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Best Butt Pillows Review in 2022 | Help Relieve Pain

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Have you had an operation or planning to have one that needs you to remain seated? If you are, you need the best butt pillows in 2022.

When seated for an extended time you develop pain in the neck, the lower region of the back, or the spine. The problem is with these types of aches, you cannot give up sitting. We have selected some of the softest, most durable butt cushions for you to help relieve these pains while sitting for prolonged hours.

No matter what your reason is for needing a butt cushion you can also use it when working in front of your PC for hours at work. With the right seating cushion, it helps you to relieve pain and offers you comfort while sitting. The pillow is even great for you if you suffer from hemorrhoids, had surgery, have given birth, or need to nurse your baby.

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Best Butt Pillows Review in 2022

13. Everlasting Comfort Butt Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Butt Pillow is among the most promising offerings in the market. The chair is lightweight and easy to carry. It features an ergonomic U shape, made with firm memory foam that helps you maintain a healthy posture throughout the day.

  • Color: Black
  • The product is made of pure memory foam
  • It weighs only 1.9 pounds
  • The butt pillow offers pain relief for back, legs, and hips
  • It’s cut in an ergonomic U shape
  • Manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement policy

12. 5 Stars United Donut Butt Pillow

Owing to their carefully thought-out design and firm build, 5 Stars United offers one of the best butt pillows at an affordable price. It’s a tailbone pain relief butt pillow. So, if your work demands you to spend more than eight hours a day on a chair, this will definitely make an ideal pick for you. It minimizes pain and stress off your back.

  • Color: Black
  • Comes in an oval shape
  • Offers hip and leg support
  • Non-slip rubber base

11. 5 Stars United Butt Pillow

5 Stars United is a reliable name in the industry, and rightly so. The product is made of 100% memory foam, supported by a non-slip rubber base that ensures security. The removable mesh cover allows room for perfect airflow so that you don’t have to sit on a sweaty back.

  • Color: black
  • Comes in a semi-circle shape
  • Features a breathable mesh cover
  • Made of 100% memory foam
  • Works with any chair

10. Lexia Donut Butt Pillow

The Lexia Donut Butt Pillow is a wonderful pick for anyone suffering from back problems and hemorrhoids. The pillow is ergonomically designed to fit your buttocks’ natural curves and promote proper spine alignment. The product comes in a perfect dimension to suit chairs and sofas of any kind. It’s also pretty lightweight, so you can always carry it around with you to experience comfort anywhere.

  • Color: black
  • Machine washable cover
  • Made of memory foam
  • Comes in a round shape

9. Aylio Socket Butt Pillow

The Aylio Socket Butt Pillow comes in an elegant modern design. It’s made of high-density memory foam with 3D mesh covers. As the name suggests, it features two sockets that are carefully crafted to take the pressure off your bones and tailbones as you sit for an extended period.

  • Color: Graphite gray and black
  • Made of high-density memory foam
  • Weighs three pounds
  • Offers shocking comfort

8. ZIRAKI Orthopedic Cushion

Are you suffering from post-surgery pain, pinched nerves, sore lower back, or hip and coccyx pain? You need the ZIRAKI Orthopedic Cushion to help you relieve all these aches. The butt pillows does more than relieve pain it helps you with the correct posture and improves the blood flow to your lower back. With the memory foam, design it shapes perfectly with your body to support from your hips to the lower back. The pillows lightweight design makes it able for you to take it with you anywhere and use it in the office for hours.

  • Color: Grayish
  • Design: Memory foam and changes with the temperature
  • Ease of cleaning: Machine-washable
  • Helps: You sit comfortably
  • Promotes: Improves & protects your posture and improves blood flow
  • Material: Zippered Velour Cover
  • Utilization: car seat, chair, airplane, wheelchair

7. Sillis Instantly Luxurious Butt Cushion

Sit for hours at your computer when using the Sillis Instantly Luxurious cushion. As with the majority of tushy pillows, this one also has a memory foam design. The cushion can hold a weight up to 300 lbs and is great to use seated in an office chair or wheelchair. For truck-drivers that sit for long hours, the Sillis can help prevent back pain as it shapes exactly where you need it the most. For ease of cleaning, the pillow has a natural bamboo fiber design you can remove to launder. Now you can buy two of these cushions and receive a discount here.

  • Color: Bamboo Ivory
  • Design: Shapes with the form of your body and made with firm memory foam
  • Ease of cleaning: Machine-washable
  • Guarantee: Lifetime
  • Helps: Eases soreness in the lower back area
  • Promotes: Orthopedic aid and helps progress good posture
  • Material: Memory foam and natural bamboo fiber cover
  • Utilization: car seat, chair, airplane, wheelchair

6. ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat

For a quality butt pillows, you need the ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat. You can use the seat while commuting to work, traveling, your office chair, or in a wheelchair. The pillow helps relieve most back pain and reduces pressure on the tailbone with the cut out rear design. With the memory foam structure, it offers you comfort when sitting for hours and has a built-in handle for ease of carrying. The cover has a rubber texture to prevent movement and needs no constant adjustments. The zippered cover removes and you can wash it in the washing machine. The good news is the memory foam changes with the temperature in your surroundings to make you feel comfortable.

  • Color: Light Gray
  • Design: Has an ergonomic design with a u-shaped cut out that supports your lower back
  • Ease of cleaning: Machine-washable and has a carry handle
  • Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee
  • Helps: With back pain and helps relieve sciatica
  • Promotes: Healthy posture
  • Material: Non-slip rubber bottom, memory foam, velour cover with zipping
  • Utilization: car seat, chair, airplane, wheelchair

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5. Ergonomic Innovations Donut Cushion

There is no need for you to suffer from unbearable painful conditions. You can relieve your back pain with the Ergonomic Innovations Donut Cushion. This is the best butt pillows available to help relieve different symptoms related to sitting for hours. You can use it as a wheelchair pillow, car seat, or on your office chair. The base of the pillow has a non-slip design to keep it secure in place. For ease of cleaning, the cover has a zipper design and you can wash it in the washing machine. The donut design offers both your butt and back support.

  • Color: Black
  • Design: Has a one size fits all structure with donut hole design
  • Ease of cleaning: Machine-washable
  • Guarantee: One-year
  • Helps: Relieve hemorrhoids pain, prevents bed sores, lower back pain, and tailbone pain
  • Promotes: Blood flow and helps with posture
  • Material: Medical foam and non-slip rubber grips with removable cover
  • Utilization: car seat, chair, airplane, wheelchair

4. Berrycom Coccyx Seat Cushion

Another great seating cushion is the one from Berrycom. The coccyx seat pillow offers you comfort and support with the memory foam construction. This will help to ease your lower back, tailbone, and hip pain. The cushion has a u-shaped orthopedic design to prevent discomfort when sitting for hours. The pillow supports your hips and legs while sitting or driving and is great for truck drivers to use. The outer cover is breathable and you can remove the velour cover to machine wash.

  • Color: Black
  • Design: Has a u-shape orthopedic design
  • Ease of cleaning: Machine-washable
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Helps: Relieve sitting pain
  • Promotes: Blood circulation and improves your posture while seated
  • Material: Memory foam and velour cover
  • Utilization: car seat, chair, airplane, wheelchair

3. Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager

The Zyllion Shiatsu pillow massager might not be a butt cushion, but is perfect to relieve sore muscles. The pillow has Shiatsu Massage Nodes to help relax tight muscles. The nodes automatically change direction and have an advanced heating function you can turn on/off. You can place the pillow massager behind your body contours and neck. Use the adjustable straps to adjust the cushion to a chair. The massage pillow has an overheat protection device to shut off after 20-minutes.

  • Color: Black
  • Design: Four deep-kneading nodes, heating function, overheat protection, adjustable straps and FDA listed
  • Ease of cleaning: Free replacement cover included
  • Guarantee: 90-day
  • Helps: Relieve muscle tension
  • Material: Textured leatherette
  • Promotes: A spa experience at home to circulate the blood flow to your muscles and stress
  • Utilization: car seat, chair, airplane, wheelchair

2. FOMI Orthopedic Cushion Pad

Now for something completely different in butt pillows, the FOMI orthopedic cushion pad has a gel construction made with column-buckling technology. The great thing about this technology is it disperses the weight evenly and relieves pressure in the back. Furthermore, the gel cooling arrangement keeps your tushy cool as it increases the air circulation. With the pillow, you can sit for hours as it treats different aches and pains. FOMI used medical grade gel to help the pillow maintain the original shape without losing support when you sit on it. The cushion has a non-slip bed grip to keep it secure in place. You can remove the cover to wash and it has a carry handle for ease of transportation.

  • Color: Black
  • Design: Has column-buckling technology to disperse the body weight with the gel cooling structure
  • Ease of cleaning: Free replacement cover included
  • Helps: Alleviates and treats different pain conditions
  • Material: Medical grade gel, non-slip bead grip, with removable cover and carry handles
  • Promotes: Blood circulation and improves your posture
  • Utilization: car seat, chair, airplane, wheelchair

1. Kieba Coccyx Cushion

Do you need the best butt cushion to add extra cushioning while seated? You need the Kieba Coccyx Cushion made with memory foam and cooling gel enhanced. The technology helps stabilize temperature and helps release trapped body heat in the pillow. The velour cover is breathable and you can remove it for ease of cleaning. At the bottom of the pillow, there are non-slip grips to prevent the cushion from moving around. You can comfortably sit on the u-shaped pillow to help with proper spine alignment and a healthy weight distribution.

  • Color: Black
  • Design: Made with memory foam and cooling gel-enhanced with a u-shape
  • Ease of cleaning: The cover removes for washing
  • Helps: Lessens back pain and tension
  • Material: Memory foam and velour cover with non-slip bottom
  • Promotes: Good posture and aligns your spine properly
  • Utilization: car seat, chair, airplane, wheelchair

Using the best butt cushion can help relieve different symptoms when sitting for hours on end. By choosing one of the above tushy pillows, you can provide extra cushioning for any seated surface and relieve pain, numbness, tension and more. If you have a family member that is wheelchair bound or even the bed, it can help prevent bedsores and lower back pain. The amazing thing is you can use any of these seating cushions at work to make the work situation as comfortable as possible.

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How Do Butt Pillows Help?

Butt pillows come in various sizes and shapes. Each offers different functions and serves different purposes. The general function of a butt pillow is to provide postural support and minimize direct pressure on your back. Therefore, it effectively works as pain relief. Butt pillows also help post-operative patients to ensure a fast recovery.

The primary function of a butt pillow is to elevate your posture. It raises your pelvic area as you take a seat and helps align the back. As a result, the inward curve of the lumbar curve is correctly aligned and positioned. The ergonomic design of a back pillow helps minimize direct pressure on your back.

The butt pillows are designed in a manner that expels pressure from your concentration areas. People who sit for long hours at work often experience compression of their vertebral column. The butt pillows simulate healthy oxygen supply and blood flow to the vulnerable area, minimizing health threats.

What Should You Look for in the Best Butt Pillow?

Butt pillows come in a range of shapes, each addressing different health concerns. Depending on your needs, you can choose between donut pillows, coccyx or tailbone pillows, socket butt pillows or bone relief pillows.

The donut pillows have a large hole cut in the center. They are designed to help with hemorrhoids, postnatal issues, and recovery after a prostate surgery.

The tailbone butt pillows come in a square or rectangular shape, with a cutout in the back. They offer comfort and release pressure off the tailbone. The bone relief butt pillows look a lot like an infinity sign. They are mainly designed to help minimize pain in the hip bones.

The best butt pillows come with a cover that is easy to clean and maintain. They should facilitate a zip closure to make cleaning more convenient. Note that you want a replaceable butt pillow cover unless you wish to change the entire pillow if the cover wears out.

Butt pillows are made of different materials such as memory foam, high-density foam, and cooling gel foam. You should pick a material that caters to the purpose of your purchase.

Memory foam material is the ultimate blend of firmness and coziness. On the other hand, a high-density memory foam is cheaper and provides excellent support.

How Does Sitting on a Pillow Help with Sore Butt Muscles?

As you sit for long hours, through lectures or at work, your butt gets rest for hours on end. The butt muscles do not engage in any movement as they’re not working at all. Note that glutes impact your pelvis rotation, hip movement, and pelvic stability. That means, what’s bad for your butt is also bad for the rest of your body.

In fact, inactive gluteus can mess up your posture and cause severe back pain, in turn. So, it’s important that you take care of your sore butt muscles. How? Using butt pillows.

Butt pillows help improve your sitting posture. Supporting your lower back is essential in order to minimize soreness in your butt. A butt pillow relieves pressure off the tailbone and allows you to comfortably sit for an extended period. A butt pillow also helps people who suffer with hemorrhoids. They may often have trouble sitting. But a butt pillow provides a padding between the chair and your buttocks, offering greater comfort and minimizing soreness. This is how butt pillows can take the pain out of sitting at work, in vehicles, or at home.

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