Bedroom Decoration Ideas | Minimalist Like A Japanese!

Bedroom decoration ideas like Japanese

Bedroom decoration ideas like Japanese

The Japanese way of living and how they have decorated their homes is gaining much attention nowadays hence moving in the existence of bed chambers, with its simplicity it allows one to change his bedroom into something fancy and captivating. Japan’s geographic position in the universe is an attraction among tourists. The food and its traditional elements have been incorporated into one’s way of living, and one of those elements is the indoor decoration of their homes, which has been picked up in the society here. We shall discuss them below with their bedroom decoration ideas.

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Use of low tables

Bedroom decoration ideas like Japanese

The traditional Japanese tables are low to the ground, and they call them the Chabudai, this goes for all the tables in their setting irrespective of the purpose it meant for. There is another table called Kotatsu, which has a heater below it and its short in length, it believed to be used during the winter when it’s cold hence the heater below it generates some warmth; the Chabudai are limited at hot-weather times.

Use of bamboos

The Japanese folks use bamboo mats to initiate simplicity and elegance to their rooms; they also use the bamboo rugs, which give an earthy feel to the rooms giving it a wonderful sensation. You can give your bedroom a bamboo rug to create an earthy and surprising interior look.

Use of Shoji

The Shoji is a Japanese word that refers to doors and chamber dividers used in their culture. It is believed to be found in every place in Japan, another form of the Shoji is a sliding door and mind you it can be used indoor or outdoor, it’s good for the bedroom setting since it’s easy to slide, so it permits fresh air and oxygen to fill in the bedroom

Use of lighting

The Japanese folks also an exciting way of inducing lighting in their homes, particularly their bedrooms, they use lamps up to this modern-day, a long time ago when electricity was not discovered yet the Japanese people adapted usage of lamps and up to now, they have not deviated from it.

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Use of Futons

The Futon is a Japanese word referred to a cultural mat which is placed straight on the ground it can also be called the Shikibuton; the Japanese people sleep differently from western people which is impressive, in that they use mattresses which they place on the floor or a just a furniture made in the form of a bed which is short in length. This is so easy to pull out, and it comes with some advantages, i.e., it can conserve space, which ensures smooth movement within the bedroom.

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Use of paintings

Bedroom decoration ideas like Japanese

The Japanese people also use paintings to decorate their homes and their perfect t for the bedrooms; those paintings are believed to be identifiable; hence lots of grandness is placed on them. Some of the paintings include birds, flowers, wordings, etc., the paintings are captivating enough, if incorporated well in the bedroom it could draw attention and imagination in someone’s mind, you could try the paintings on the door or even just the wall itself

Use of floor chairs

The Japanese have also incorporated the use of floor chairs in their homes; the chairs do not have legs at all which makes it so unique, this can also be included in the bedrooms which are spacious enough, the Japanese tend to fold their legs together as its seen in the Muslim culture, the chairs can also help one when he or she is trying to meditate, it’s setting just makes it look elegant and luxurious but very simple.

Use of scents

It’s no doubt that having a place that smells nice and has a sweet scent is habitable by many people, so the Japanese people have adopted the use of incense to give out a pleasant scent and aroma, it can be incorporated in the bedrooms to give it that natural scent and aroma so that whenever anyone comes into the room is knocked by that natural sweet scent.

Use of pillows

The Japanese people also have their pillows, which they term it as the Takamakura, which used for rest and pleasure mostly; the pillows have been designed in a manner that adjusts your neck decently with your backbone. Hence, it’s excellent health-wise, it can be incorporated in the bedroom to help get rid of bad sleeping habits which could affect one’s health adversely, it also has an added advantage of staying calm and dry and minds you, they come in varying shapes and sizes.

Use of colors

Bedroom decoration ideas like Japanese

The use of colors in the use of Japanese homes is another unique aspect of decoration; the Japanese usually prefer colors that represent the natural surroundings in which the tonality of the color is put at a borderline, it can also be incorporated in bedrooms just to add more beauty and elegance, colors tend to make someone feel unique and putting colors will provide uniqueness.

Japanese decoration ideas are many from the use of low tables, floor chairs, use of paintings, use of futons, and shojis. It’s no doubt that’s these ideas are a great way of spicing up your bedroom and making it look, unique and most importantly beautiful, aside from that it also saves up on space which ensures easy movement within the bedroom, so most definitely these ideas are great, and one should consider incorporating them or even just borrowing these ideas.

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