Best Bluetooth Speaker under $50 in 2021

There is no need of breaking your bank when looking for a Bluetooth speaker? You can find a high-quality one right here with us on our best Bluetooth speaker under $50 review. The speakers portable and enable you to connect wirelessly to your smart devices. Furthermore, you get fantastic features with the most advanced technologies and sizes. Some of them allow you to charge your mobile devices and offers you a couple of hours of playback. So if you are looking for a cheap Bluetooth speaker makes sure to check our review list here.

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Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker in 2021

The Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

10. Forcovr Bluetooth Speaker

Forcovr Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing comes more affordable in Bluetooth speakers than the Forcovr model with its compact and portable design. With the lightweight structure, it also has a colorful exterior with fantastic sound. The D85 will become your audio companion while on the go. In the small body, you get the 3D Dynamic sound effect with a wireless connection.


  • The speaker has a built-in wireless connection, a driver, passive subwoofer, magnetic horn and bass diaphragm
  • The exterior has a metal matte look with a LED light display
  • Has FM Radio Function and supports a TF card that is not included
  • You get hands-free calling with volume control and more
  • Can use it with all Bluetooth 3.0 enabled devices up to 32-feet away
  • The rechargeable battery offers you up to 40hours of use
  • You get a 12-month warranty and a micro USB cable included

9. Vomach Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Vomach Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Another Bluetooth speaker under $50 is the Vomach with its waterproof design. For outdoor use, the speakers perfect and it is also protected against dust. Whether you are tailgating or hiking the Vomach has a lightweight design to take anywhere. You can make hands free calls and control it with the onboard buttons. The speaker connects with Bluetooth 4.2 that is super fast and offers you stereo sound.


  • IPX6 waterproof and dustproof rated
  • Offers you hand free calls with volume control
  • You can stream content in stereo sound
  • Connects to Bluetooth 4.2 enabled devices up to 33-feet away
  • Has auto connection after pairing it with your smartphone for the first time
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 6-hours of use

8. OontZ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

OontZ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For clear sound, while on the move, you need the OontZ Bluetooth speaker offering you distinct highs and mids. You can stream music from Spotify and Pandora directly to the unit when connected to your smart devices. The product has an IPX5 splash-proof rating and suitable to use in the shower.


  • Made with two acoustic drivers delivering stereo sound
  • Has a bass radiator for the best bass sound
  • IPX5 Splash Proof Rated
  • Weighs under 10 ounces and has a compact design with a rechargeable battery
  • You get up to 12-hours of battery use
  • Connects via Bluetooth to different mobile devices
  • Works well with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot
  • Include a 3.5mm audio cable to use with non-Bluetooth devices
  • Built-in mic for hands-free use
  • You receive the audio cable and USB cable included

7. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

For a cheap Bluetooth speaker under $50, you need the Anker Soundcore offering you fantastic sound. The deep bass is exceptional without distortion. The battery use is up to 24-hours and it connects without any problems via Bluetooth 4.0 to your mobile devices. The speakers have a drop-proof build and the controls seamless to use.


  • Has two drivers built-in with a bass port
  • The rechargeable battery offers you up to 24-hours of playtime
  • Connects with Bluetooth 4.0 and holds a connection up to 66-feet
  • Has a durable drop-proof design and made of a tactile material
  • You can receive hands-free calls with the built-in mic
  • Available in different colors red, black, and blue
  • Connects to Alexa-enabled devices
  • You get an 18-month warranty included

6. Anker Classic Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Classic Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For enjoying high-definition tunes, you need the Anker Classic portable Bluetooth speaker that looks like a cube. Inside the casing are 4-watt 2-inch drivers and it has a bass port. You can take it with you anywhere and listen to music up to 15-hours. The device automatically connects to the last connected gadget and offers you music streaming. You can use it with Bluetooth 2.1 and over and has a 3.5mm audio port to use with wired devices.


  • Designed with a four-watt two-inch driver and has a bass port
  • The batteries rechargeable and gives you up to 15-hours of battery use
  • The speaker automatically connects to the last used device
  • Can connect it with Bluetooth 2.1 and above
  • Use it with your wired devices via the 3.5mm audio port
  • The connection range is up to 33-feet
  • Has a built-in mic for hands-free use
  • You receive the micro USB cable, 3.5mm audio wire, and a travel pouch included
  • The products backed with an 18-month warranty

5. DOSS Bluetooth Speaker

DOSS Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing beats the sound of the DOSS another affordable Bluetooth speaker with touch control. You can enjoy stereo sound while on the go and automatically reconnects to your device. The drivers give you a 12-watt output and you can listen to music up to 12-hours on a full charge.


  • Designed with touch control and portable to take anywhere
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and automatically reconnects to your last used device
  • Powerful rechargeable battery with up to 12-hours of use
  • The sound outputs 12-watts
  • Can switch between Bluetooth, Aux-In, and micro SD
  • Has a built-in mic for taking calls
  • Offers you a 360-degree stereo sound
  • Two built-in 6-watt drivers

4. Mix Hero Bluetooth Speaker

Mix Hero Bluetooth Speaker

Who said you could not buy the best Bluetooth speaker under $50? Here we have the Mix Hero with a wind tube design comprising dual 10-watt drivers. The total output of the speakers 20-watts and only weighs 15-ounces making it weightless to take anywhere. Connect your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices and take the 15-ounce speaker with you backpacking.


  • Connects with Bluetooth 4.0 and you can use it with your iOS devices hands-free
  • The connecting range is up to 30-feet
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 12-hours of playtime
  • Gives you a sound output of 20-watts with the built-in drivers and has a bass port
  • Lightweight at 15-ounces
  • You receive the micro USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable and user guide included

3. Photive M90 Bluetooth Speaker

Photive M90 Bluetooth Speaker

The following Bluetooth speaker from Photive the M90 has a built-in subwoofer with 20-watts of power. With IPX5, water-resistant rating you can take it outdoors and the shower. The battery use is up to 10-hours and has a rubberized finish with an aluminum grill to display anywhere.


  • Waterproof design and IPX5 certified against splashes
  • Powerful stereo sound with the dual 20-watt drivers and passive subwoofer
  • The battery used is up to 10-hours
  • Made with a rubberized finish with stylish aluminum grill
  • Connects with most Bluetooth enabled devices
  • You receive extra the micro USB cable, AUX cable, and a year warranty

2. Tronsmart Mega Bluetooth Speaker

Tronsmart Mega Bluetooth Speaker

The Tronsmart Mega is another Bluetooth Speaker you can buy for less than $50. You get an intuitive touch panel with gesture control. The sounds fantastic with the 40-watt output and it has a large built-in subwoofer horn. You can listen to the 3D digital sound and get wireless stereo sound. With the powerful battery, you can listen to music up to 15-hours and connects easily with the Bluetooth 4.2 technology to any mobile device.


  • Has an insightful touch panel with motion control
  • Powered by a large subwoofer horn with a 40-watt sound output
  • Built-in DSP technology to listen to the 3D digital sound
  • You can pair two of the Mega speakers together for pumping sound
  • The rechargeable battery offers you up to 15-hours use
  • Connects with most smart devices via Bluetooth 4.2 for up to 20 meters away
  • Connects quickly with the NFC function
  • Works with iOS and Android devices
  • Can use it with the 3.5mm audio cable to connect wired devices
  • You receive extra the USB cable and AUX cable

1. SoundBasics Bluetooth Speaker

SoundBasics Bluetooth Speaker - Bluetooth speaker

Last on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers, under $50 is the SoundBasics model. With this speaker, you can keep your distance up to 30-feet and connect it to an iOS or Android device. The device has two 40mm front side speakers with two backside subwoofers. You can connect it with your Bluetooth enabled devices or use it with a wired connection. The batteries rechargeable and offers you up to 10-hours of listening to music.


  • Has a wireless connection range of up to 30-feet
  • Connects with iOS, Android, PCs, Laptops and more
  • Can use it with wired devices by connecting them with the 3.5mm audio cable included
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 10-hours uses
  • There is a battery level indicator present
  • Has a two-sided speaker design with two 5-watt 40mm front speaker and two subwoofers on the back
  • Can use it for hands-free calls and works with SIRI

Final Thoughts

As you can see our list of the best Bluetooth speakers, under $50 packed with some amazing brands and prices. Now you can take your speaker with you connected to your smartphone to listen to pumping music on the go. Whether you plan to have a beach party, pool party, or need music in the shower, we are sure you will find one that fits in with your needs here.


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