Why Are Bose Speakers So Expensive? 

Bose speakers

Since 1966 Bose Company involved itself in the business of making radios, iPhone docks, home theater components, as well as headphones. The intriguing thing about their products is the price tags placed on their products in comparison to other products. Despite featuring high priced items, Bose has remained as one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to audio devices.

A look at different reviews indicates that Bose devices feature low-quality products with poor quality sound. However, this put into perspective does not explain the huge sales made by Bose. As such this review delves into explaining why Bose speakers are so expensive.

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Human experience 

One of the philosophies that the owner of Bose carries around with him is about the human experience. He indicates that human experience offers the best measure speaker systems despite the electrical specifications linked to each. As such, all Bose products offer increased experience to their customers rather than a show of different specifications that try to prove quality.

Following this philosophy, Bose does not publish any technical specifications on their products. As such, while other companies boast of better products by a preview of their specifications, Bose products compete on the level of customer satisfaction.

In view of this, the pricing strategy employed by Bose does not put into consideration the specifications of the specific items rather the assumed benefit every user accrues from using their item. As such, comparing a device with similar features reveals high pricing than devices from other companies.


Sticking to the above philosophy, Dr. Amar Bose believes that it is not the size of a speaker that determines the user’s experience. As such he went on to create speakers that are not defined by their size rather their output.

For instance, you will see a small speaker with a high price tag on it. Judging by the size, the price isn’t worth it. However, judging by the audio produced you cannot compare the device with other devices with similar size. This is because Bose has applied the use of quality products that do not increase the size of devices rather the quality of sound produced.

A look at the companies profile over the years reveals the debuting of various technologies by the company. They invent and use than others follow. They have a lot of firsts pegged upon the company. On the other hand, they feature a majority of patents of technologies they have engineered. This explains the high price indications on their products.


The second thing that Bose invests a lot in is research. Since their products feature custom components, each is uniquely designed to offer increased satisfaction to their consumers. Talking of the quality checks present at Bose is enough to guarantee the high price tags on their products. Furthermore, the huge chunk of engineers in their industries who play a key role in engineering their products scoops huge sums of money thus adding to the total price of the products they produce.

Donations to research

Bose does donations to MIT in support of research. These amount to around 50% of my money. This indicates that while the prices of the company’s products seem high, The money plowed back towards ensuring development, as well as the invention of new technologies, is huge.

As such this justifies the continued increased prices of Bose products in the market presently.


Bose invest heavily in their marketing plans. Be it the sophisticated showrooms or sections in every showroom featuring their products. Furthermore, the heavy online presence of their adverts tells it all.

What changed the marketing plan of Bose was that sound perception greatly relies on the listening environment. As such, they do not only place their products on the display anyhow but create the right environment to listen to good music. A result is increased expenditure on the creation of these environments in different stores.


Companies like Apple have had a reputation for having quality products however they have highly-priced their products since time immemorial. This also falls so for the Bose speakers. Since 1966 the Bose Company has been known to engineer good as well as quality products as such, the justification for the prices indicated for the different products.

While most musicians bash Bose speakers on the fact that they do not use audiophiles can never prove justification for a lesser price.

While Bose continues to engineer quality products, its customer base continues to grow with more satisfied customers. Research is their thing and they are right into it in order to invent the world.

While audiophiles continue to bash them, the fact remains that Bose engineer quality product which justifies their higher prices.

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