All You Need to Know About Google Pixel 4

google pixel 4

If you are looking for a camera-focused phone, Google Pixel 4 could be an excellent way to go. That’s thanks to its incredible photography features. That doesn’t come as a surprise, given the reputation of all the other Google’s smartphones. They never disappoint. However, with Google Pixel 4, that’s not all. It offers more than the photos due to its richness when it comes to features. That’s why we need to discuss the Google Pixel 4. By the end of this article, you will clearly understand why you should buy it.

About Google Pixel 4


Unlike all the other Google’s Pixel devices, the Pixel 4 doesn’t use the two-tone rear. On the same vein, it has chosen to go the face unlock way instead of the physical fingerprint sensor option. The back is quite smooth with on;y a square camera housing on top at the very most left corner.

Google Pixel 4 is also lightweight with a weight of 162 grams only and dimensions of 147.1 by 68.8 by 8.2 mm hence sleek too.

Regardless of the color you go for, there is a black frame, which makes it hard to notice the phone. Despite the break from the norm, that’s not the case for other features. For example, its power button has a different color from the main body.


google pixel 4

The size of the screen is 5.7 inches. Expect a smooth as well as slick experience thanks to the 90 Hz refresh rate. It has several sensors at the top of the display. They include face unlock and motion gestures.

It supports HDR and has a Full HD+ display resolution. The pixel density is 444 PPI whereas the aspect ratio is 19:9


The phone operates on Android 10. Expect storage capacities of either 128 GB or 64 GB, given various user needs. It is important to note that there is no room for storage expansion due to the lack of a MicroSD slot. Last but not least, it has a RAM of 6 GB.

Features and Specifications

They are compatible with most of the wireless charging devices. For wired charging, the device has a wattage of 18 Watts. In both cases, fast charging is supported fully.

It also has a long-lasting battery, which has a capacity of 2800 mAh. The chipset is the fantastic Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. For the motion sense and face unlock technology, Google Pixel 4 uses the Soli radar chip from Google.

The gadget also lacks the 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is available in three colors, namely orange, white, and black.


This has been one of the best-selling aspects as far as the Google Pixel phones are concerned. Google Pixel 4 is no different. It has a dual rear camera system, which is an improvement from its predecessor, Google Pixel 3. The dual camera comprises of a primary sensor and a telephoto sensor of 12 megapixels and 16 megapixels, respectively.

The main sensor acts as the primary camera and uses dual-pixel technology. Its field of view is about 77 degrees, while the aperture measures f/1.7. The sensor offers not only optical but also electronic image stabilization. It also has 1.4µm pixels.

On the other hand, the telephoto sensor has 1.0µm pixels. It acts as the telephoto lens with a field of view of 52 degrees. The aperture is f/2.4. I also offer both optical and electronic image stabilization.

Google Pixel 4 also has a front camera. It has a 1.22µm pixel width and an 8-megapixel sensor. Its field of view is 90 degrees, and it also has an f/2.0 aperture.

In general, there are other ways of improving your photography. That includes AI improvements for high HDR and Night Sight experiences. There is also an astrophotography function to promote the latter even further.


google pixel 4

The budget is also something that you should consider when buying something. As far as this phone is concerned, the gadget is rather interesting. Imagine getting such a great phone for $899 only? That’s indeed excellent value for your money.


It is also easy to get it. After all, it is readily available in Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T, among other major U.S. carriers.

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With all that at your disposal, it is no secret that making that buying decision will be a piece of cake. You already know what it offers. That includes features and specifications. You also have a rough idea of what it looks like. So, all you need to ask yourself is what you are looking for in a phone. Once you get to know the answer, then you can tell if it is what you need. If undecided, feel free to go for the Google Pixel 4. That’s because it will not disappoint you at all.

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