If you want a larger-than-large viewing experience you will be pleased with our best 65-inch TV in 2019 list. You can completely transform the way you watch programs and movies in your home.With the massive display, movies come to life and you can imagine yourself sitting in the cinema with surround sound without leaving your home.

Yes, we know they take up loads of space, but if you have the room, one of these sexy streamlined televisions will look great on the wall. Watch movies or play games on the gigantic display as you realize it is totally worth every cent spent.It is not just about the screen it’s about the fabulous contrast, HDR capabilities, and mind-blowing surround sound.

So without further keeping you waiting let us get on with this important list of best 65-inch TVs displayed here right for you.

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Top 7 Best 65-inch TVs in 2019 

Change the way you look at content on your television set, choose your 65-inch TV from our 2019 list. Be blown away by sound and image display and look at your family room as if it is a cinema.

Best 65-inch TVs that You should have in your room

7. Samsung Electronics UN65MU6300

Samsung Electronics UN65MU6300 -

Enjoy 4 times more pixels compared to a Full HD when buying the Samsung UN65MU6300 TV. See vibrant colors dancing all over the screen for the best realistic experience in viewing. Control the set and other devices with one remote that automatically detects what’s connected. While the Motion Rate 120 smooth action brings fast moving scenes alive.

  • The MU6300 redefines the way to you view content with the High Dynamic Range making objects more colorful and clear
  • Control all devices connected to the set with the Smart TV One Remote that has voice navigation included
  • Use the Samsung Smart Hub and connect to the World Wide Web to stream images and videos through to your set
  • The televisions equipped with a 4K Color Drive for a wider spectrum of colors
  • The display resolutions 3840 x 2160 offering you a breathtaking movie watching experience
  • For a brighter and dark object viewing the 4K HDR Pro keeps the image resolution accurate showing you vivid colors with the shades in between
  • Connect the 65-inch TV to the internet with the Wi-Fi connection or use the HDMI, USB, Ethernet, component/composite, RF and more to connect external devices
  • The refresh rate is 120 Hz and has a TV Tuner built-in
  • The Samsung TV is energy star rated and the energy consumptions 157
  • The set has a dimension of 57.5 (W) x 2.5 (D) x 33.2-inches (H) and weigh 51.81 lbs without the stand
  • Designed with a Quad-Core processor, LED backlight, 4K UHD display format, DTS Digital and Dolby Digital Plus output
  • For the best surround sound, it has a DTS Premium Sound 5.1
  • Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac and offers Bluetooth connection
  • Designed with a main channel speaker with nominal output RMS power of 10 watts

The Samsung MU3600 TVs backed by a one-year warranty. This set will blow you away when it comes to picture quality. The sound is outstanding and the Bluetooth connectivity works well. While the Smart Hub and the app is a great bonus for the price.

6. LG Electronics 65UJ6300 Smart TV

LG Electronics 65UJ6300 Smart TV -

Another great 2019 edition to LG is the 65UJ6300 Smart TV giving you access to all your favorite content online. The picture clear offering detailed and color perfect images made available with the 4K Ultra HD technology. Connect devices to the set made possible with the HDMI, USB, RF, Ethernet and other ports available.

  • The J6300 65-inch TV without the stand has a dimension of 56.4 (W) x 33.7 (H) x 3.3-inch (D) and has a weight of 49.6 lbs
  • Some of the key features is the 4K Ultra HD resolution, Active HDR, True Color Accuracy, and webOS 3.5 Smart TV
  • Enjoy watching free content with the Channel Plus
  • Make your HDR experience higher with the Active HDR that optimizes the content for you scene-by-scene
  • The TV offers you a 3840 x 2160 resolution with a 4K UHD 2160p display format
  • For the best sound, it has a 2 channel speaker system
  • Other standout features include IPS Technology and have a TruMotion 120 60Hz refresh rate
  • Further, you receive included the magic remote, LG Content Store, a full Web browser, screen share, and content share
  • The surround sounds provided by the Ultra Surround Mode
  • Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac and you get a year warranty on the set

For the best 65-inch TV mounted to the wall, the Samsung J6300 will look more than great. You get the best bang for your buck and can view movies with impressive color and detail in the comfort of your home.

5. Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500 Curved Smart TV

Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500 Curved Smart TV -

If you prefer a curved screen to a flat, one Samsung offers you their latest 2019 UN65MU7500 Smart TV edition. Invite friends and family over the night to enjoy movies, content, or playing games on the big 65-inch screen. You can enjoy a wider color spectrum with the 4K Color Drive Pro. Personalize the colors with the full HD and 4K HDR Pro contrast for the best viewing experience.

  • Enter a world of magical colors on the curved 65-inch TV and view content 360-degrees
  • With the Auto Depth Enhance, you will get pulled right into the action where it’s happening
  • You have all the webs content at your fingertip or voice with the Samsung Smart Hub
  • Your Samsung One Remote controls all devices connected and the best of all it needs no programming
  • Enjoy a 3840 x 2160 resolution compared to your old HD TV
  • The set has loads of connection points from Ethernet right through to HDMI
  • There is a motion rate of 120 Hz with a 4K Color Drive Pro and High-Dynamic Range Pro
  • Designed with a UHD Up-Scaling picture engine with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound 5.1
  • Has Multiroom Link and supports Bluetooth Headsets
  • You get access to a Full Web Browser and Smart TV apps
  • Control contrast and color with the UHD Dimming Technology
  • The television has the following dimension: 57.1″ (H) x 33.1″ (W) x 4.5″ (D) and weigh 51.4 lbs without the stand

If you want a sexy and sleek curved TV the Samsung UN65MU7500 will keep, you can the family entertained. Enjoy a bright display with realistic colors and outstanding built-in speakers.

4. TCL 65S405 Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 65S405 Roku Smart LED TV -

Nothing displays quality content as the TCL latest 2019 65S405 Roku Smart LED TV. This is a premium 4K UHD model with HDR Technology offering you detail and clarity. Connect different devices to enjoy movies, content or games as all your favorites available at your fingertips. Whether you are streaming content online or have a cable or satellite box attached this model will keep you connected.

  • The TCL 65-inch TV offers you a refresh rate of 120 Hz and has loads of ports from HDMI, USB, Headphones to Network ports
  • The connector locations placed on the rear side
  • Compliant with the following standards: CVAA, FCC Part 15, ICES-003 Class B
  • Place the set on a stand or mount it to the wall with the flat panel mount 300 x 300 mm interface
  • Component features: V-Chip Control, Channel Coverage TV Tuner, has NTSC-M reception, with a Digital TV Tuner
  • The televisions energy star rated and saves you up to 330 per year
  • Extra features: Dual-Core processor, LED-backlit LCD, Smart Roku TV platform, Motion Enhancement is 120 Hz and supports HDR 10
  • The TCL TV measures 57.9-inches wide and stands 33.3-inches high with a depth of 3.1-inches and weigh 44.75 lbs without the stand
  • Designed with a parental channel lock and for the best sound its loaded with Dolby Digital Plus and Audio Return Channel
  • Supports Wifi 802.11ac plus you get a year warranty

The 65S405 is a Smart TV offering 65-inch of display and is an affordable 4K TV to buy. With the Roku TV, you get access to loads of content online. Even the image quality is excellent.

3. Sony XBR65X850E Smart LED TV

Sony XBR65X850E Smart LED TV -

Another top of the range 2019 65-inch TV is the Sony XBR65X850 Smart TV. Watching movies at home has never been better than on this 4K Ultra HD screen with HDR Technology. Bring your movies to life as the color and detail pops onto the screen exploding and bringing them to life.

  • The dimensions of the TV without the stand is 57.3″ (W) x 33.1″(H)  x 1.8″ (D) and weigh
  • Designed with Edge-lit LED for the best quality picture on a slim designed screen
  • Offers you smart functionality to access loads of online content via the Sony Android TV
  • Uncover exceptional detail with the 4K HDR giving you all the finer details on the screen
  • Take your content to a next level with the built-in 4K HDR Processor X1, it even takes non-HDR content and displays it in 4K HDR
  • They designed the 65-inch with a TRILUMINOS display offering you more shades of blue, green and red
  • This is not just a smart TV it is a genius with all the apps available and better contrast with redefining realism when watching movies
  • Fast moving action movies become faster with the Motionflow XR960 with native 120 Hz panel
  • Need something online just say what you want with the voice search technology
  • Includes HEVC and VP9 plus it has HD to UHD upscaling
  • The systems HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports HDR 10
  • Connect the set to the Wi-Fi with the built-in wireless port or Ethernet port
  • Has four HDMI ports and three USB ports
  • The contrast ratio is 4515:1 and the black level maximum is 0.021 cd/m2
  • Without the stand, the television measures 57.2 (W) x 33.1 (H) x 1.7-inch (D) and weigh 46.3 lbs

The Sony XBR65X850 offers you an excellent color performance with great black levels and contrast. You get solid motion handling with a robust yet easy to place design in this 65-inch TV. Even the Android 2019 TV is superb.

2. Samsung Electronics QN65Q7F Smart QLED TV

Samsung Electronics QN65Q7F Smart QLED TV -

Compared to the other best 65-inch TVs available on the list the Samsung QN65Q7F Smart QLED TV does not come cheap. However, as the saying goes you pay for the features. In addition, one thing is for sure this one’s loaded with the best of features. You can watch movies with billions of colors dancing over the screen. This is made possible with their exceptional Quantum Dot Technology.

  • You can revel in the brilliant whites with layers of dark depths during the brightest to darkest night with the Q contrast
  • This monitor has no bezels displayed and looks just as great mounted to the wall as standing on its included stand
  • Packed with loads of inputs and outputs you can connect your smart devices with ease
  • Control and access content from one source the Samsung Smart Remote
  • The Connect Box streamlines different connections from devices and helps reduce clutter
  • Watch content on the 360-degree screen from any angle
  • Fast moving scenes are detailed with the Motion Rate 240 making them come to life
  • Some highlighted features: Edge-lit LED, includes a T-Type Real Stainless Stand, Flat Screen, QLED Type, 4K Ultra HD, 3840 x 2160 resolution, supports 10-bit and has 4K HDR Elite
  • For a perfect sound, its packed with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound 5.1
  • Designed with Multiroom Link, Bluetooth and Wireless Devices
  • Without the stand, it measures 56.9 wide x 32.5 high x 1.8-inch depth and weighs 53.6
  • The monitors Energy Star Certified and you receive a one-year warranty included

If you want modern, sleek and stylish when buying the best 65-inch TV, look at the Samsung Q7 QLED TV. This set offers you a super clean installation with the breakout box. The pictures out of this world and the sound blow you away.

1. LG Electronics OLED65C7P Smart OLED TV

LG Electronics OLED65C7P Smart OLED TV - 65-inch TV

For a top 65-inch TV to buy in 2019 is the LG OLED65C7P Smart TV. As with all our other televisions reviewed here, this is also a smart TV. The only difference is this one lights the OLED pixels individually for the best contrast and picture. This set does not need a backlight to give you deep blacks and has loads of inputs and outputs to connect external devices.

  • The dimensions without the stand are 57.2-inch wide and have a depth of 1.8-inches while standing 32.8-inches high and weigh 50.26 lbs
  • For the best cinema sound experience, the monitors packed with the latest Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • The Dolby Atmos presents you with a big screen experience in the comfort of your home and you might be surprised to hear the villain laughing at you
  • Access the Dolby Vision and Atmos apps and turn your home into a theatre for all to enjoy
  • View HDR content with bright and dark tones and compatible with HDR playback
  • Use the webOS 3.5 to access thousands of content on the Web
  • Includes a universal remote to control the TV and other devices connected
  • Use the remote with motion control or your voice
  • Has a TV Tuner built-in and Ultra Luminance

For the best-performing 2019, 65-inch TV the LG C7 model will not disappoint you. You will experience perfect black levels with wide viewing angles and outstanding color. The good news is this monitor compatible with HDR formats and has a super slim design.

What to look for when buying a 65-inch TV

You already know that you want to buy the best 65-inch TV in 2019 and that is why you are here. However, you can consider some things when deciding on the best one.

♦ Forget the detailed Specs!

Yes, we know the specifications important, but ditch the spec sheet and concentrate the Inputs, weight, and dimensions. The only time these specs important is when you want to know if it has Smart TV functionality and HDR, a fancy remote or loads of internet access points.

♦ Is big really better?

The recommended size for a bedroom is 32-inch to 40-inches while a 55-inch works well in the living room. However, for the best cinema occurrence, the 65-inch offers you the best viewing experience. Just by stepping up in screen size already is better than having a fancy remote or 4K resolution in the home.

♦ HDR and 4K are worth buying.

You will not be disappointed when buying a 65-inch TV with HDR or 4K resolution. These monitors have more pixels compared to a traditional 1080p one. The great thing is with the TV market filling up with 4K TVs they are becoming more affordable to buy.

Editor’s Suggestion

If you want to enjoy a big screen that is not too small or too large, the 65-inch TV in 2019 reviewed here is what you need. For Smart TV functions, outstanding picture quality and contrast, 10-bit support and connecting to the internet you will not go wrong with one of these models. Nothing looks better when it comes to the best 65-inch TV displayed right here with us. Choose your home cinema experience today and select one best suited for your viewing needs and lifestyle.

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