Best Budget Projector in 2020

Create your own movie night in the comfort of your home. There is no need of spending thousands of dollars on the latest TV. All you need is the best budget projector offering you fantastic attributes in screen resolution. You can get the popcorn, slush puppies, pack out the chairs and enjoy from indoor to the outdoor cinema with family and friends. Here we have budget-friendly options to suit every budget in different price ranges.

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The Best Budget Projector in 2020

10. Cozyswan GP9

Cozyswan GP9

You may think the Cozyswan GP9 looks like any other projector available on the market. Wrong there is a huge difference the price as it offers you the exact same features found in top-rated models. You get 1500 Lumens and it has onboard settings with a remote control. The only downside is the audio that fails to play. The product has a weight of 3.1 pounds and offers you multiple inputs.


  • You can adjust the picture up to 130-inches and has a projection distance up to 13.12-feet
  • Designed with multiple inputs to use with gaming consoles, TV box, and more
  • Can connect to your smartphone using a Wi-Fi dongle or HDMI adapter
  • Include a three-year warranty
  • The lumens is 1500 and has 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • The projection ratio is 1.4.1 and the native resolutions 800 x 480 pixels
  • Has manual keystone correction
  • Three-year warranty



For the best budget projector, you can look at the DBPOWER T20 model with up to 1500 lumens. For home entertainment, the apparatus offers fantastic brightness with an amazing price. The unit has heat dissipation to keep it cool and with the sound suppression technology, you cannot even hear the fan running.


  • Has a 176-inch display size up to 5 meters
  • Can view 130-inch images at 2.5m away and ideal for home entertainment
  • Equipped with a cooling system that works quietly
  • Offers versatility to connect different devices from your smartphone to USB drives
  • One-year warranty

8. Tenker Q5 Mini

Tenker Q5 Mini

The Tenker Q5 Mini is another budget projector with an affordable price to use in the comfort of your home. The throw distance is less than four feet and gets the job done. When placed at the furthest point from the screen you can view an image up to 150-inches. The fan works quietly and you get lifetime customer support. To connect the projector with your smart devices you will need a Wi-Fi dongle.


  • Available in black or white
  • Designed with 1500 lumen brightness
  • Has a huge projection screen with up to 100-inch image display out to 3 meters
  • Offers you multimedia connection to your smartphone and more
  • The cooling systems run quietly
  • 3-Year Warranty

7. ABDtech Projector

ABDtech Projector

For the best cinema experience at home, you need the ABDtech with 1000:1 contrast ratio. The output of this budget projectors 1200 lumens and has 3-watt speakers built-in. Even the lens is easy to focus and it has a 30-degree keystone correction.


  • Has 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • The output of 1200 lumens and supports 1080P media
  • Offers you multiple media input with HDMI and more
  • Has a built-in speaker with fan cooling system
  • One-year warranty

6. Crenova Mini LED Projector

Crenova Mini LED Projector

On the rear of the Crenova Mini LED projector, you find the keystone adjustment for ease of use. There is no need of accessing the menu or tilting the display to get the best viewing experience. The contrast ratio is 1000:1 and it works outstanding with mobile devices. The only problem is the speaker output is a bit on the low side and it is suitable for smaller screens.


  • The projection size is from 37-inches to 130-inches
  • The Crenova has a compact size that is a little bit larger than the iPad mini
  • Connects with most devices but does not have the latest HDMI
  • Works with most devices that have MHL function
  • One-year warranty

5. Elephas YG400

Elephas YG400

For another budget projector that is great to use for home entertainment look at the Elephas YG400. The power, infrared, and VGA ports on the back and has the USB, HDMI, and SD card slot on the side. Do you have limited space the FBA ELE projectors compact and ideal to use? The setup is quick and the LED bulbs mercury-free while the focus dial is a bit touch to use.


  • With the Elephas, you can adjust the image to 130-inches but best used at 100-inches
  • The projection distance is 13.12-feet and has a 600 x 480P native resolution
  • The unit supports 1080P images and the contrast ratio is 1000:1
  • You can connect a variety of devices such as your Fire TV Stick and more
  • Compact and lightweight to take anywhere and the lamp life is up to 30k-hours and mercury-free
  • Three-year warranty and include a free HDMI cable

4. iDGLAX iDG-787W


The budget project is ideal for gaming and watching movies in HD. The iDGLAX has a mini design and weighs 3-pounds. For hours of use, the double ball bearing fan helps prevent the equipment from overheating. The unit offers you a wide color gamut but the built-in speakers are weak.


  • The brightness of 2000 lumens with an 800 x 480 resolution
  • The contrast ratio is 1000:1 and works with 1080i/p images
  • Connects with most gaming consoles and other devices
  • The distance for viewing is up to 9-feet with an image size up to 90-inches
  • Lightweight at 3-pounds and you get a three-year warranty included
  • You need to buy the HDMI cable separate

3. Fugetek FG-857

Fugetek FG-857

When viewing budget projectors the biggest problem you face is, it has very little inputs. However, the Fugetek FG-857 offers you a dual HDMI slot with coaxial TV connection and more. You can connect your gaming console and enjoy a great game session. The keystone adjustments easy but does not provide you with the brightest option. Furthermore, it is not lightweight and weighs 8.3-pounds.


  • Has a native resolution of 1280 x 800 and compatible with 1080i/p formats
  • Setup is quick and works with plug-and-play
  • Has a variable throw distance up to 100-inches
  • Suitable to use for small offices, churches, and more
  • Loads of input with the two HDMI, USB ports and more
  • One-year warranty

2. Dihome Di005B

Dihome Di005B

For viewing movies at home on a limited budget, the Dihome Di005B is the best budget projector you can buy. The unit presents you with 1200 lumens and produces a display of up to 120-inches. There is an SD card reader built-in but the fan is a bit on the noisy side. Furthermore, it weighs 3.3 pounds making it lightweight to take anywhere. Another fantastic thing is the assortment of color designs available.


  • Brightness 1200 lumens with a contrast ratio of 1500:1
  • Native resolutions 800 x 480 and RGB supported
  • Made with an optical glass lens and upgraded LED bulb with up to 50k-hours use
  • Displays an image size up to 120-inches out to 7-feet
  • Has four inputs comprising HDMI, AV, VGA, and USB
  • Has built-in speakers and include a year warranty

1. Ragu Z720

Ragu Z720 - Budget Projector

The Ragu Z720 might be a budget projector but has loads of features making it worthwhile buying. The bulb has a 30,000-hour lamp life and it has a dedicated SD card slot as well. The unit supports 1080p content and has HDMI and VGA cables included. Furthermore, it is lightweight at 2.3-pounds and makes for a great travel companion.


  • Supports HDMI and VGA connected devices
  • The lamp life is 30,000-hours
  • The fan is silent and helps keep the unit cool
  • You can connect it to your smartphone and other devices
  • The contrast ratio is 1000:1
  • You receive a 12-month warranty included with all the hardware needed to set it up

Final Thoughts

Do you have a limited budget and want to enjoy the best movie experience at home? Buy the best budget projector reviewed here and get your theater up and running. With the selection offered, you can find one that fits in with your lifestyle and cash needs.

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Best Projector Screen in 2020

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