Executives are defined by their credentials, and everything revolves around appearance. So if you want to excel in your trade and want to make the impression you need the best business card holder/ name card holder. The will generate goodwill even before you start your introduction or interview. They send a strong message and with the right dose of discernment, you can land any position. Pick the best business card holder here from our top 10 list and make an entrance that no other businessman or woman can resist.

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Top 10 Best Business Card Holders / Name card holder

10. Deflecto Business Card Holder

Deflecto Business Card Holder

To keep your business progressive and make the impression you need the Deflecto business cardholder. The compartment holds up to 50 cards and looks great on a countertop or desktop. For an affordable price, you can buy yourself or another person one as a gift. The cardholder has an angled open design for ease of use and has a clear color that fits in with any office décor. You can use it in your home, office or any other business if you need to keep your business cards organized.


  • Lets you market your business in a professional way
  • Makes contact information easily accessible
  • Holds up to 50 cards
  • Has a clear color that matches any interior
  • Has a stable base


  • Does not stand by itself

9. KINGFOM™ Wallet Business Card Holder Case

KINGFOM™ Wallet Business Card Holder Case

The stainless steel business card holder case from KINGFOM™ is the best way to display your business image when meeting potential customers. The exterior does not scratch easily and has quality material construction. The cardholder’s design is slim and easy to carry. The cards slide out without the need of opening the case. You can buy it in black leather, steel, and brown leather. The truth is we do not see only men using it as the color designs fantastic.


  • Leaves a powerful first impression
  • Can store up to 20 business cards
  • Fits in the briefcase or handbag
  • You slide the cards out and do not need to open the case
  • Available in three different styles


  • More suitable for a man

8. SunplusTrade Business Card Holder Case

SunplusTrade Business Card Holder Case

Do you need a convenient cardholder to use as a man or woman? You need the premium SunplusTrade business card holder case. The slim design makes it compact to take anywhere and it holds up to 18 cards depending on the thickness. The stainless steel finish looks stylish and elegant. You will be easily noticed when you take it out. You can use it for keeping your credit cards, driver’s license, and gift cards safe as well.


  • Sleek and durable stainless steel design
  • Versatile design suitable for men and woman
  • Depending on the thickness of the card you can store up to 18 business cards
  • Can keep your credit cards, gift cards, and safer in one place


  • The case has some sharp edges that cause damage to the business cards

7. Rolodex Mesh Business Card Holder

Rolodex Mesh Business Card Holder

The Rolodex is a useful and stylish business card holder to display on your desktop. The cardholder has a rolled mesh steel design to give any space a curb appeal. The open design allows you to get access to the cards easily and fits most sized cards. The fantastic thing is you can even use it as a mobile phone stand to place horizontally or vertically.


  • Serves well as a cell phone stand
  • Affordable
  • Made with a black metal mesh design that looks great
  • Lightweight and durable


  • None noted

6. Partstock Business Card Holder

Partstock Business Card Holder

The business card holder from Partstock offers you a wide selection of colors suitable for men and women. You can keep up to 25 business cards in the case and even keep your ID and credit card safe. The pocket-size case has a stylish design with durable construction and loads of interior pockets. You can buy it in a stainless steel finish or leather design.


  • Easily fits 20 business cards
  • Available in stainless steel, assorted colors, or a leather top finish
  • Seals with a metal magnet to hold the cards secure


  • Does not fit in your pocket

5. Kantek Business Card Holder

Kantek Business Card Holder

If you need a business card holder that can hold up to 80 cards upright, you need to get the Kantek. For accessing the cards easily, it has an angled open design. The holder has a clear acrylic structure that fits in with any office or home décor. The good news is that you can use the product to organize your desk, bathroom, dresser and more with the stylish holder.


  • Great to use for business cards and post-its keeping it organized
  • Keeps old calling cards structured
  • Heavy-duty acrylic and fits in with home and office décor


  • None noted

4. UBAYMAX Business Card Holder Wallet

UBAYMAX Business Card Holder Wallet

If you need more than just a business card holder to keep your cards, opt into buying the UBAYMAX Wallet. You can purchase it in a variety of colors and comprise PU Leather. The cardholders’ design is stylish and sturdy to last a long time. Use the interior pockets to hold business, personal, ID, credit cards and more. You can store up to 25 name cards inside.


  • Made with durable PU leather and available in different color styles
  • Has a magnet closure and you get easy access to the cards
  • Lightweight and fits up to 25 paper cards


  • Has a chemical smell in the beginning, but does go away

3. MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder

MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder

In the MaxGear you can store up to 18 business cards depending on the thickness. You can even keep your ID, credit, and gift cards in it. The business card holder, you can buy in different colors to fit in with your lifestyle. The case has a stainless steel design and gives you a professional business look. You can slip it in your pocket or place it in your briefcase.


  • Simple, slick, and classy
  • The cards do not dangle around
  • First up to 10 business cards
  • Fits in your pocket


  • None noted

2. MaxGear Business Card Book Holder

MaxGear Business Card Book Holder

Here we have a completely different type of business card holder from MaxGear. The cardholders in a book form and made of quality leather with a smooth texture. The exteriors PVC, waterproof, and fit up to 120 business cards or credit cards. The holders, small to carry in your bag and gives you a professional look when taken out.


  • Great to keep your business cards and calling cards organized
  • Has a professional look
  • Fits in your handbag or briefcase
  • Holds up to 120 cards that are easy to put in and remove


  • Made of PVC and can become brittle over time

1. Partstock Multipurpose Business Name Card Holder

Partstock Multipurpose Business Name Card Holder - business card holder

Here is the best business card holder offering you multipurpose use at an affordable price. You can use it to hold 25 business cards, IDs, credit cards and more. Has interior pockets and the holders made of premium PU Leather. Snaps closed a built-in magnetic closure. With the small design, it feels comfortable in the hand and you can slide it in your pocket. You can pick your color style to fit in with your lifestyle and suitable for men and women to use.


  • Has a fashionable and modern design
  • Holds up to 25 name cards
  • Can keep your ID, credit cards, and gift cards together in one place
  • Easily accessible
  • Closes with a magnetic closure


  • None notes

Final Thoughts

Stop scrambling around in your pockets for your business card. Buy one of the best business card holders reviewed here and start looking professional. The card wallets, books, and holders are made from quality material to use at the office, home or even carry around with you. Make a business impression today with one of these amazing products.

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