Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker in 2021

Are you an audiophile with a limited budget? Do want to take your sound with you on the go? You need the best budget Bluetooth speaker reviewed here. Yes, we know to get the true quality sound you are looking at $200. However, this does not mean cheaper options not going to sound great. The brands on offer here give you portability and some even have a waterproof design that is great for a pool party. Therefore, check out the top 10 Bluetooth speakers here made for your budget.

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The Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker

10. JBL Clip 2 Snap-on Speaker

JBL Clip 2 Snap-on Speaker

For an ultra cheap Bluetooth speaker you need the snap-on JBL Clip 2. The speakers waterproof and look petite. However, do not let the pettiness fool you this unit has a powerful sound. The battery use is long lasting and with the waterproof design, it is one of the best pool companions. You can hook it up in seconds to enjoy pumping sounds.


  • Assorted colors available
  • IPX7 water rated
  • Works with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Has a 3.5mm Aux-in
  • Include a mic for calls
  • Can connect it with two more JBL Clip 2 speakers

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9. Creative Muvo Mini Speaker

Creative Muvo Mini Speaker

Do you need a budget Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof? You need the Muvo Mini from Creative with its durable structure and excellent audio. The battery is decent and it offers you a fuss-free NFC connection. The built-in micro drivers offer you a pumping stereo sound.


  • Can answer calls through the speaker
  • Get big bass with the built-in radiator
  • Amazing stereo with the micro drivers
  • IP66 rated against splashes and dust
  • Available in four stunning colors
  • Easy connect with NFC

8. Dell AD211 Wireless Speaker

Dell AD211 Wireless Speaker

Here we have another cheap Bluetooth speaker the AD211 from Dell. Use it in the dorm or at the bonfire outside the speaker gets loud. The sound quality is great and it has an excellent battery life. You can use the NFC connect to pair up different devices. The biggest downside it is not very portable and weighs 2.32 lbs.


  • Portable design
  • Pairs easily with devices via the NFC
  • Outstanding sound with the drivers built-in
  • Excellent range up to 33-feet

7. UE Roll 2

UE Roll 2

For the poolside, you need the UE Roll2 one of the best budget Bluetooth speaker on the market. The waterproof design makes sure that the speakers protected against splashes. The small design enables you to fit it in your bag and it has a 50-foot Wi-Fi range. The mid and highs are superb and you can pick your color.


  • Available in seven assorted colors
  • Two built-in drivers with two tweeters
  • IPX7 rated against dust and water
  • Has a 3.5mm audio output and connects to your smartphone
  • Can pair it with up to eight devices and use two devices at the same time
  • Has a 9-hour battery use

6. UE Wonderboom

UE Wonderboom

The UE Wonderboom might not have a speakerphone but works just as well with the waterproof design. You get a 360-degree sound that is perfect for a beach party. You can pick your favorite color from five design to fit in with your lifestyle. The wireless range is excellent at 100-feet.


  • Five assorted colors
  • Include a 90-day warranty
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 100-feet
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Offers you up to 10-hours battery use

5. JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip 3

For a fantastic audio at your next family gathering, bring out the JBL Flip 3. The budget Bluetooth speaker is full of sound and ultra-portable to take anywhere. You get a 10-hour battery use and have an internal microphone to take calls. For charging, it has a mini USB charging port and you can use it for wired listening as well.


  • Four stunning colors to choose
  • Include a one-year warranty
  • Offers you wireless streaming and connects up to three devices
  • Has a speakerphone to take calls
  • Has a splash-proof design
  • Can connect it to multiple JBL speakers for the best party sound

4. UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2

Do you need the ultimate party speaker at an affordable price look at the UE Boom 2? The designs brilliant and offers you outstanding features. You can enjoy listening to clear sound at 360-degrees. With the hands-free call, you can use it with Amazon Alexa. The speakers IP67 rated against water splashes.


  • Available in four fantastic colors
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • IP67 waterproof rated
  • Two drivers built-in with two passive radiators

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3. Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speaker

With the Sony SRS-X 11, you get an outstanding frequency response. To liven up any party the portable Bluetooth speaker has a budget price. The item only weighs 7 ounces making it lightweight and compact to take anywhere. The sounds powerful and will not leave you disappointed.


  • Made with 10 watts digital amplification
  • Designed with a single speaker and dual passive radiators
  • Up to 12-hours battery use
  • Speakerphone functionality
  • Charges via mini USB port

2. Sony SRSHG1


With the Sony SRSHG1, you get a high-resolution audio with seamless streaming. You can connect the speaker via NFC or Bluetooth and it offers you extra bass to liven up your beach party. It can even unit the music with SongPal. You get up to 12-hours of battery, so no worrying about the music fading before the party.


  • Portable design to take anywhere
  • Available in stunning colors
  • 12-hours Battery Life
  • Control music with the SongPal app
  • Connect via Bluetooth or NFC

1. Razer Leviathan Mini

Razer Leviathan Mini - budget Bluetooth speaker

For the best budget, Bluetooth speaker with an ultra-portable design looks no further than the Razer Leviathan Mini. You can pair the speaker with a second unit for a pumping surround sound. The unit has a built-in speakerphone to take calls with up to 10-hours battery use.


  • Has a microphone for taking calls
  • Can link wirelessly to two Leviathan Mini speakers
  • 10-hour Battery Life
  • Sleek portable design with stellar sound

Final Thoughts

Who said you couldn’t find the best budget Bluetooth speaker! Pick the best one from our top 10 and get your party started. Each wireless speaker reviewed here offers you portability, versatility, pumping sound, amazing colors, and Bluetooth connection.


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