choose one from our best camera sliders reviewed here.

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Top 10 Best Camera Sliders

10. Neewer Camera Track Slider

Neewer Camera Track Slider

The Neewer is a professional camera slider made of a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame. You get shake-free stability with support for the camera to use while shooting. You can use the device on a tripod or place it on a flat surface with the adjustable legs that you can remove as well. The legs have rubber feet to prevent it from sliding and have multiple screw holes on both ends and in the middle.

The mounting options allow you to mount different gadgets to it and have a dolly slider. The double interior system has four bearings that work smoothly. You can use the slider for horizontal shots, slope it, place it vertically, flip it over, or use it as a crane on a tripod. The sliders 24-inches in length and can handle a load up to 11-pounds. If you are uncertain about how straight the equipment is standing, it has a bubble level indicator to get it in position for a perfect shot.


  • Allows you to take clear action shots with the dolly slider
  • Can take slow motion shots easily
  • Captures shots in all direction
  • Has a double rail system for smooth sliding and better control


  • You do not receive a travel bag
  • Can rust if not stored properly

9. Neewer Camera/Video Track Slider

Neewer Camera/Video Track Slider

If you do need a longer camera slider, Neewer has one available measuring 31.5-inch. There are four u-shaped ball bearings for smoother motion and consists of an aluminum structure. The equipment offers you the flexibility to use it on the ground or a tripod. You can connect it directly to your camera or use it indirectly by placing the camera on a ball head. Enjoy multi-angle shooting to take horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree shots with the pre-drilled threaded holes.

The legs are secure and adjustable and have a gear-shaped interface with locking knobs to keep it stable. The gadget is perfect to use for video making, and you receive a carry bag included. There are two threaded holes at each end of the track, and it has four threaded holes in the fixed plate with two threaded holes in the slider plate. The legs fold away making the camera slider portable to take with you on trips.


  • A tremendous non-motorized slider at an affordable price
  • Rolls solid and smooth
  • Compact and portable for transport
  • Legs fold away
  • Will add a lot to your production


  • If not stored correctly it may be prone to rust

8. Kamisafe Mini Motorized Slider Track

Kamisafe Mini Motorized Slider Track

For capturing low angled video shooting and time lapses, you need the Kamisafe mini motorized slider track. With the pocket-sized device, you can take it with you and use it with your DSLR camera, smartphone and more. The PPL-06S has a 360-degree mini ball head and can hold up to 8.8 lbs. You can adjust the running speed with the five available settings to meet your shooting needs.

The front wheel you can adjust left or right and alter it to 90-degrees with the hand. The device works with a 650mAh rechargeable battery with up to 10-hours of use depending what you place on it. The camera slider comes with a convertible screw ¼ -inch to ⅜-inch. The battery charges via the USB charging port and has a locking knob, on/off power switch, with extra controls. The ball heads detachable and the equipment constructed of aluminum alloy.


  • Excellent to use with tabletop shots
  • Carries a DSLR camera
  • Affordable
  • Compact


  • Does not have a remote control making it a bit awkward to use

7. Kaezi StudioFX Pro DSLR Camera Slider

Kaezi StudioFX Pro DSLR Camera Slider

The Kaezi StudioFX pro camera slider has a length of 40-inches with a maximum load of 15 lbs. The ball bearing systems smoothly and include two mounting screws ⅜-inches and ¼-inches. You receive a carry case and can use it with a digital camera, movie camera, video camera, and other equipment. The gadget has an aluminum construction with a bubble level and offers you shake-free stability to get the best shots.


  • For the price, it is perfect
  • Can use it with your smartphone
  • Solid metal structure
  • Offers stability
  • Attaches to a tripod
  • Adjustable height


  • The tracks not super smooth but bearable
  • You may not be capable of connecting a stepper motor for time-lapse image capturing

6. Ashanks Camera Slider

Ashanks Camera Slider

Here we have another 31-inch length camera slider with a maximum load capacity of 30 lbs. The device has an aluminum structure, and you get a travel bag included. For smooth sliding and stability, the feet have non-skid rubber, and the slide rail with block offers you precision when used. You can position it on a tripod or attach two tripods to it when flipped over. On the moving plate, you have a ⅜-inch threaded screw for the tripod. Under the top plate, you get four roller bearings and works with two chrome shafts in the rail. You can fix a ⅜-inch male screw with a ball head to mount cameras. You can use the device on any surface, and you can adjust the legs. To get the equipment level, it has a bubble level in it for convenient adjustment. You need to buy the ball head separately.


  • Solid design
  • Stable when placed on a tabletop
  • Well made
  • Can use a tripod with it on each end
  • The carry case is durable and well made


  • When used with a ball head it is not silent when moving on the track

5. Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Slider

Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Slider

Here we have another Neewer camera slider the only difference is this one has a carbon fiber construction. The device measures 47.2-inches and can hold a load capacity of 17.51 lbs. Under the sliding part, you get a u-shaped ball bearing for a smooth motion. You can use the equipment horizontal, vertical, and 45° shooting when using the threaded holes. The leg heights adjustable up to 13.5cm and have a gear-shaped joint with locking knobs to keep it stable. You do not get the ball head included only a carry bag. For adding extra equipment to the slider, it has two threaded holes at each end, five threaded holes on the fixed plate, and four threaded holes on the slider plate.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth slide
  • Include a carry bag
  • Strong construction


  • You only get the slider and not the ball head included

4. A&J ANJMVSL80 Camera Slider

A&J ANJMVSL80 Camera Slider

Using the A&J ANJMVSLO80 camera slider is a breeze once you set it up and offers you a stable shooting. You can remove the four smooth rubber wheels and use it as a dolly for curve filming or adjust the feet to an ideal height for capturing fantastic footage. The structure of the slider is aluminum and has a high precision bearing with a base plate. There is a bubble level built-in to get a straight or angled position. You can use the device with a DSLR camcorder and mount it on a tripod. The camera base has a ¼-inch mount with ⅜-inch bushing included. The length of the slider is 31.8-inches, and the load bearing holds a weight of 22-pounds. Included you receive a carry bag to keep the equipment safely stored.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Glide
  • End mountable
  • Adjustable leg system and has wheels
  • Loads of tapped mounting holes


  • None noted

3. Kamerar Fluid Motion Video Slider

Kamerar Fluid Motion Video Slider

For a more consistent and smoother slide, the Kamerar camera slider has an extra handle and works with a crank to get full control over your camera. The slider rails constructed of lightweight carbon fiber with fluid motion and fantastic to take with you anywhere. There are six smooth rollers to distribute weight evenly and help reduce noise. The legs fully adjustable to different heights and angles and adjusts individually. The length of the equipment is 31-inches and durable to give you smoother ramped shots. The flywheel counterweight systems stainless steel and have a belt drive system. On the slider carriage, you have a ⅜-inch to 16 mounts to attach a tripod head.

There is a side-mounted brake to lock your camera securely in place. The embedded bubble level helps you to keep the slider balanced in any position. Also, you get multiple mounts along the bottom of the device. The slider frame can hold a weight up to 10 lbs.


  • High quality
  • Smooth sliding motion
  • Controllable dial for consistent sliding of your camera
  • Affordable


  • The carry bag included is not the best

2. GVM Motorized Camera Slider

GVM Motorized Camera Slider

For one of the best-motorized camera sliders, you need the GVM model. The equipment measures 11.8-inches and has automatic round-trip, macro shooting, time lapse, wide-angle shooting, and video capture. You can mute the motor and set the speed with the control settings. You can use it with most tripods, your smartphone, cameras and more. The sliders compatible with most camera brands and has a power current of 4 watts. The electric moving speed is 1.6 seconds/minutes, and the slide rail weight is 3 pounds. The load bearing is 6.6 pounds and include a battery charger. Included you receive the motorized slider, controller connection line, shutter link, shutter extension line, mobile phone stand, and carry bag with hot shoe adapter.


  • Very quiet motor noise
  • Works great
  • For a first time user of a camera slider, this one is perfect
  • Fantastic focus pan shot precision
  • Lightweight


  • None noted

1. A&J Motorized Camera Slider

A&J Motorized Camera Slider​​ - camera sliders

Last on our list of the best camera sliders you can buy is the A&J motorized model. With the device, you can achieve multi-function shooting with the automatic cycle, video capture, time-lapse duration shooting, and it supports auto and manual operation. The equipment made of aluminum alloy hand has a smooth load bearing system that holds up to 30-pounds. You can set the sliding distance, silent the motor, and select between 1-1000 time-lapse duration shooting.

There are eight precision bearings in the slider, and the rubber feet are height adjustable. The device measures 31-inches and you can use it powered off. Equip your movie camera, DSLR camera and more to the ¼ and ⅜-inch threaded screw or install it on a tripod. The 29-inch sliding times amazing and powered with the included battery. You receive extra a controller, battery charger, controller connection line, six shutter links, a shutter extension line, carry bag and one-year warranty.


  • Super quiet
  • Great to use for interviews
  • Smooth operation


  • There is no way to aim the camera and needs a ball joint not included

Final Thoughts

You know you have a keen eye for capturing images and making films. More important you need a device to help you shoot lateral shots and more. The equipment you need is the best camera sliders recommended here to make this possible. The tool is indispensable, and we hope you find the right one here with us.