For upcoming parents, newborn clothing is important as their skins delicate. Whether you need a baby shower gift or want to get your baby registry ready, you can find fantastic collections here. Maybe you already know that you are going to welcome a baby girl into the family. Get the best baby girl layette set for 2019 here with us. The gift packages have all the essential items to keep your little one warm and comfortable.

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10. Big Oshi Layette Gift Set

Big Oshi Layette Gift Set

The Big Oshi gift set has everything a mom to need to keep your princess comfortable and warm. The 5-piece layette set makes for a fantastic baby shower gift and packed in an adorable case. The items have a soft cotton design and available in different colors and prints. You can also buy smaller to larger sets in the range here.

Set Comprises:

  • One pair of mittens
  • One cap
  • One pair of booties
  • One cardigan
  • Matching pants

9. Gerber Baby-Girls Layette Set

Gerber Baby-Girls Layette Set

The playwear bundle from Gerber comprise of nine essential accessories to dress your little girl from head-to-toe. When it is feeding time, you have your burp cloths on hand while the different clothing items keep your newborn warm and snuggle. If you do not know the gender yet do not stress Gerber, have you covered with an array of colors and patterns to buy here? Even dressing your infants a breeze with the clothing design with lap-shoulder neckline and elastic waistbands. The clothing fits 0-6 months.

Set Comprises:

  • Five onesies bodysuits
  • Two pants and two caps

8. Cutie Pie Baby Girl’s Layette Set

Cutie Pie Baby Girl’s Layette Set

The following 9-piece baby girl layette set from Cutie Pie is adorable. You receive the collection in a tulle bag with a hanger. The materials suitable for newborns skin and made of cotton. You can easily dress your princess with snap closures and each clothing items has gorgeous prints on them. You can wash the clothing wear in the washing machine and tumble dry on a low heat. Are you interested in this gift set for yourself or a stork party click through here now?

Set Comprises:

  • Three washcloths and one onesie sleeper
  • One bodysuit and one blanket
  • One plush toy and one bib
  • Garment bag with hanger

7. Luvable Friends Gif Cube

Luvable Friends Gif Cube

Here we have a 24-piece baby girl layette set from Luvable Friends. The material used to make the clothing items are cotton. You can machine wash the items and include everything you need to keep your newborn comfortable. You receive the collection in a gift bag and makes for a perfect baby shower present. Get yours here today and check the amazing colors and prints out.

Set Comprises:

  • Two bodysuits and one tee top
  • One pair of pants and two pairs of booties
  • Two scratch mittens and one sleep and play
  • One gown and two receiving blankets
  • Two terry bibs and one hooded towel
  • Five washcloths and two burp cloths
  • Two caps with a reusable bag

6. Gerber Baby Essential Gift Set

Gerber Baby Essential Gift Set

Your newborn needs comfortable clothing to wear and no one makes better baby girl layette sets than Gerber. Here we have another 19-piece set that makes for a great gift. The clothes made of soft cotton and you can mix and match the pieces of clothing for a perfect fit. The onesies have a lap-shoulder neckline with a snap closure while other clothing pieces have a tabbed neckline. Zip your baby up quickly after a bath. The included caps have adjustable ribbed cuffs for a perfect fit. Buy your set here today and make a mom happy.

Set Comprises:

  • Five onesies
  • Two snap front sleep and play
  • Five caps and three bibs
  • Four flannel receiving blankets

5. Burts Bees Baby Girl Blossom Basket

Burts Bees Baby Girl Blossom Basket

Do you need the best baby girl layette set at an affordable price look at the Burts Bees Organic collection? The clothing items packed in a gift basket. All the essentials a mother needs for her newborn baby is packed in this basket. The material is 100% organic and soft for your little one’s skin. You even get a free mini lotion and the basket you can use to keep your important bath items together. Make this collection part of your baby registry today right here.

Set Comprises:

  • Short-sleeved bodysuit
  • Footless pant
  • Kimono Tee
  • Knot top hat
  • Lap shoulder bib
  • Burp cloth

4. Carter’s Baby Girl Layette Set

Carter’s Baby Girl Layette Set

For an adorable baby girl layette set, we have Carter’s 15-piece basic essential collection here. With the soft cotton material, you have no need of worrying that it will make your newborn feel uncomfortable. You can wash the clothing items in the washing machine. The included sweatpants have an elastic waistband with cuffs. You can dress your princess quickly with the snap closure.

Set Comprises:

  • Three short-sleeve bodysuits
  • Two long-sleeve bodysuits
  • Two short-sleeve T-shirts
  • Three pairs of pants
  • One hoodie with four bibs

3. Gerber 26-piece Baby Girl Layette Set

Gerber 26-piece Baby Girl Layette Set

For a perfect starter set for your newborn nothing comes close to the 24-piece collection from Gerber. You receive everything needed to dress your little one from head-to-toe. The clothing comprises cotton and the bibs made of cotton and polyester. Each piece you can wash in the machine and it is suitable for aged 0-6 months. The mittens even stay put with the gathered wrist. Get your complete set today and view the amazing colors and prints available for you here.

Set Comprises:

  • Five onesies and two sleep and play
  • Four pairs of mittens
  • Three dribbler bibs and three burp cloths
  • Two gowns and five caps
  • Two pairs of socks

2. SpaSilk Newborn Layette Set

SpaSilk Newborn Layette Set

Do you need a baby shower gift and not sure what to buy? We have the solution here for you. The SpaSilk baby girl layette set comprises 23 essential pieces for any newborn baby. You can even find a set for a boy in the range as well. The clothing has a cotton design with adorable colors and patterns. If you are still uncertain, pick the right color and pattern here.

Set Comprises:

  • Four short and three long-sleeve bodysuits
  • One long-sleeve slumber sack
  • Five caps and three mittens
  • Three burp cloths and four receiving blankets

1. Gerber 30-piece Baby Girl Layette Set

Gerber 30-piece Baby Girl Layette Set - Baby Girl Layette Set

With the 30-piece gift set from Gerber, you have everything you need for your little one. All the clothing items made of soft cotton and bibs comprise of cotton and polyester. The good news is you can wash the items in the washing machine. Even putting on the clothes is easy with the tabbed neckline and neck-to-toe zipper. To view the adorable design available in the collection you can view it here.

Set Comprises:

  • Five onesies and two sleep and plays
  • Four mitten sets and two gowns
  • Five knitted caps and two sets of socks
  • Three terry bibs and three terry burp cloths

Final Thoughts

There is no need of getting out the sewing machine or knitting needles to start your baby registry. Buy a stunning collection with us and pick the best baby girl layette set for your princess. Furthermore, if you have a little prince you can click through to our baby boy layette set review to find a collection best suited for your boy.