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Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless | Best-selling Bluetooth Earphones

The Beats Powerbeats3 wireless earphones are one of the favorite headphones that have undergone an upgrade.

Is there an improvement, as the cost remains pricey? The previous model already sounded great for Bluetooth sports earphones!

Furthermore, what has changed or has change taken place? Find out here with the Beats Powerbeats3 wireless review.

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Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Review

Best-selling Bluetooth Earphones!!

Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Design

We must agree that the previous model of the Powerbeats earphones is one of the best-selling Bluetooth earphones available.

Why change it as you can only make small minor changes. That is what Beats has done with this pair of headphones. They made insignificant tweaks around the edges.

You will notice the Powerbeats design has not changed at all and the looks similar to the Powerbeats2. Even the price is unchanged.

So in what colors is the wireless sports earbud available? You can get them in black, flash blue, siren red, and shock yellow, and white.

Compared to the predecessor it still has the same sweat and rain build (do not go and dunk them, as they will not last.) You need to look closely at them to find the change.

Beats altered the earbud post to improve the fit and gives you a better seal. We felt this model fits better, but we could not get a tight seal with any of the four included ear tips. We ended up with a pair of foams lying around for a perfect fit.

On the other hand, we feel if Beats made the posts millimeters more the included tips should work well. So why do you need a tight seal?

The truth is it gives you a great sounding wireless sports earphone with a clear sound and strong bass. Without a tight seal, the resonance is mediocre and disappointing for the price.

Furthermore, there is no change in sound quality compared to the Powerbeats2.

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So what other changes took place then?

One transformation that took place is the carrying case and offers you more protection for your buds. The remote talk inline remote has also gone through a significant improvement.

Comparing the Powerbeats3 to the forerunner, the remote has a slim design, and the buttons have become more responsive. You can still adjust the volume, skip tracks, and answer/end calls.

Another massive change you will love is the new W1 chip you find in the latest Apple products. As you know if you are, an Apple device user, the biggest problem was pairing the devices.

With the new chip-enabled, it makes pairing simpler. All you need to do is place the earbuds nearby your phone with a confirmation popup, and you are ready to go.

Furthermore, it still connects well with Android and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The other excellent news is the chip improves the battery use on both iOS and Android systems.

That is right the battery use extended! You get 12-hours of use with moderate volume that is four hours more than the forerunner.

Furthermore, you get Fast Fuel to charge the headphones for five minutes for an additional hour of playback. The downside is the charging functions the same using the micro USB and not lightning.

Ease of use

We love the cable-management system of Beats as you can adjust it to sit around the back of the head. You also get adjustable ear hooks to bend, as you like.

Another positive thing is the wireless connection that is rock-solid when paired with a Class 1 Bluetooth phone. The connection range is 33 feet at the most (but do not expect a high-class performance.)

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Beats Powersound3 Wireless Specs

Pros and Cons Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless



Should You Buy the Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones?

If you want to upgrade from the Powerbeats 2 or want to replace your wireless buds, the Powerbeats3 comes highly recommended.

The Bluetooth sports headphones are recommendable even with the high price. Alternatively, you can always wait for the price to drop.

Whether you do workouts in the gym or travel by train, the earbuds give you a reasonable seal to listen to music and take calls.

You will not have troubles with the battery as the new W1 chip makes it possible for you to use with extended times.

So why recommend the PowerBeats3 wireless instead of the Powerbeats2. Wait for it, the fit is more comfortable, and you get an extended battery use.

While there is not that much difference between the two having a comfortable fit makes a huge difference. Furthermore, the improvement may be minor and remains a top wireless sports headphone to use every day.

The Bluetooth buds remain well made with good sound. However, it all depends if you can get a tight seal as well. On the other hand, the costs are a bit high, but it is your money.

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