Do you still have an old tube TV? Then it is time to upgrade your old one with the Best 4K TV in 2019 available right here. Ultra HD has recently started to dominate the television market. With one of these sets standing in your home, you can enjoy 4K streams. So get ready for a resolution explosion when viewing Amazon 4K content and Netflix.

You can now attach your new PS4 and Xbox One X and make your games come to life in the comfort of your home. However, choosing the top 4K TV is not just about the pixels pushed to a screen. It is about the quality of the pixels.

These include High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut making the newly designed pixels shines. So do not be stressed about all the nitty-gritty stuff we are here to help you. We have reviewed thousands of TVs and constantly updating our 4K TV list.

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Reviews of the Best 4K TVs in 2019

Get ready for an explosive selection of our finest 4K TVs available in 2019 reviewed here.

1. VIZIO: D50u-D1 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

VIZIO: D50u-D1 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

The VIZIO D-series stand out for all the right reasons and delivers a hard to believe UHD picture quality. Not only is it powerful in performance it offers you an outstanding Smart TV experience to make your UHD streaming super easy.

This 50-inch model offers you a perfect picture with four times resolution with breathtaking clarity. View every detail of a movie with twice the pixel elevation of 1080p. See every image displayed with 8.3 million screen pixels.

Every D-series set comes with a Dual-Band Wi-Fi and a VIZIO Internet App Plus. You can now enjoy a wide selection of Ultra HD streaming content right at your fingertips. Find your preferred entertainment with the simplified app home and app launcher. The apps have seven convenient positions to discover new content while online.

The apps update automatically so you can stay current with the latest developments for a flawless streaming experience. Attach different mobile devices via the HDMI input, LAN SPDIF output, USB, component video input, audio lineout or the composite video input.

For comfort, you receive included a remote control. The set has a refresh rate of 240 Hz and the connector locations found on the bottom side. There is a TV tuner present with a flat panel mount interface of 200 x 200 mm.

The television has a 44.2-inch width, has a 2.5-inch depth while standing 25.9-inches high, and weighs 30.03 lbs. Additional features: has active pixel tuning, LED-backlit LCD TV, resolution 3840 x 2160 with a 4K UHD display format, Motion Enhancement Technology, dynamic contrast ratio is 5000000:1 with an image aspect ratio of 16:9.

You do not even have to be concerned about your electricity bill as the D-Series is Energy Star Certified and has a one-year warranty included.

Customer Feedback
  • Excellent contrast
  • The color is precise
  • Affordable
  • Does not have a user-friendly menu

2.TCL: 4K Ultra HD Roku 55P607 Smart TV

TCL: 4K Ultra HD Roku 55P607 Smart TV

Be more than pleased with the TCL 55P607 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV. Submerge yourself into the best cinema experience with this set standing in your home. For a premium picture, quality the 55P607 has Dolby Vision HDR Technology.

You can now enjoy a better contrast with brighter colors as the TCL NBP Photon technology offers you colors closer to the human eye. You can optimize the image contrast individually over 72 zones for a striking contrast to distinguish between bright and dark areas of images.

A standout compared to your old set is you get entertainment available readily available when connecting the TV to the internet. Watch your preferred content whether you are streaming of paying for cable or satellite. Alternatively, you can use the built-in tuner to view free over-the-air channels instead.

Pair your Smartphone with the set using the powerful mobile app changing your device into a remote with a pair of headphones plugged in. Search content with your voice or use the keyboard to share content with other on the TV. Even if you use your smart device as a remote, you still receive a super simple to use remote included with voice search.

The TCL TV stands 49-inch wide and 28.3-inch high with a depth of 3-inches without the stand. Connect different devices via the three HDMI input, one USB port, RF, Headphone Jack, Ethernet, Composite and Optical Audio Out.

For Internet functionality, you can enjoy digital audio playback and digital photo/video playback. The sets refresh rate is 120 Hz and the compliant standards are CVAA and HDCP 2.2. Included with your purchase you receive the remote with two batteries, a flat panel mount interface, and the user manual.

Standout features: V-Chip Control, has a TV Tuner, Dual-Core processor, sleep timer, LED-backlit LCD, weighs 32.63 lbs, LED backlight, 3840 x 2160 resolution, Motion Enhancement Technology, Dolby Visions, image ratio 16:9, parental channel lock, two 16 Watt speakers, and it is backed by a year warranty.

Customer Feedback
  • Affordable
  • Excellent image quality
  • Deep black levels
  • Rich contrast
  • Accurate color
  • Simple interface with extensive streaming app support
  • The 50-inch and 65-inch screen sizes have been discontinued and you can only buy it in the 55-inch size

3. Sony: XBR49X900E 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Sony: XBR49X900E 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Bring the cinema into your home with the Sony XBR49X900E. The Sony 49-inch is one of the best 4K TVs you can buy. There is no smarter TV than this one featuring incredible contrast. At night, enjoy the deeper blacks and dazzling lights with the full-array local boosting and dimming feature.

For more detailed and natural colors the 4K HDR processor reproduces every pattern and texture so that you can enter into a virtual world of your own. You will see every color, brightness, and detail as the High Dynamic Range goes to work.

Not only will you be able to watch your favorite TV station you have movies, shows, and thousands of apps available through the Sony Android TV. The set stands 24.9-inches high and has a width of 43.1-inches with a depth of 2.5-inches without the stand.

The set has a 120Hz refresh rate with the famous Motionflow XR technology making action scenes come to life without the blur. Connect your mobile devices using the four HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, component/composite hybrid and composite connections. The connector locations found on the rear side.

Furthermore, there is no more need of using your smart device or PC as you can enjoy Internet video playback, do Web browsing, and more directly from the set. Included with your X900E you receive a remote with batteries, IR Blaster, Flat Panel Mount, and the user manual.

The 4K TV supports different audio formats and JPEG picture formats. There is a TV Tuner built in to use with cable, UHF, and VHF. Some additional features are as follows: SideView, Dynamic Backlight Control, PhotoTV HD, I-Manual, Channel Block, and Social Viewing.

Sony backs their XBR49X900E model with a one-year warranty.

Customer Feedback
  • Excellent image quality
  • Fair amount of brightness
  • For gaming, it has a low input lag
  • Loads of inputs from external devices
  • The OS software is not perfect

4. Samsung: UN55MU9000 Flat 4K Ultra HD 9 Series TV

Why visit the cinema if you can have it all available in the comfort of your home. With the Samsung UN55MU9000, you get a flat 4K Ultra HD 9 Series Smart TV. Enjoy the dark and light contrasts with expanded color and depth when viewing movies on the set.

Even the darkest scenes detailed with the Triple Black Extreme technology while viewing the fastest scenes with a 240 Motion Rate. You will see sports and fast-moving content in a new light. In addition, if you are concerned about cables lining around the set has a Clean Cable Solution to eliminate clutter.

You route the cords through the base of the TV stand and it has a 360-degree design. The display of the TV is superb with the stunning back and front clean look. You can even mount it on a stand or the wall. Even the remote included replaces all your other remotes.

The remote automatically detects connected devices and needs no manual programming. No more typing or pressing of buttons as you can do Web browsing by using your voice to search for content. The Sony 55-inch has a refresh rate of 240 Hz with the following connection types: HDMI, USB, and One Connect.

Furthermore, it has a Quad-Core processor, LED backlight, LCD backlight technology, video interface, 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K UHD display format, Motion Enhancement Technology, 4K HDR Extreme, image ratio of 16:9, Digital Audio Format, Surround Sound, Network functional, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection and a one-year warranty.

The television stands 28-inches high and has a width of 48.4-inches with a depth of 1.8-inches. The set weighs 39.24 lbs.

Customer Feedback
  • Stylish design
  • Separate input box
  • Built-in wiring channels
  • Good picture quality
  • The only downfall is the image quality is lower than Vizio, TCL, and Sony

5. VIZIO: M65-E0 SmartCast 4K UHD HDR XLED Plus Display

VIZIO: M65-E0 SmartCast 4K UHD HDR XLED Plus Display

If you have the money to spend, the Vizio M65-E0 SmartCast 4K UHD HDR XLED set is out of this world. This is a home theatre system in a class of its own. What makes this a top 4K TV is it has Chromecast built in. The set has a 65-inch screen with a LED-backlit LCD flat panel display.

The resolutions 3840 x 2160 and has a 120 Hz refresh rate. Some of the standout features are as follows: Panel TypeVA, High Dynamic Range XHDR Plus, Dolby Vision with HDR10 Support, a Wide Color Gamut with Ultra Color Spectrum, and UHD Upscale EngineSpatial Scaling Engine.

The sets powered by an 8-core Performance Display Processor. There are so many characteristics such as Backlight TypeXLED Plus, Local Dimming Zones 32, Clear Action, and so much more.

Connect different smart devices via the Dual-Band Wi-Fi supporting 802.11 ac devices and Bluetooth 4.1 LE. Alternatively connect the mobile device via the HDMI inputs, 4 HDMI ports, HDCP port, component, Ethernet, and USB port.

Furthermore, it has one analog audio out and one digital audio out. For the perfect tuning, it has an Active Pixel Tuning with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20M: 1 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The colors outstanding as you can view images with more than a billion of different colors.

The sounds outstanding and supplied with two by 15W speakers with the best surround sound ever. If you are concerned, the set is going to fit into the room it stands 35.7-inches high and is 57.59-inches wide with a depth of 10.87-inches.

The television weighs 72.31 lbs and you receive included a remote control, batteries, user guide and a year warranty.

Customer Feedback
  • Strong Contrast
  • Good HDR accuracy and color range
  • On-screen interface
  • Improved SmartCast Platform
  • Limited on-screen and remote-based SmartCast app
  • The calibrated picture modes not accurate

6. LG Electronics: OLED55C7P 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

LG Electronics: OLED55C7P 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

If you do prefer LG above the rest of the 4K TVs reviewed here, we have the OLED55C7P 4K Ultra HD model here for you. The price might be a bit steeper than our other reviewed sets but it has an amazing smart functionality.

You get access to your favorite content and apps by using the webOS 3.5 included with the system. The television has a dimension of 48.4-inch (W) x 28-inch (H) x 1.8-inch (D) and weighs 42.3 pounds. View images with intense colors against the perfect black background. Colors pop out on the OLED screen and come to life right there in your room.

You get a true home cinema experience with the built-in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos giving you the best surround sound. Access thousands of entertainment and content with the available Dolby Access App. You can enjoy playback with the best internet streaming.

Connect external devices via the USB the only thing the C7 does not support is Dolby True HD through Blu-ray, but will be updated soon with the software update this year. You can enjoy most HDR content with bright to dark colors but might vary from one country to another.

You can queue up content from different media sources and toggle between them. To make it even better is the Magic Remote to view old time favorite in quality OLED with the flick of your wrist or just press the button.

Important specs are as follows: HDMI, USB, has TV Tuner Presence, Natural Voice Recognition, 3840 x 2160 resolutions, 4K UHD display format, HDR Technology, image ratio 16:9, Ultra Luminance, Surround Sound, total 40-Watt output power, Hi-Fi Audio and Wireless Sound Sync.

What makes this set stand out from the rest is the outstanding 3-year warranty.

Customer Feedback
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Excellent contrast with true blacks
  • Natural rich color tones
  • Great gaming responsiveness
  • Not as bright as other high-end HDR and LED LCDs

7. Sony: XBR55X930E 4K HDR Ultra HD TV

Sony: XBR55X930E 4K HDR Ultra HD TV

The Sony XBR55X930E 4K TV will change the way you look at your set with the new High Dynamic Range technology. You can observe your content with detail, outstanding contrast, a wider range, and brilliant colors. With the new 4K, HDR Processor X1 Extreme offers you more image processing power and makes it look better.

The set has an ultra slim design and you will see the sunlight burst through all over the screen as it uses Slim Backlight Drive+ technology. This feature directs light where it’s needed the most. While the X-tended Dynamic Range Pro 10X balances the contrast across the screen as it increases the quality of the color.

You have all the entertainment readily available with the Sony Android TV software. Even the sound will blow you away as the sounds more dynamic and immersive with the front-facing speakers. Some highlighted features: Motionflow XR 960, 55-inch screen, full web browser, HEVC, VP9, HD to UHD upscaling, HDCP 2.2 compliant, HDR support, 120 Hz refresh rate, Edge-Lit LED backlighting with local dimming.

Connect different devices wirelessly via the built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet port. An alternative, you can connect other devices via the 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and Digital Audio Out port. The contrast ratio of this model is 5445:1, weighs 71.9 lbs, and includes a one-year warranty.

Customer Feedback
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Updated Android TV
  • Great levels of brightness
  • Outstanding HDR color performance
  • Deep black levels
  • Might be a bit expensive for certain users
  • Narrow viewing angles due to the VA panel
  • Not made for gaming

8. Hisense: 65H7B2 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Hisense: 65H7B2 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV-4K TV

The Hisense 65H7B2 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs might not be one of the latest releases. However, this 65-inch still offers you the next level of movies watching. You can see vivid colors, bold contrasts, and sharp lines in every picture on the screen.

Get fast access to movies and shows with the one-touch hotkeys and for the best sound, the DBX-TV makes everything possible to give you a cinema experience. There are 24 built-in apps for an ultimate viewing experience.

The 65H7B2 has a 3840 x 2160 resolution with HDR playback for a wider range of colors. The UHD Upscaler allows you to enjoy watching 1080p movies with a better resolution. Connect your set to your current home network or via Ethernet cable.

There are ample inputs/outputs to connect external devices via the HDMI and USB ports. Some important features: Web browsing, remote control, sleep timer, flat panel mount included, TV Tuner built-in, dimensions 57.5 (W) x 2.5 (D) x 33.7-inches (H), weighs 66.14 lbs, LED-backlit, LCD backlight, image ratio 16:9, Dolby Audio Output, DBX-TV sound effects, and one-year warranty.

Currently, you can take advantage of their free 4-year warranty as well.

Customer Feedback
  • Great value
  • Great sound
  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Apps works perfectly
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Not the best Wi-Fi connection when using DHCP
  • Does not support Bluetooth
  • Limited TV apps

9. LG Electronics: OLED65C7P 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

 LG Electronics: OLED65C7P 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV-4K TV

When it comes to viewing content on your television screen, the LG OLED65C7P offers you intense color on perfect black. This is another top 4K TV for viewing movies, searching the web and playing games on/offline. You get the best cinema experience in your home with the built-in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The sound will blow you away as this TV brings the big screen to your family room for all to enjoy. It will feel as if the explosions right there in the room you will even hear the villain laughing at you. Use the Dolby Access App and search for your favorite content online to display on the large 65-inch screen.

Viewing HDR contents never been easier you will experience brilliant tones with dark colors offered on this OLED TV. You even get HDR playback and might vary in format from one country to another. Use the webOS 3.5 Smart TV to queue up content to view at any time or use the Magic Remote to see old and new favorites by flicking your wrist.

Important features and specs: pixel refresh rate is 60 Hz, the resolutions 3840 x 2160, has 4 HDMI ports, web streaming, dimensions 32.8 (H) x 57.2 (W) x 1.8-inch (D), weighs 50.3 lbs, input lag for games 21.2 m/s, local dimming, USB, Composite Video, Ethernet, HDR and Dolby Vision compatible, and includes a one-year warranty.

Customer Feedback
  • Perfect black levels
  • Accurate colors
  • Attractive design
  • Great remote
  • Fantastic picture quality
  • The WebOS lacks services
  • High priced

10. Samsung: QN65Q9 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

Samsung: QN65Q9 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV-4K TV

Now if you are looking for one of the best 4K TVs to use at home and have the money to spend choose the Samsung QN65Q9 model. This model is a new release and has loads of features. The screen is 65-inches offering you billions of shades with the Quantum Dots Technology.

The 4K HDR Elite combined with the Infinite Array offers you the best detail and contrast to see movies with bright to dark colors. The back of the display is clean and sleek and you can mount it on a stand or the wall. Another standout is the universal remote to control all your devices connected to the set.

They have designed the television with a 360-degree design. Oh nearly forgot to mention the remote automatically detects connected devices. If you prefer to turn your Smartphone into a remote with the Smart View app. Stream content directly to the TV for all to see.

Not only is the QN65Q9 model QLED and HDR it is also Ultra HD Premium Certified. This means the 4K TV exceeds the levels of performance and the levels of the resolution and has a wide color spectrum. You receive included the One Connect Box to connect external components from the set to avoid clutter.

Standout features: 64.5-inch screen, UHD format, dimensions 34 (H) x 57.1 (W) x 12.1-inch (D), weighs 66.1 lbs, LED Edge-lit, local dimming, HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Energy Star Compliant, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision compatible, include a one-year warranty.

Customer Feedback
  • Extraordinary color levels
  • Ultra-high brightness
  • Great design
  • Clutter-free


  • The view angles limited
  • Expensive
  • Infrequent backlight clouding

Why Choose a 4K TV

If you currently need a true ultra-HD experience, you need the best 4K TV that is future proof. You will get the best cinema experience with best surround sound right in your home. Be absorbed into your movie world with four times resolution compared to a 1080p HD TV.

See colors displayed with 8 million pixels on your screen for a clear picture, especially on huge screens. Another excellent reason is if you plan to buy the latest Xbox One or PS 4 gaming console it supports the 4K feature and Netflix streaming.

No matter how far or close you sit away from the screen the 4K becomes more distinct and detailed. We do however recommend the following when buying your 4K TV:

  • The set must at least have a 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • Must have a 10-bit color depth and found in the specs – this allows for 1024 shades of each primary color to display on the screen
  • Needs to have wide color gamut
  • And be declared as a High Dynamic Range TV making the image on the set look incredible
  • Compatible with HDR 10 that is an open-format and Dolby Vision compliant
  • Either be LED or OLED where the first one is much more affordable

Another great benefit of buying a 4K TV is the input lag and refresh rate. If you are, an avid video gamer the television offers you a lower input lag quickly transferring images and videos from your gaming console to the screen. Whether you choose a flat or curved model there is no difference in the quality of the picture. However, choosing a curved one might be more reflective.


So what can you expect nearer to the end of 2019? You can expect more advanced 4K TVs and the choices are becoming more difficult. All that we can say is that we hope the best 4K TVs in our 2019 list helps you to find a suitable one for your lifestyle and needs. However, there is a warning to prepare yourself to be blown away by the sound and submerged into the movie world like never before.