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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets In 2021 | Safe and Enjoy Music On The Go

Riding motorcycling is exciting when you are equipped with the necessary accessories. In addition to fun and excitement, a motorcycle rider needs to take into account the safety aspects and make sure his/her head stays safe. Any injury in the head would result in excess pain and damage to the brain as well.

In this fast-paced world, bike enthusiasts prefer to ride their motorcycle while listening to music. Also, they prefer to attend calls and messages while riding. All the motorcycle riders can consider the below Bluetooth motorcycle helmets to ride with great convenience and fun.  Check this out if you are looking for Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2021 

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Review | Highly Recommended

10. Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets Full Face Helmet

  • This FredConn Bluetooth helmet is equipped with powerful communication capabilities to keep you in touch with your friends and family.
  • Implementation of the Bluetooth intercom system works to keep you connected with two persons.
  • Its communication range extends up to 500m distance.

You are ensured with comfort and safety with the use of this BM2-S Bluetooth helmet. Plus, This full face helmet lets you attend calls, listen to music and use GPS navigations too.

9. Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Modular Helmet

  • The black colored classic helmets are prepared with the Senas DWO-5 Bluetooth technology. This technology comes with powerful communication capabilities and ease of use.
  • It comes with excellent ventilation, a detachable liner and a drop-down type tinted sun shield. All these components guarantee safety while riding.
  • They are enclosed in hi-tech injection molded type polycarbonate shell.

In the present market, the Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are recognized as one of the most advanced devices. In addition, there are no hassles regarding syncing. You can start using it right out of the box.

8. TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Graphic

  • With the assistance of the spoiler, there are no chances of wind buffeting and instability.
  • Advanced Blinc Bluetooth technology is used to ensure powerful communication.
  • It comes with a fog-free, scratch-resistant, replaceable shield.

Now you need not worry regarding your safety while riding at blazing fast speed. Indeed, The Bluetooth integrated motorcycle helmet from TORC comes with enough ventilation and sturdy construction. Therefore, your entire face would get covered from the external abnormalities, thus protecting you in a unique way.

7. HJC Solid Mens CL-MAX II Bluetooth Sports Bike Motorcycle Helmet

  • In these Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, there is the availability of optically superior Faceshield working to offer 95% U.V. protection
  • The entire construction is lightweight and easy to use.
  • There is the provision of sufficient ventilation inside the helmet.

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts who always desire to have an elegant motorcycle helmet. Plus, they can undoubtedly go for these helmets from HJC. While riding a motorcycle, you can do activities like listening to music, attending phone calls, using GPS navigation, and many more.

6. Hawk H-500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet – X-Large

  • The structure of the helmet features injected molded shell ABS material to enhance strength.
  • Its flow-through ventilation system ensures sufficient air circulation.
  • There is the presence of anti-fog, anti-scratch visor to protect you from excess sunlight.

The H-500 full face helmet is designed uniquely to protect you from many different external parameters. Moreover, its eye-catching quality is you can easily take it on and off the head without any hassles.

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5. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet 

  • Implementation of Bluetooth 3.0 Technology presents excellent communication capabilities.
  • It comes with 8 hours of talk time and a total 110 hours of standby.
  • With the help of one-touch control, you can attend calls, listen to music, FM radio, can use GPS navigation audio, and many more.

This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet help protects against harmful sunlight. The advanced Bluetooth technology and appealing matte black color enhance your overall look while riding.

4. LEXIN LX-B2 MotoFõn BT Interphone Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset

  • This helmet offers access to Siri (iPhone) as well as S Voice (Samsung) voice commands.
  • It is possible to send or receive calls, enjoy hi-fi stereo music, and use the GPS voice guidance.
  • There is no depreciation in the functioning for speeds up to 120 kph.

The best quality of this interphone Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is it presents hands-free communication functionality. Now you can enjoy music, converse with your passenger or can access GPS navigation while riding.

3. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet 

  • In this DLX MIPS helmet, there is the presence of a transitions shield to ensure complete protection.
  • You stay protected against scratches, fog, and harmful UV rays.
  • It comes with the integrated communication port in order to hold senna and cardo Bluetooth stereo headsets as well as intercom systems.

You will be in shock to see the lightweight construction and well-crafted design of this helmet. As implied from the name, your entire face gets protection against external parameters and you get access to the advanced Bluetooth technology.

2. AUTOLOVER Motorbike Bluetooth Headset

  • These Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are capable to connect Bluetooth enable cell phones within 10 meters of range.
  • With the assistance of DSP echo cancellation technique and noise control, you are gonna be more exciting with superior quality voice output
  • It provides the facility of bike-to-bike intercom for passengers and riders or two distinct bikes within the range of 800 -1000 meters.

The wireless headset for motorcycle riding provides excellent communication capabilities even in long-range.  Also, you will be able to hear clear audio output in this helmet, in the absence of noise. It is possible to ride your motorcycle at high speed without compromising the audio quality.

1. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Full Face Helmets

  • The Universal Bluetooth Connectivity with the implementation of Bluetooth 3.0 technology lets you stay connected with a smartphone, GPS system, and music player.
  • Its Bluetooth intercom functionality works to provide communication signals up to 500m.
  • The structure depicts ABS lightweight shell along with an innovative ventilation system, so you can ride in a comfortable way.

Suitable for men and women, the matte black finish this motorcycle helmet will help you look stunning. In addition, its lightweight structure and powerful communication capabilities will let you ride your motorcycle enjoyably.


Now you can ride your motorcycle more comfortably while talking on the phone. Besides, you can enjoy music, GPS navigation and many more while riding. Therefore, the discussed Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work excellently to provide you protection along with excellent communication capabilities.

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