Best Bonsai Tree Watering Cans in 2021

Do you own a bonsai tree? If you do, you know it needs particular attention and care. The bonsai needs nurturing with unique tools to keep it healthy. Not only does it require trimming you need to water it carefully. You cannot just use any standard watering can, you need a special bonsai tree watering can to get the job done right the first time. Check our top 10 bonsai tree watering cans here and find one that fits in with your budget and needs.

The watering cans to keep your bonsai tree hydrated have a particular design and are small to handle easily. You will be able to provide your tree with just enough water it needs. The cans durably made and constructed well to take with you anywhere. You may even find a self-watering can work for the times you happen to forget to water the tree.

Check below for the best bonsai tree watering can now!

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Best Bonsai Tree Watering Cans to buy 

10. Succulent Watering Bottle

Succulent Watering Bottle

Whether you have a bonsai tree or tiny plants, the Succulent Watering Bottle can help keep your plants healthy and hydrated. You receive three bottles that take up to 250ml of water. With the specially designed catheter, it prevents spills, and you keep one at home, the office, and even at your vacation place. The spout is long, and all you have to do is squeeze. The product has a transparent design with a smooth twist off the top to refill. You receive included a 30-day return policy if you happen to find fault with the item.


  • Perfect size to take with you anywhere
  • Can even water African violet plants
  • Versatile to use to refill your steam iron

9. Plastic Watering Can

Plastic Watering Can

Here we have another affordable bonsai tree watering can construct with plastic and available in a green color. If you do not like the green shade, there are other options available as well. You can fill it up with refreshing water as it holds up to 54 ounces. With the retro look, you can hold it comfortably in hand and pour with ease. The plastic container you can use indoors and outdoors throughout the year. The capacity is enough to keep your bonsai tree hydrated without filling it up to the brim.


  • Some nice hot summer colors
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • According to consumers, it does not hold enough water

8. Haws Handy Indoor Watering Can

Haws Handy Indoor Watering Can

For a small and balanced bonsai tree, watering you can look at the Haws Handy Indoor product. If you know the Haws range, you might have noticed it is a mini version of their big model. The containers made of plastic and suitable to use indoors to keep your seedlings, orchids, bonsai trees and more hydrated. The brass rose spout you can remove. The products from England and has a capacity of up to 1 pint.


  • Great to water seedlings
  • Made of thick plastic
  • Small and easy to use
  • Great to leave out on display

7. Deluxe Brushed Stainless Steel Watering Can

Deluxe Brushed Stainless Steel Watering Can

If you prefer something, more in the steel range compared to plastic the following bonsai tree watering can please you. The Deluxe is great for using anywhere and makes for one of the best watering cans for your small plants. You can quickly fill it up as it has a capacity of 1.3 quarts and the mouth measures 2-inches. The handles curved and the spout measures 8-inches. Oh yes and before we forget it has a brushed stainless steel structure. Now you can leave the water can outside in the sun and rain. We know it is not Christmas yet, but you can feel assured it makes a perfect gift all year round.


  • Well made
  • One robust design and durable
  • Nice size and comfortable in the hand when you hold it


  • The only complaint is the packaging when shipped from the supplier

6. Esschert Design Stainless Steel Watering Can

Esschert Design Stainless Steel Watering Can

Here we have another stainless steel bonsai tree watering can from Esschert Design. The container has a stylish design that holds up to 1 quart of water. Use the item indoors and outdoors to keep your small plants hydrated. The constructions durable compared to plastic and should last quite a while. The product measures 14-inches x 15.1-inches x 6.1-inches and not too big.



  • Gorgeous shape
  • Makes watering small plants easier without the spill


  • A minor negative is that some water stays behind and you need to empty it through the top and not the spout

5. IMEEA Watering Can

IMEEA Watering Can

One more stainless steel structure that is small enough to water your bonsai tree is the IMEEA Watering Can. The modern design fits in anywhere when displayed and holds up to 11 oz of water. The exterior has a brushed finish to resist corrosion and more. You can place it on your desk to keep small plants hydrated. The item measures 9.58-inches x 4.73-inches x 4.14-inches. Compared to the other bonsai tree watering cans reviewed here – this one comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Fabulous design
  • Holds enough water to keep your small plants hydrated
  • Does not spill
  • Durable


  • Holds a cup of water so do not expect too much volume

4. Calunce Long Spout Watering Can

Calunce Long Spout Watering Can

If you love nostalgic styles, you will appreciate the Calunce bonsai tree watering can. Add some European flavor to the office and home with the retro-styled design and choose your preferred color. The containers handmade of iron have a comfortable handle, and well made. The spout is long enough to keep small plants hydrated with just enough water. The tank holds up to 1.7-liter water and does not weigh a ton.


  • Sturdy design
  • Cute
  • Holds enough water


  • The container corrodes on the inside

3. Richson Self-Watering Can

Richson Self-Watering Can

If you are forgetful and do not want to let your small plants wither away, you need a self-watering can. Here we have the Richson bonsai tree watering can sell at an affordable price. The containers made of recycled plastic. The products perfect to use when you are away on vacation. The water drops slowly to water your plants. The watering stick is practical to make use of for one week, and you receive a pack of five.


  • Recycled plastic
  • Saves you time in watering your bonsai tree
  • Lasts up to a week
  • Refills easily

2. Brass Mister Bonsai Tree Watering Can

Brass Mister Bonsai Tree Watering Can

Another great way to keep your bonsai tree hydrated is by using the Brass Mister. You can choose your preferred color to fit in with your home and office décor. The product has a compact design and works like a charm. The container holds up to 10 fl oz and keeps humidifying your plants in dry climates. Not only is the watering container small it has a fantastic look with the brass finish.


  • Pumps a fine mist
  • Gorgeous design
  • Sealed well and does not spill


  • The lid is not easy to screw onto the water tank

1. Bosmere Haws Plastic Long Reach Watering Can

Bosmere Haws Plastic Long Reach Watering Can-bonsai tree watering cans

The Bosmere bonsai tree watering cans made of recyclable plastic. The oval brass watering rose you can remove, and it has a great angled downspout to give your plants the precise water needed. The high neck design implemented by Haws prevents water from coming out of the top when tipped. You can point the rose upwards to give your bonsai tree a gentle spray. For a more significant mist, you only need to position it downwards. For perfect balance, the water can have two handles, and you get a five-year warranty included. The container can hold up to 1.3 gallons of water.


  • Holds a decent amount of water
  • Excellent design
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile

Final Thoughts

We hope that our top 10 best bonsai tree watering cans available in 2021 help you to find a suitable one for your needs. As you know, your tree only needs watering when the soil is slightly dry. Once it needs, watering it requires thorough soaking at the root. You can accomplish this by using a particular watering can for your bonsai tree. Make sure you get your watering can here and keep your small plants hydrated.


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