An indisputable fact is that we as humans spend most of our time in the car. That is why it is important to invest in the best Bluetooth speaker for cars. You will not only be able to listen to music on the go but also be able to receive hands-free calls. Furthermore, the speakerphone helps you to stream music live from your smartphone and enables you to listen to the big game. Here we get you connected with the top 10 best Bluetooth speaker for cars – so make sure to read the review and get yourself one. You will not be disappointed.

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 Our Best Choice

Jabra Freeway Car Bluetooth Speaker
Jabra Freeway Car Bluetooth Speaker

Jabra Freeway

Car Bluetooth Speaker


  • Built-in speakerphone for hands-free use
  • Can play back music, podcasts, and more with the A2DP streaming
  • Can forward your calls and music to your radio with the built-in FM transmitter
  • Offers you up to 14-hours talk time and has auto on/off
  • Can connect up to two Smartphones simultaneously
  • Designed with a three-way 7-watt speaker syst
For the best virtual surround sound in your car, you need the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speaker. The unit consists of a triple-set 7-watt speaker system when not using the FM function. You can run it through the speakers of your car or use the onboard drivers.

Motorola Sonic Rider

Bluetooth Speaker


  • Designed with a 2-watt speaker, echo, and noise reduction
  • Offers you up to 45-hours of talk time only
  • Hands-free use to make and receive calls with your voice
  • Notifies you when the battery is low, caller name, and more
  • Can switch between two devices with the multipoint connection
For exceptional noise cancellation when traveling by car and receiving calls, you need the Motorola Sonic Rider. You can even reduce the echo background noises with the speaker. You get up to 45-hours of use and connect to different Bluetooth enabled devices. Offers you up to six connections for different devices and automatically connects to them as well.


Motorola Sonic Rider Bluetooth Speaker
Motorola Sonic Rider Bluetooth Speaker

Also Top Pick

Jabra Tour Car Bluetooth Speaker
Jabra Tour Car Bluetooth Speaker

Jabra Tour Car

Bluetooth Speaker


  • Has a large speaker with high definition voice and noise cancellation
  • Can control the speaker with your voice once connected to your Android or SIRI
  • Has auto on/off with a motion sensor built-in
  • Pairs easily with most Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Can charge it on the go with the included USB cable
  • Offers you up to 20-hours of battery use
For high definition sound, you need the Jabra Tour Bluetooth car speaker. The fantastic thing is you can cancel out background noise with this unit. To add to the great features it has a motion sensor with automated on/off function.

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cars

Our Editor’s Choice

10. SoundBot SB360 Best Value Bluetooth Speaker

SoundBot SB360 Best Value Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing comes more affordable than the SoundBot SB360 if you need the best Bluetooth speaker for your car. The unit has a weatherproof design and offers you fantastic sound quality. With portable design, you can use it in your vehicle and at home.


  • Has a rounded shape with a compact design
  • Perfect to use outdoors and has a weightless 1 lbs construction
  • Can attach it to any surface with the suction cup at the back
  • You can skip, increase, mute, and more with the control buttons
  • Works with Bluetooth 3.0 enabled device
  • Can use it hands-free and as a speakerphone with the built-in mic
  • You get up to 6-hours with the lithium-ion battery and charges via the USB port
  • Has a transmission range up to 33-feet and waterproof
  • Can buy the speaker in a wide selection of colors

9. AVWOO Mini Bluetooth Speaker

AVWOO Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Add some loud and pumping music to your car with the AVWOO Bluetooth speaker. The bass is astounding and compares well to any car subwoofer. You can use it for up to 8-hours and you can use it with your smart devices.


  • Has a small size and portable to use in the car and at home
  • Built-in 3W power driver with bass resonator
  • Up to 8-hours of playtime and has a 400mAh rechargeable battery built-in
  • Works with all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Has a speakerphone for hands-free use
  • Wireless connection up to 33-feet

8. OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker for Car

OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker for Car

One of the old time favorites when looking for the best Bluetooth speaker for cars is the OontZ Angle 3. The Cambridge Soundworks speaker has a dust- and water-resistant design to take with you anywhere. The bass is powerful and when adjusted to the maximum volume it has no distortion. You can fill up your whole vehicle with fantastic sound.


  • Has a lightweight design with the weatherproof structure to use in the car to the pool
  • You can use it up to 7-hours with the rechargeable battery
  • Works with most Bluetooth enabled devices and the controls are user-friendly
  • At the bottom of the unit, it has rubber feet and you can place it on the dashboard
  • Can receive incoming calls with the built-in mic
  • IPX5 rated so no concern about it getting a splash of rain
  • Can use it with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

7. Gideon AquaAudio Cubo Bluetooth Speaker

Gideon AquaAudio Cubo Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you need a car Bluetooth speaker or one to use in the shower the AquaAudio Cubo is the one to have. You can use the suction cup to mount it to any surface. You can connect the unit to your smartphone even if it is 50-feet away and offers you up to 10-hours.


  • Available in a wide selection of colors
  • Designed with auto pairing to connect to different devices via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with SIRI and has a wireless connection up to 50-feet
  • Include a button to adjust settings from the volume to soundtracks
  • Built-in speakerphone to use hands-free
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 10-hours use and charges via the USB port
  • Has a suction cup to mount the speaker to different surfaces
  • The speaker power is 3-watts

6. EasyAcc Mini 2 Bluetooth Speaker

EasyAcc Mini 2 Bluetooth Speaker

When buying the best Bluetooth speaker for your car you need a stable connection. With the EasyAcc Mini 2, you get this and more. You can connect up to two devices simultaneously and offers you different modes built-in. You can use it with Bluetooth devices, an AUX cable, and SD card. The product has a random radio for you to listen to your favorite FM station while on the move.


  • Available in two colors black or silver
  • Has a compact design that fits in your pocket
  • Built-in 5-watt driver with bass resonator
  • Different modes to use the Bluetooth connection, AUX devices, and an SD card
  • You can listen to your favorite FM radio station
  • Up to 10-hours of music listening with the 1500mAh rechargeable battery
  • 18-Month Warranty
  • Connects two devices at the same time

5. Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth Speaker

Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth Speaker

Are you a manager or supervisor? You will love the Supertooth Buddy car Bluetooth speaker. You can connect it with up to two smart devices simultaneously. The fantastic thing is that the speaker connects automatically to a phone when receiving an incoming call. All you need to do is clip the unit to the vehicles sun visor.


  • Clips to the sun visor in your car
  • Has automatic pairing
  • Connects two phones at the same time and automatically reconnects
  • Offers you up to 20-hours of talk time
  • Presents you with hands-free use with an operating range up to 33-feet
  • Include a rechargeable battery

4. Motorola Roadster Pro

Motorola Roadster Pro

With the Motorola Roadster Pro, you can enjoy the hands-free use and with the motion sensor, you can skip songs and more. The product has echo and noise cancellation making it a top contender on our best Bluetooth speakers for car reviews.


  • Clips to the visor in your car
  • Presents you with hands-free calls and texting
  • The Roadster Pro is a 4-mic car speakerphone with noise canceling
  • Has a motion sensor to turn the unit on and off
  • Offers you up to 13-hours talk time
  • Designed with multipoint pairing to connect up to two smartphones at the same time
  • Built-in dual 30 x 40mm speakers

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Bluetooth speaker for cars are not the same as the regular ones. The Bluetooth speaker for cars has a portable and stable design to use inside your vehicle. The sound quality is fantastic to listen to in small spaces. Always make sure that the speaker you buy offers you the versatility to keep it secure in place. If you cannot find something suitable on our list, you can check out our other best Bluetooth Speakers here.

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