Best Budget SSDs for Gaming

Are you a gamer then the likeliness is that you need the best budget SSDs for gaming. With a solid-state drive upgrade, your gaming rig can work better to upload the application software. You will find your large games load quickly. Therefore, if you are ready to buy the best solid-state drive today read on and select one right here to fit in with your gaming needs.

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Top 10 Best Budget SSDS for Gaming

10. ADATA SU800 Gaming SSD

ADATA SU800 Gaming SSD

The SU800 comprises the next-generation 3D NAND Technology. The hardware has SLC caching with DRAM memory built-in. For a fast read and write, you get a performance up to 560/520 MB/s. To enhance the driving stability and to keep your data protected it supports Data Shaping and RAID Engine. The ADATA is a fantastic HHD replacement option and gives you lower power consumption. The form factor is 2.5-inches and you receive a three-year warranty included.


  • Excellent solid-state drive
  • Fast boot times
  • Gives you high speed writes


  • Best used to make your computer faster

9. XPG SX850 SSD for Gaming

XPG SX850 SSD for Gaming

The XPG SX850 is another solid-state drive that implements the latest 3D NAND Flash that is fulfilling for demanding gamers. The SSD has SLC caching and DRAM memory cache buffer built-in. With these fantastic features, you will quickly see how your gaming system improves. The read/write speeds up to 560/520 MB/s. The hardware supports Data Shaping and RAID Engine. You also get low-density parity check to help reduce data errors. If you are interested in one of the best budget SSDs for gaming check the price out here.


  • You receive a 3-year warranty
  • Read and writes fast
  • Performs well
  • Affordable


  • None noted

8. Gigastone SSD for Gaming

Gigastone SSD for Gaming

The Gigastone has a slim 7mm design that measures 2.5-inches. The hardware works with SATA III and offers you a read/write speed up to 560/300 MB/s. The MTBF is 2 million hours and has Intel MLC-NAND Flash and ideal to use for Ultra-Slim Notebooks, Laptops, and Ultrabooks. You receive a ten-year warranty on this product and can buy it here.


  • Affordable
  • Can use it on a MacBook Pro
  • Fast read and write
  • Excellent warranty


  • Build quality a bit low

7. Seagate Gaming SSHD

Seagate Gaming SSHD

Here we have an older version the Seagate SSHD gaming drive. The 500GB model performs the same as a solid-state drive to boot up your gaming rig faster. The dimensions 2.5-inches and is 7mm thin suitable to use in laptops and notebooks. For gaming on your laptop, the hardware will help improve the system to make game loading faster. You can even upgrade your PlayStation with the device. Included you receive a five-year warranty. What are you waiting for and get this SSD for your PC today?


  • Suitable to upgrade your PS4
  • Fast reading and writing speed
  • Affordable
  • Excellent warranty


  • None noted

6. XPG SX930 Gaming Solid State Drive

XPG SX930 Gaming Solid State Drive

Whether you need a 120GB to 1TB solid-state drive for gaming the XPG SX930 will come to your rescue. With slim design and dimension of 2.5-inches, it works in most computers. The hardware supports DDR3 DRAM Cache Buffer and works with NCQ. The read/write speeds up to 550/460 MB/s made for hardcore gamers. To make your purchase even better you receive a 5-year warranty with your product.


  • Excellent gaming speeds
  • Improves the overall read and write speed
  • Outstanding warranty
  • Great value


  • None noted

5. Pioneer SSD for Gaming

Pioneer SSD for Gaming

For upgrading your gaming PC, you can look at the Pioneer SSD. For the best budget SSD for gaming, this one will not disappoint you. The hardware works with 3D NAND Flash to give your PC an ultra-high speed upgrade. You will even not the efficient power saving when working with your device. The read/write speed is 520/440 MB/s and is four times faster than your traditional hard drive. Included you receive a three-year warranty on your purchase.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for different OS systems
  • Fast read and writes speed


  • None noted

4. Samsung EVO 850 SSD

Samsung EVO 850 SSD

Now you can speed up your PC with the Samsung EVO 850 SSD for gaming. With the 2.5-inch design, it fits in most PCs and laptops. The hardware works with 3D V-NAND and offers you a load of gaming storage space. With the 32 cell layers, the device gives you a higher density with fast speeds. You can buy the solid-state drive in a 120GB version here.


  • Fits into 25-inch spaces
  • Suitable for gaming
  • Affordable


  • Only works with older games

3. Crucial MX500 SSD

Crucial MX500 SSD

Do you want to keep photos, documents, music, or games on your PC, the Crucial MX500 solid-state drives made for you? You can improve the speed of your system and keep your information safe on this device. Your system will start in seconds and will shut down quickly. You can buy the SSD for gaming in different capacities ranging up to 1TB. The hardware installs easily and you get a five-year warranty included.


  • Great for game storage
  • Works with most file formats
  • Reasonable read and write speed


  • You need additional equipment such as a SATA to USB cable for cloning

2. Fantom Drives PS4 Upgrade Kit

Fantom Drives PS4 Upgrade Kit

If you need the best budget SSDs for gaming, you need the Fantom Drives kit to upgrade your PS4. The set comprises a Seagate Firecuda SSHD with a USB3.0 Flash Drive, a portable G-Force USB3.0 enclosure, Micro USB3.0 cable, and a carry pouch. The hardware works with all PS4 and PS3 gaming systems. You can store up to 80 times 25GB games and saves memory space on your gaming console. You can increase your hard drive space and the download speed of games is faster.


  • You receive a five-year warranty
  • Easy to set up
  • Great for extra storage
  • Loads game faster


  • Only made for the PS3 and PS4

1. Oyen Digital Gaming SSD for Xbox One

Oyen Digital Gaming SSD for Xbox One - budget SSDs

The U32 Shadow for your Xbox one is the best budget SSDs for gamers. If you need extra storage space, this is the one to buy. All you need to do is connect the hardware using the USB port. The device is ready to use in seconds and you can play your favorite games directly from the unit. The SSD has an aluminum structure to prevent damage. You receive a three-year warranty with the product. If you want to play demanding games but do not want to keep it on your gaming console, make sure to click here and look what the U32 Shadow has to offer you.


  • You can take your games with you anywhere
  • Easy to install
  • Portable and versatile to use


  • Made for the Xbox One

Final Thoughts

We hope that our best budget SSDs for gaming helps you to find a perfect one right here. If you are a demanding gamer, there is no need of spending a fortune to upgrade your PC, laptop, or gaming console. With the budget SSDs reviewed here, you can find an affordable one to fit in with your gaming lifestyle.


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