Do you want to enjoy mealtime in bed or perhaps need to stay in bed but need to work? Pick one of the top 10 best bed trays reviewed here. You will be amazed at the different breakfast trays you can find converting into a work table at the same time. And if you are uncertain which type of serving tray you need, make sure to read on.

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Best Bed Trays for Eating and Working

10. Greenco Butler Serving Tray

Greenco Butler Serving Tray

The bed tray from Greenco is affordable and made of bamboo. The environmentally friendly material is strong and looks gorgeous with its rectangular design. For serving dishes and a feast in bed, it is perfect, but may not be suitable for work. You can even use it in your guesthouse to serve your visitors in the room. The elegant side handles are easy to grip and have lips to prevent items from falling over. You can clean it with warm soapy water and oil it to extend its purpose.


  • Bamboo design that you can wash with warm soapy water
  • Ideal to serve wine, food, and breakfast in bed
  • Designed elegantly with the easy to grip handles
  • Has a lip surrounding the tray to prevent items from falling over
  • Measures 16.5-inches in length with a height of 2.35-inches

9. Artmeer Bed Tray

Artmeer Bed Tray

To lighten up a loved one’s morning use the next tray from Artmeer. The bed tray has four foldable legs and comprises Moso bamboo. Around the tray, it has a guard to protect items from falling off. You can use it as a simple serving tray or use it with the legs for brunch in bed. You can use it indoors or outdoors and versatile to use with a laptop on it. The tray cleans easily with a cloth soaked in warm water and soap.


  • Moso Bamboo design that you can wash with warm soapy water
  • Can use it as a lap tray or open up the four legs for ease of use when serving breakfast in bed
  • Fits a laptop and other electrical gadgets and takes up little space
  • Designed with comfortable handles to use indoors and outdoors
  • Open dimension is 22 x 10.2 x 9-inches
  • Needs oiling occasionally

8. Juvale Breakfast Bed Tray

Juvale Breakfast Bed Tray

Be romantic and serve your other half with brunch in bed on the Juvale bed tray. The serving tray has two handles with a border to keep food in its place while walking. You can use it to serve a meal, snacks, or use it while watching TV. The tray has a square-shape and is available in a U-shape design as well.


  • Available in a Square and U-shape design
  • Made with an MDF top board with powder-coated metal tubing
  • Can use it as a notebook table, bed book stands and serving food
  • Has foldable metal legs for storage
  • The dimension of the bed tray is 23.7-inches in length and is 15.83-inches wide

7. Homebi Breakfast Tray

Homebi Breakfast Tray

No matter what your serving needs are from taking food to the table to dish up food in bed the breakfast tray from Homebi is perfect. The rounded corners do not have sharp edges so best to carry the tray loaded carefully. The fantastic news is it serves as a working tray as well when used with your laptop. You can buy it in a square or u-shape design.


  • Available in a Square and U-shape design
  • Made with an MDF top board with powder-coated metal tubing
  • Can use it as a notebook table, bed book stand and serving food
  • Has foldable metal legs for storage
  • The dimension of the bed tray is 23.7-inches in length and is 15.83-inches wide

6. BirdRock Home Bed Tray

BirdRock Home Bed Tray

To add a touch of class to serve food in bed you need the curved side bed tray from BirdRock. With the rounded edges, it keeps food safe on the tray when walking. There are two carry handles and the food guard prevents items from sliding around. You can use the legs folded or open it up and it doubles up as a bookshelf. The serving tray you can buy in a natural or black color.


  • Available natural and black color
  • Made of bamboo and perfect for serving snacks, desktop space, and breakfast in bed
  • Has a folding design with carrying handles
  • Designed with rounded edges to prevent food from spilling
  • The dimension of the bed tray is 20.5-inches wide and 10.5-inches high

5. Winsome Sedona Bed Tray

Winsome Sedona Bed Tray

Do you prefer a traditional styled bed tray look at the Winsome? The dark walnut finish gives it an antique look and it has foldable legs. The handles are huge and the legs remain folded when carrying. You can make use of it to serve snacks, eating while watching movies or place your laptop on it. Now you can enhance your romantic side by serving a feast in bed with style.


  • Easy to carry with the curved handles
  • Can use it as a serving tray or unfold the legs to use as a workstation
  • Has a walnut finish and is easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Made of composite wood
  • The dimension of the bed tray is 24 x 14.3 x 10.98-inches

4. DILLMAN Serving Tray

DILLMAN Serving Tray

When friends pop over to see the game on TV, you need the best bed tray to dish up drinks and snacks. Pick the Dillman with a black wood finish and make a statement when guests come for a visit. The tray you can buy in two sizes small and large and has wide handles with surrounding tray lips.


  • Two different sized bed trays available small and large
  • Made of wood with a black finish and has side handles with a tray lip
  • Include a butter tray that is great for side dishes
  • Has a rectangular design

3. LapGear Breakfast Tray

LapGear Breakfast Tray

The breakfast, bed tray from LapGear has a wood finish with an edge to hold food in place. You can use it as a workstation to hold your laptop and more. There are two handles for carrying and it is made of bamboo and durable. You have folding legs that stay underneath the tray while carrying.


  • The bed tray holds more than just your breakfast and works well with a laptop as well
  • Has a media ledge to cellphone and other electronic devices in place
  • The legs fold for storage
  • Made of bamboo and has a dimension of 21.8 x 13.9 x 10.5-inches

2. SONGMICS Adjustable Breakfast Tray

SONGMICS Adjustable Breakfast Tray

The following bed tray from SONGMICS has an adjustable table design. There is a small drawer to keep your pens and the legs adjust according to your needs and fold up. Two latches keep the legs secure and have a bamboo structure. You can purchase it in a light to dark design.


  • Available in a light to dark finish
  • Comprise natural bamboo with the specially constructed tabletop
  • Has five angled positions to use for eating and working
  • Designed with two metal latches to lock the legs in place
  • Accommodates laptops sized 15.6-inches
  • Include a drawer for small items and comes pre-assembled

1. MyGift Set Breakfast Tray

MyGift Set Breakfast Tray - Bed Trays

The burnt wood design of the MyGift Set bed tray is perfect. Included are three different sized trays. The trays nest in each other for storage and create a perfect décor display as well. Whether you need to serve breakfast in bed, serve food at the table, or need a snack holder in front of the TV each serving tray in the set achieves this.


  • Three nesting trays made of wood with a dark brown flame design
  • Each tray has a different size
  • Makes for a great décor display
  • Suitable for serving a feast in bed and snacks
  • Dimension large tray 16.5 (W0 x 2 (H) x 12-inch (D), medium tray 14.5 (W) x 2 (H) x 10.5-inch (D), and the small tray 12.5 (W) x 2 (H) x 9-inch (D)
  • All the trays have handles and rounded edges to prevent items from falling off

Final Thoughts

Do you plan serving breakfast in bed or need a workspace for your laptop while in bed? Pick your preferred model from the top 10 best bed trays reviewed here. Each of these bed trays product is top quality and serves different purposes from serving food to offering you a workplace on your lap. The choice of choosing any bed trays is up to you and we hope we have steered you in the right direction.