Bose SoundTrue Ultra | Best Balance Sound Earphone in 2021

Bose SoundTrue Ultra is in-ear headphones made for people who prefer not jamming ear tips into the ears. Furthermore, the secret is the StayHear tips attached to the buds conforming to your ear.The buds fit comfortable and secure without getting lost. So do you need comfortable in-ear earphones?

The SoundTrue Ultra comes highly recommended! Moreover, if you do not believe us read the full Bose SoundTrue Ultra review that follows here.

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Review For Bose SoundTrue Ultra

-Bose SoundTrue Ultra

Bose SoundTrue Ultra Design

SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones are one of the most popular earphones for comfort. However, as with most earbuds, it has a drawback, and that is the open design allowing in sound. What’s more, they are not wireless but do have the noise-isolating feature. The Bose is an excellent option for commuters and runners looking for the brand name but not the price.

On the other hand, the earphones look distinctive and recognizable by the odd devil horn wingtips of silicone. The cables candy striped and sure to attract the attention of passersby. On things sure, Bose aims for comfort, and this is what you get with the SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones. A standout is the wingtips hooking under the outer-ear cartilage fold. With the design, we found pulling out the ear tips easy, and the silicone is super soft. With first impressions, they look plain with a classic mix of light and dark gray. You get them in black or white color.

Are you active or do sports? You will love the T-shape slipper blending into the cable and below it is a shirt clip to keep the wire in place.

Usually, the latter is a feature left out of the box. However, with it included, it is handy to have. When jogging, it prevents microphone noise as well. On the other hand, you get a three-button remote available in a wide selection of version for the iOS and Android device. The noise isolation is okay, and you can use them on a bus journey or train. Furthermore, the earphones work well when making calls, and you can still hear others in a noisy environment. Another bonus is the nicely designed carrying case.

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How Well Do They Sound?

-Bose SoundTrue Ultra

Compared to the SoundTrue in-ears, the SoundTrue Ultra is a higher-end version and delivers a balanced sound. The sound remains impressive and provides a warm sound signature.

So if you want an accurate sound that is flat but also fun, these are perfect. The tonal balance is solid with a rich bass while the trebles natural. You will find them balanced well, but if you need more bass, it is on the low-end side.

The mids are a bit recessed and more tuned in for high-end sounds and remain middleweight players. Even the highs give a clean and sparkly sound with a quick response without crinkles.

Furthermore, no dips or peaks are breaking down the sound. A fact is for in-ears the soundstage is nice, but as mentioned if you love loud music these are tuned less sensitive.

However, we still found them loud enough and depend on your taste.

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Bose SoundTrue Ultra Specs

  • Color: Black, White, Frost Gray
  • Form Factor: In-ear
  • Extras: Sweat & Weather-Resistant, T-joint Design
  • Included: Three pairs of ear tips, clothing clip, carry case
  • Sound Output: Stereo
  • Volume Controls: In-cord
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Weight: 17.9 grams

Pros and Cons Bose SoundTrue Ultra


  • Balanced Sound
  • Comfortable
  • Includes a clip to avoid microphone sounds
  • Stay Secure
  • Integrated Inline Remote
  • Include a compact carrying case


  • Expensive

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Why Should You Buy the SoundTrue Ultra Headphones

-Bose SoundTrue Ultra

Are you looking for clean-sounding comfortable in-ear headphones with noise isolation? You will love the SoundTrue Ultra earphones.

They stay in the ear and are the most comfortable headphones to wear on the go. You get high-quality audio from the Bose brand.

You can use it with your Android or iOS devices to talk hands-free. To top it all, you can control your music with different functions as well.

The deep and rich sound is immersive, and it does a reasonable job isolating out background noise. On the other hand, the earphones are sweat and water-resistant, making them great running partners for outdoors.

For iOS operating systems, there is also a separate version Bose created especially for them. When on busy stations or airports, you will get minimal outside interference, but it does lack some finesse found in most other Bose designs.

You will love the silicone ear tips and the sounds real as the name applies.

Our Verdict

With the Bose SoundTrue Ultra, you get the best-sounding in-ear headphones with a comfortable fit. The sound is reliable and decent for commuting. The earphones are small with a lightweight construction delivering deep and rich sounds over a wide frequency range. The sealed acoustic design gives you immersive listening to hear every detail of a tune.

Furthermore, the carry case with the clip included is handy have. You can use the clip when jogging to keep the cable secure and prevent microphone sounds. The carry pouch is perfect for keeping the headphones safe while traveling. What’s more, you can run and walk with them without it falling out of your ears.

What more do you need, so check it out today and decide if you need them for your specific acoustic needs. On the other hand, if you need something less expensive with Bluetooth connection you can always consider the Tribit XFree Tune instead.

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