Bose Frames | The Audio Sunglasses That Sound Good

Who thought the Bose Frames would catch on after the marketing of reality glasses? Furthermore, why would a brand known for audio gear make tech-filled sunglasses?

However, with all the doubts, we have to admit these Frames surprised us. The wearable looks cool and doubles up as audio gear.

While you cannot call them headphones, they remain a personal preference. So what is all the hype?

Read the Bose Frames review here and find out!

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Bose Frames Review

Bose Frame Design

- Bose Frames

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Bose Frames offers you sunglasses with Bose Technology to take calls and play music. At first glance, they look like regular spectacles with a difference there are speakers in each arm with a microphone near each temple.

Once on the face, they do feel bulkier than your standard sunglasses but not too heavy and weighs 45 grams. You get two styles the Rondo made for smaller heads and the Alto for larger heads.

Unfortunately, the style may not be appealing to all and best to try them on before you buy. The frames fitted with polarized lenses and the Alto has a square frame with the Rondo that is rounder looking more retro.

You find the entire tech from motion sensors, batteries, to the Bluetooth housed in the arm. While the frame and lenses feel cheap, they are clear to see through and tinted well.

A nice touch Bose added is you can swap the lenses out for different colored ones. Furthermore, the frame is water-resistant with an IPX2 rating.

Under the right arm, you find a gold matching button and sits beside your right temple to use. So if you are left-handed, it may become difficult to use.

Alternatively, it can become a problem when adjusting the glasses on the face as you might press them accidentally. Another learning curve we had, do not flip the Frames upside down.

If you do this, it disconnects from your Bluetooth enabled device.

So for audio glasses, how does the Bose Frame sound?

-Bose Frames

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The sound is impressive but not as immense as wearing true wireless earbuds. Compared to other audio sunglasses, you get enough bass that sounds nice and open.

Surprisingly they are loud and do start distorting when going higher than 70% volume. Therefore, listen to tunes on max instead.

Furthermore, they leak little sound, and people around you will not even hear the music or you speaking to someone on a call. Yes, you can use them for hands-free calls and work well.

You can hear callers in a busy street even with the surrounding noise.

On the other hand, what is disappointing is the battery life!

- Bose Frames

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You get 3.5-hours of playback and depend on the volume you use. The standby time is up to 12-hours.

Still, Work in Progress

The Bose Frames built to work with their new audio reality platform. Compared to video-based AR, the Bose augmented-reality platform delivers acoustic feedback based on GPS and the direction you are facing.

You have a nine-axis head motion sensor, and according to them, you get details of buildings when facing them instead of looking at your screen.

Now it remains work in progress, and Bose plans to add gesture controls in the future. However, for now, you can only use the Frame for making calls and streaming audio.

You get a multifunction button to switch the audio on and off, answer/end calls, and skip tracks. Once you turn the glasses upside down, it switches off after two seconds. To adjust the volume, you need to use your device’s controls.

Included you get a case with cleaning cloth and stores the charging cable as well — the Frames charge in less than two hours with a magnetic pogo-pin cable.

Bose Frames Specs

  • Battery: Charging time up to 2-hours and 3.5-hours playback
  • Color: Blue, Silver, Rose Gold
  • Connection: Bluetooth with a 30 ft range
  • Extras: Built-in microphone, UVA/UVB protection, augmented-reality ready, tracks the last eight paired devices
  • Form: Open-ear
  • Included: Carry case, cloth bag, charging cable
  • Style: Alto and Rondo
  • Water Rated: IPX2
  • Voice Assistant: Yes


Pros and Cons Bose Frames


  • Decent sound with the micro speakers
  • Comfortable
  • Can use it to make calls and listen to music
  • Private audio
  • Stylish


  • Not a great battery life
  • No prescription lenses yet
  • AR features are work in progress

Why Should You Buy the Bose Frames

-Bose Frames

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones, Alto M/L , Black - with Bluetooth Connectivity
Open-ear audio allows you to stay aware of your surroundings, while enjoying your music; Integrated microphone for clear calls and access to your phone’s virtual assistant

Last update on 2020-04-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you want a pair of sunglasses that doubles up as earphones, you will love the Bose Frames. While it does lack bass, the sound remains good to listen to any genre music.

The glasses are appealing for listening to audiobooks and podcasts, providing you with less audible leakage. Concerning the AR, it remains work in progress but offers loads of potential.

So far, Bose Frames are impressive and offer an excellent listening experience with style while on the go.

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Our Verdict

On first impressions, the Bose Frames look like a pair of impregnated shades with infant speakers. You get wireless audio providing your eyes with protection against the sun and do not obscure your ears.

However, audio sunglasses are more than a novelty and work well. Bose has informed that they are working on making prescription lenses so you will shortly be seeing them in the gym.

On the other hand, you will be able to use them with other audio technology formats. So keep your eyes on the updates if you prefer waiting for the 2nd gen one.

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