Best Beach Tent in 2021

Going to the coast is a fun activity, but you know how dangerous the sun can be. You cannot sit for hours in the heat as the temperature can become unbearable. Invest in the best beach tent to protect you and your family from the high temperatures. We have selected different designs and styles for you here. With one of these amazing tents, you can keep yourself cool as the sun reflects off the water and sand. Picking the right beach tent will help protect your skin from the UV rays and give you shelter if the wind decides to start blowing. So put the fun back into going to the beach and check the top 10 best beach tent out of 2021 here.

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Top Best Beach Tent for 2021

10. SEMOO Beach Shade Tent

SEMOO Beach Shade Tent

There is no need of spending a fortune when planning a day at the beach. The SEMOO is an affordable beach tent to give you shade when the temperature outside gets unbearable. The build looks similar to your camping tent and erects with a shock-corded fiberglass pole frame. Setting it up is simple and is easy to break down as well. You receive a carry bag included with four steel pegs to keep it secure. So best to make sure you have some heavy objects in place inside the tent to prevent it from blowing away. The interior has two storage pockets to keep bear gear on hand. The tent might not be suitable for high winds but is great to use to keep cool or use at home as a playhouse for the kids.


  • Light and compact and only weighs 2-pounds
  • Designed with shock-corded fiberglass poles and frame
  • Has two interior storage pockets
  • Made of Polyester and the floor is Polyethylene
  • Has a dimension of 47.2-inches in length by 78.7-inches wide by 47.2-inches high
  • Weighs 2 pounds

9. ezShade Beach Umbrella with Sunshield

ezShade Beach Umbrella with Sunshield

Looking at the ezShade it might look like a normal beach umbrella, but do not be fooled. The beach tent looks like an umbrella but has a sun shield on the side to keep you safe from the UV rays. The fantastic thing is the unique design allows you to add more sun shields on the sides. With this beach, umbrella/tent there is no more need of chasing the shade. The items, lightweight and stands 7 feet high with a fiberglass spoke and aluminum pole. At the bottom, you have pockets you can fill with sand or water bottles to prevent it from blowing away.


  • Can add up to four sun shields
  • Has sand pockets to fill up with sand or water bottles
  • Lightweight under 3.5 lbs
  • Stands 7 feet high
  • Made of polyester

8. Genji Sports Beach Tent

Genji Sports Beach Tent

Do you need an affordable beach tent? Look at the Genji Sports that has a unique design that pushes up like an umbrella. To protect you from the wind and give you shade, this is a great option. The corners staked down and have sandbag pockets to fill with sand to keep it down. Once you are ready to go home all you need to do is flip it over and shake out the sand. The tent has a solid build with a good frame and priced reasonably.


  • Easy push-up design and made of nylon and UV 50+ coated
  • Has a 600mm PU floor with two side mesh screen design
  • The frames lightweight and made of fiberglass
  • Has four built-in sand pockets and include four stakes
  • You receive a carry bag included
  • The dimensions 85-inches in length by 58-inches wide by 42-inches high
  • Weight is 4.8 lbs

7. Texsport Calypso Beach Tent

Texsport Calypso Beach Tent

For the solo beach camper that needs protection from the sun and wind, pick the Texsport Calypso. This is a fantastic little beach tent at an affordable price. The exteriors made of durable polyurethane and coated with a silver material. With the three sides, it keeps the sun and winds out. If you want to stay off the sand, you can laze around on the floor and it has three mesh windows with zippered storm flaps. The tent can take some beating of the wind with the fiberglass poles. To keep the cabana secure, it has tent pegs with sandbags. You receive a carry bag included.


  • Made of polyurethane with a silver coating to keep you cool and comfortable
  • The floor comprises rip-stop polyurethane and there are three no-see-um mesh windows with zippered flaps
  • The fiberglass poles are shock-corded and flame-retardant
  • You receive the storage bag, four sandbags, with the tent pegs included
  • Dimensions 84 x 48 x 48-inches with three sides

6. Sport-Bella Beach Tent

Sport-Bella Beach Tent

For a different approach to keep you protected from the sun and wind – the Sport-Bella is not a tent or umbrella. The item looks like an oversized umbrella that is eight feet across and has side panels. There are wind flaps to keep you cool and has zippered windows. You might think the umbrella will blow away in strong winds wrong. The product has eight steel ground pegs and three tie-down straps. The frames constructed of steel and everything fits into the included carry bag.


  • Portable umbrella design with side flaps
  • You receive a carry bag, three tie-down cords, and eight steel tent pegs
  • Designed with wind flaps and has zippered windows
  • The exterior of the umbrella is UPF 50+ protected
  • The covers made of polyester and 8-foot across
  • The umbrellas supported by 4.5mm steel ribs with a 5mm steel stretcher

5. Pacific Breeze Beach Tent Large

Pacific Breeze Beach Tent Large

This big boy the Pacific Breeze beach tent is ideal for large families to sit under when at the coast. The fantastic thing is you can use it for the beach, fishing trips, sports outings and more. The tent has a weightless 4.5-pound design and fits up to four people comfortably. There are internal pockets and has an easy setup hub system. For holding up against the wind, there are five sandbag weights with a fiberglass frame. The floor has water repellent design to keep the inside protected.


  • Has an industry-leading design with the hub system to set up fast
  • Has large windows and the exteriors UPF 50+ protected
  • Made of polyester and water repellent
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds and has an 87 (L) x 47 (H) x 49 (D) interior with internal pockets
  • Lightweight fiberglass frame with PE floor
  • You receive a carrying case, stakes, and sand pockets
  • One-year warranty

4. Lightspeed Outdoors Cabana Beach Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors Cabana Beach Tent

This awesome beach tent from Lightspeed Outdoors will stand out in the crowd. The product sets up easily with the hub system that helps to pop the framework into position. As easy, as it pops up it is quick to collapse as well. The weight is six pounds and not light as it has a heavyweight frame. You receive a slender shoulder bag for transporting the cabana. To prevent the wind from blowing it away it secures with pegs and sandbags. There is enough ventilation with the three mesh windows and the floor is waterproof.


  • Designed with a hub system for ease of setup
  • Exteriors UPF 50+ protected
  • Weighs 6.1 pounds and is 8-foot wide x 4.5-foot long x 4 foot high
  • Fits two adults, kids, and the pet
  • Include a carry bag, plastic stakes, guy lines, and sand pockets
  • Has three mesh windows with shades
  • The fiberglass poles are 8.5mm thick
  • One-year warranty

3. Pacific Breeze XL Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze XL Beach Tent

Here is another beach tent from Pacific Breeze that fits up to four people comfortably. You can use the tent on the beach, sports events, fishing, and more with the water repellent polyester construction. For carrying it around you receive a bag included and weighs just over 6-pounds. The internal pockets are great to keep items organized and are easy to setup and take down with the hub system. To keep the product secure you receive five sandbags, stakes, and a durable fiberglass framework.


  • Easy to set up with the hub system
  • Has an extendable floor you can zip up for front closure
  • Weighs over 6 pounds and is sun protected
  • Enough ventilation with the three extra large windows
  • Made from polyester and water repellent
  • Has a spacious 95 x 52 x 51 interior to fit up to four people
  • Internal pockets for small items
  • Water resistant PE floor with a durable fiberglass frame
  • You receive five sand pockets, four stakes, and a carry bag included
  • One-year warranty

2. Easthills Beach Tent

Easthills Beach Tent

The extra large beach tent from Easthills is ideal for up to four adults, children, and pets to fit comfortably. The tents 99-inches wide and has a depth of 53-inches and stands 57-inches high. There is a front porch and it weighs up to 8-pounds. The polyester structure is durable and is water resistant as well. The exteriors UV protected and the setup is easy.


  • Made of polyester with an XL design
  • The exterior of the tents UV protected
  • Can use it at the beach or sports event
  • Fits up to four adults, kids, and pets
  • The dimensions 99 x 53 x 57-inches
  • There are three rolls up windows with four internal mesh pockets
  • Designed with a zippered front for privacy
  • You receive the tent, carry bag, plastic stakes, guy lines, and storage pouch
  • One-year warranty

1. WildHorn Outfitters Beach Tent

WildHorn Outfitters Beach Tent - beach tent

Do you need a multipurpose beach tent to use for camping, fishing, hunting, family outings, and more? Pick the WildHorn Outfitters product with all its bells and whistles. The floor space is 56 square feet and the ceilings under five feet tall. You can set it up in seconds and take it down is quick. The waterproof fabric of the tent and floor is durable and has mesh windows with flaps. You can zip up the front for privacy and versatile to use as a canopy, cabana, and more.


  • Made of waterproof polyester ripstop and Oxford flooring
  • Multi-functional design and versatile to use as beach and camping tent
  • Offers you 56 square feet of floor space with a center height of five feet
  • Designed with an automatic frame system
  • Include cinch straps and a carry bag
  • Transforms into a four-man tent and can use it in a canopy mode
  • Include the stakes and has built-in sand pockets

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a small, medium, large, extra large beach tent, you can find a suitable one here. We hope our best beach tents help keep you comfortable from the sun, wind, and rain. The products are water repellent and made of durable polyester fabric. You can use them for different outdoor activities and not only on the beach. However, if you need a camping tent or a car camping tent, make sure to click through here.


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