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BeatsX Earphones | Best Stellar Battery Life Headphone

BeatsX earphones are solid in-ear headphones that can charge in five minutes.You get supreme comfort with smart iOS integration with a balanced sound.The BeatsX is a different breed with a no-tangle cable, but the quick charge is what makes them stand out from the rest. Therefore, you will have no problem listening to tunes for up to two hours.

The vast improvement makes the BeatsX an excellent Bluetooth headphone with stellar battery life. The biggest gripe is the price, but do not let this put you off as it has loads of other features making it up for it.Therefore, if you are uncertain about buying these cans check the BeatsX earphone review here.

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BeatsX Earphones Review

Best Stellar Battery Life Headphone!!!

BeatsX Design

The BeatsX Earphones has an in-ear design with two earbuds connecting with a cable and wraps around the neck. While it may not sound like the best solution, it does have its advantage.

Compared to wireless buds, you will not lose these, and the wire could provide a place for in-line controls. The construction also makes it last longer between charges.

Furthermore, you can converse with Siri. The included in-line controls without frills and practical to use. You can use it to lower or raise the volume.

You can pause, skip tracks, or rewind them as needed. On the other hand, you can make hands-free calls with the built-in microphone.

What we love is the comfortable feeling you get wearing the pair of wireless in-ear buds. There is no discomfort around the neck with the flat cable.

The most weights distributed around the neck, leaving you with two smaller cables with the buds attached. We found the technique excellent for a snugly in ear fit.

More about the in-ear fit!

To get a perfect fit, you receive four different ear tips with two sets of wings. The headphone is water-resistant and ideal for workouts.

However, not completely waterproof and made for sweaty trips to the Gym. When not use and hanging around the ears loosely, they do snap together with the magnets.

We found the function helps to prevent the wires tangling. You can even match your BeatsX with your attire in the wide selection of colors available.

Pick from black, gray, blue, or white alternatively if planning to use in the gym, we recommend the black one.

So how well do they stand up against the AirPods from Apple design wise? One thing sure you will not lose them quickly and the battery life is 8-hours.

Furthermore, you get four extra sets of ear tips to find the right fit.

How well does the BeatsX perform?

When paying a high price for a pair of earphones, you want a lot of sound quality. The BeatsX Earphones does hit a couple of notes in terms of tonal balance but not pitch-perfect.

The sound quality is clear, and there are no shimmering highs or sparkling mid-ranges. However, the sound is far from hissy or flat — the overall balance of the high, low, and mids the same.

The high and lows have a more transparent sound but still takes the middle ground. On the other hand, the biggest problem is sealing out the noise. While it remains airtight, you can hear conversations taking place around you.

Therefore, if you are looking for some passive noise-cancellation, you will not find it in the BeatsX. Neither will you find a ton of bass.

Furthermore, we would like to have more clarity (do not get us wrong) nothing sounded drab or dull, but it does have a lack of energy.

What’s more, where it lacks in sound, it makes up with excellent field calls and calling Siri. Pairing it with your phone is quick using the in-line remote.

The BeatsX has a Stellar Battery Life

While we did not find the lighting cable in Apple devices superb, we did find the W1 Chip excellent. The technology allows the earphones to sync seamlessly to your device.

All you need to do is hold the headphones next to your iPhone and click yes on the prompt. You can connect it with more than your phone as well.

However, if you are an Android user use to NFC pairing, this might not be a big deal breaker. The battery lasts up to 8-hours between charges.

Furthermore, you get the quick charge providing 25% charge in 5-minutes (impressive.) To charge the headphones (you guessed right), it works with a Lightning Cable instead of a USB-C.

BeatsX Specs

Pros and Cons BeatsX Headphones



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Why Should you Buy the BeatsX

The BeatsX has a slick design with appealing neckband offering loads of magic for Apple users. The construction is sport friendly and connects via Bluetooth.

The battery use is excellent and great for commuters on the go. You get a fast-fuel charge to stretch your playtime a bit longer as well.

With the variety of ear tips, you can get a comfortable fit and choose your preferred color to fit in with your lifestyle. Throw it into your gym bag and remove when needed as the flex-form cable prevents tangling.

The acoustics crisp if you are not an audiophile and you can take calls or activate Siri as well.

The BeatsX provides users with a variety of uses. As a gym person, you will love the solid build and sound of the in-ear headphones.

As a standard music listener, these are the best in-ear earphones for commuters as well. The lightweight will not weigh you down, and the buds fit comfortably in the ear.

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